VIPKID Teacher | Day in the Life + 2 Month Update

23 thoughts on “VIPKID Teacher | Day in the Life + 2 Month Update”

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  2. Hi, could you please tell me if the classes get booked quickly or not for the new teachers. Thank you!

  3. Hey! I recently graduated from college & signed up under your link. What is some advise that you would give that would increase my chances of being hired?

  4. I just retired from teaching after 23 years in so. cal. Good money but when you factor in Ll the planning driving 40 miles each way, 35 students in each class, this sounds great to supplement my retirement benefit.

  5. Hi Melody! I have a quick question. Are the teaching courses only for small children or can you choose to teach older kids, for example teenagers? Thank you!

  6. Hello, i hope you are still answering questions. So, you mentioned that there are 25 minute classes. You get paid by the hour, so you'd have to do 4 classes to make 2 hours?

  7. If you are able to work (or not work) anytime you want, why must you even tell them you are taking vacation? I am a new teacher at VIPKid (2 months in) and I don't understand the vacation thing, due to the way their system is so open with scheduling.

  8. Hi Melody, thanks for your video because I learned something from you and I was inspired to teach as well. My question for you is what requirements for you to pass to teach because you looked very young?

  9. so glad you mentioned Madrid! I'm working as an English assistant in Madrid currently. I'll be home in Ohio for the summer and plan on this being my only job so i'm not worried about scheduling then. BUT when I come back to spain to teach for another year my plan is to keep doing VIPkid as supplemental income. MY QUESTION IS: do you think I should worried about booking enough classes. for my spain teaching program I work Tuesday-friday from about 8:30am-2:30pm (roughly). I'm just concerned that I'll be missing some of the peak booking times and I won't be able to book the minimum hours per week they want you to do for VIPkid. Thanks so much for your video! this was helpful

  10. how do you structure a lesson? I tried teaching english on another platform..I found I ran out of entertaining or ideas to teach.

  11. Hey Melody!What a great video! Thinking of taking this on – I'm a full time second grade teacher -but thinking toward summer to try – question – what kind of head phones do you have? LOL!! Never used those before and wanted to check out pricesThanks Melody! Your awesome! Kathy

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