Virtual Campus Tour – University of Southern Indiana

Hi my name is Gina Videa I’m an
Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Admissions here at the University of
Southern Indiana. Today we want to show you a little bit of what the university has
to offer. We hope you enjoy the campus tour, you can follow me. USI is located on a beautiful,1400 acre campus in Evansville, Indiana. Today we
will show you around our four colleges, library, University Center and Recreation
Center. USI enrolls over 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students in
more than 100 areas of the state. Let’s start the tour in our University Center. Hi, my
name is Brushell Solorzano, I’m from Nicaragua. Here we are in the University Center. In this area you will find students hanging around and eating.
There are different options of food in this area. As well, we will find the
Multicultural Center, the International Program office, and our famous cone. Hi guys, I am Daniela and I am a
Bilingual Ambassador. I am inside the bookstore. Here in the bookstore, you can purchase your textbooks for your classes, buy clothing with the USI logo and souvenirs. On the back of our store, you can find an
authorized Apple store, and then on the same floor you can find different
various food options like Sub Connection, Steak and Shake, and
Chick-fil-a. On the second floor you can find the Loft. Let’s go check it out! Now we’re here on at The Loft. This is the
main cafeteria here on campus you can find different options of food. You can
find pasta, Asian food, homemade meals, and wraps, so let’s go and check it out! Hey hey! My name is Cassandra Santos I’m
a current student here at the University of Southern Indiana.
I’m currently located in one of the smart rooms here in the College of
Health Professions. The walls here are actually marker boards we have marker
boards throughout the whole entire wall that way we can express our creativity
or any form of thoughts that we have in our classes. In addition to that, I have
portable marker boards that way like when we’re working in the classroom we
can easily take some one of the marker boards and write down whatever comes to
thought. The seats here are a little bit creative, something that you won’t see
them in the other classrooms. They’re nice and colorful to get you to have that
creative perspective which is what we want, especially in the medical
profession, but they’re also very mobile so that way you get your insight as to
working with groups. Hi, I’m Gabriella. This is the Science
Center. The Science Center consists of three floors. The first floor is
dedicated to the Biology department. Then we have the Chemistry, Physics, and
Geology department. Finally, we have the Mathematics department, located on the
third floor. We have two types of laboratories here. The first one is
dedicated to teaching the theory behind each instrumentation and the second one
is to teach how to use each instrument. The type of instrumentation that you’ll
be using is spectophotometers and chromatographs. Hello, my name is Vanessa Rodriguez, and
I’m a double major in Political Science and Spanish with a Pre-Law minor. I’m from
Dale, Indiana, and this is the Liberal Arts Building. Here we have different majors offered like political science, criminal justice,
foreign languages like German, Japanese, Spanish, and we also have our Language
Lab in the lower level of this building and they offer services for tutoring and
help with writing papers. Hi, my name is Daisy Valdez and I’m really excited to
show you a little bit of our beautiful campus. This is my first year as a USI
student and I’m studying engineering. The place that you see behind me is the
Business and Engineering Center this Business and Engineering Center was
designed to promote the collaboration and the integration to support business,
technology, and engineering students with the objective of increasing innovation
and entrepreneurship. Let’s go take a look! The specific places for engineering
include engineering labs, design computers, bio-mechanics, fluid mechanics,
communications, digital systems, modern physics, machinery, a center for design, a
space dedicated for communication experiments, and a lot more things. Some
of the interesting things about this building is the monumental staircase
that it looks like a piano and the beautiful Reflection Lake. On the third
floor of this building, you can find the Department of Engineering and there you
can find the offices for engineering professors. Hi, my name is Mara Monterrosa and now
we are at the Rice Library. Here I am in a place called the Jazz Lounge,
which is one of the students favorite because they can hang out with their
friends who are drinking a cup of coffee and listening to different music styles. Hi guys, we’re inside of the library so we
must be quiet. Here in the first floor of the library we can find different
resources. The first one is the front desk. The second one is that we are gonna have
access to two of the biggest computer labs on campus, and also we’re gonna be
able to find the USI collections from movies, newspapers, and magazines. Hi my name is Sarah I am up bilingual
ambassador. We’re at the Rec and at the Rec you can find many different fun
activities like video games like the Wii and Xbox. You can find tables like
foosball tables, ping pong, and pool. Over here you can find some computers for
students to use. On the second floor there’s a track for students to use to
run, and the bottom basement floor we have three different basketball courts
for students to use as well as other sports. We hope you enjoyed the tour if
you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you here!

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  1. I graduated in 1984….
    and i only knew of 2 Hispanics in the whole school….and none were females. It’s time to go back.

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