hello everybody it is teacher Aaron here and I'm finally here to show you a demo of the interview class that you'll be teaching some quick things to note before we get into it you're still looking for someone to help you through the process go ahead and hit my referral link down below you're ready to apply and I will help you in any way that I can go ahead and shoot me an email or a message or just put a comment down below and I will definitely get back to you and yeah so you will have 10 minutes to complete this class your interviewer may ask you some questions before or my interviewer just jumped right into it but they'll let you know and if they're nice they'll probably be like okay now let's set a timer for you so you know where were you're at she'll let you get your phone ready when she says go or he you need to immediately imagine them as a five-year-old who does not know any English you might get a really silly interviewer who will try and be a five-year-old all over the place but they will act like a five-year-old they will make mistakes so they want to see how you will interact and adapt your class to a specific child okay so if you have not already I made a whole video on what you will need for your interview and some other helpful videos down below check those out but this video is just going to be a demo of the class that you're going to teach my feelings I am going to explain sort of what I'm doing also I'm not just going to go through it without stopping I'm going to explain why I'm doing certain things I'm also going to touch on how I did things in my interview and what my interviewer said to you know improve and how to do things differently and improve and things like that I recommend that you make little faces like this I highly highly highly recommend having something that you can hold up to show sad happy angry like that okay highly highly recommend I'm just gonna pretty much say you need to do this do this you can use your face but this will also help reiterate what you are talking about you will need these and I recommend if you got your little letter cards like I recommended get your little m card for the M slide these have your whiteboard ready and a marker or the slide with letter M they have a monkey and an elephant and a mouse I just have these little puppets that I have lying around for my classes so if you have things lying around your house that you can integrate into your class totally use them okay alright so we're just gonna get started so the first line that they give you just says interview + demo and then it gives you the lesson objective page and if I'm looking down that's because I'm looking at the slides okay so the vocabulary is feelings feel happy sad and angry so you're really trying to teach these words in the lesson the sentence patterns that you need to hit in the lesson are how do you feel the response from the student I feel happy I feel sad and I feel angry and the phonics is eg egg egg words your interviewer will look that you are using these target sentences and key vocabulary throughout the lesson now we get to the first slide that says my feelings so you don't need to say okay now going to learn about my feelings this slide is where you're going to introduce yourself and start developing that rapport with the student when they say go slap your five-year-old glasses on and you start hello my name is teacher Aaron Aaron and maybe they'll try and say your name be encouraging Aaron it's okay if they don't say anything and I recommend having something where you can hold up that says your name it can just be like an index card not a big deal what is your name and wait maybe they don't say anything if they just start saying their name here's a good way you can try and get them to respond in a complete sentence my name is Alice Wow good job yes so maybe they don't respond maybe they just keep saying their name the important thing is that you are encouraging them to speak in complete sentences okay a lot of people will say you need to ask their name age and how are they but they are only five years old this pretend us their first class is VIP kid I just asked what their name was and we moved on so now you're going to introduce the reward to your child this can be anything you want you can draw a smiley face on a piece of paper and draw teeth on it that's totally acceptable but I used ice cream and this is good because it's colorful and they can see their progress and I also made this little card so that when I'm introducing it I can hold it up and show them what ice cream is so I say when you do a good job you get I scream and my interviewer went yeah I scream I scream and then I said do you like ice cream this is where you're starting to build a rapport with the student okay in this first slide when you're asking them their name telling them what the reward is you can really start to gauge what level the student is at so right off the bat you don't want to be using a lot of incidental language either so you don't want to say okay Alice when you do a good job today you're going to get a scoop of ice cream this is ice cream it's too many words generally just when you do a good job you get whatever and then you can show them now when you're transitioning in your slides you don't have to say okay are you ready to move on let's go to the next slide you don't need to say all that when you're saying okay good job you just go to the next slide now this is the warm-up slide we're at now on this slide it's okay if they're not repeating everything perfectly it's okay if they're just saying a couple words here and there you're really just starting at them warmed up and another thing you can do with this slide is turn it into a song which they will like cuz the little kids like songs and my interviewer said that she really liked that I made this a song so when I am sad I feel like crying [Laughter] when I feel angry I look this way when I feel happy I smile all day so see how I spoke very slowly clearly and I broke it up into two sections I would definitely recommend breaking it up into two sections for the five-year-old's you can use your hands to be expressive but make sure you always bring it back to here I don't think I did that they want to see that you're doing this when you are saying something that you want the child to repeat and then cupping your hand to your ear when you want them to speak okay my interviewer she would not even sing she would just go sad sad angry happy and that's okay you don't need to stay on the slide super long if they warm up and they want to see that you don't spend a million years on this slide because it is a warm-up slide so here's a good place to reward the students oh yay good job you get ice cream and as you're turning around say good job and you transition to the next slide so here you are reviewing what sound letter M makes and this is a review it says review on the top right so hold it up hmm good and this is a hand motion they teach for when they teach a letter M like you're rubbing your belly mmm it's not MA MA that is not synthetic phonics the letter M makes the MM sound and now we have a mouse elephant and monkey and basically we're trying to get the student to understand that certain words start with the boom sound so I'll go to the first one circle the mouse mmm Mouse mmm mouth yes and then go ahead and circle the elephant and go mm-hmm no and then just go ahead and cross out the elephant mmm monkey mmm monkey yeah you get ice cream good job click to the next slide okay now we have the phonics part so for this one I was definitely show that you can either use a white board or if you have magnetic letters do something with those but you just want to show that you have other ways of showing information than just drawing on the screen so I would circle the b-b-but book and you can circle on your slide also but you can show them with your hands and here's another another part where they're gonna be noticing if you're using synthetic phonics so it's not la la la it's oh oh okay and if the student is going la la la or buck buck you need to correct them in a positive way so if they're going blah blah blah show them the correct way again model Oh egg leg yay good job you get ice cream and when you hold up the reward hold it nice and close to that camera so they can see yummy good job go to the next slide don't say go to the next slide that's you going to the next slide first I would circle the word feelings on the slide circle feelings and say feelings feelings because this is a vocabulary word you don't want to skip over this word and if they struggle with sang the whole sentence you can break it up into two parts so underline I have many feelings good and then circle I feel sad sad sad I feel sad I feel sad even if they are not producing a whole sentence it's okay you do not want to get stuck on a slide or stuck on one sentence if you're saying I feel sad and they're just saying sad sad it's okay move on to the next one happy I feel happy yes and go to angry angry angry I feel angry hmm yes good good job you get ice cream now you don't have to reward on every single slide but it's a pretty short PowerPoint so I just rewarded after every single one now we get to the slide where they're having a conversation this is where you will need your puppet if you've watched my video about what you'll need for your interview I made a sock puppet with googly eyes and it worked just fine basically you need to model the conversation for the child if you just say something and put your cup your hand to your ear they're gonna think that you just want them to repeat you circle the part that you're going to say and then circle the part that you want them to produce so first I would bring monkey say hello monkey circle your part how do you feel circle monkeys part I feel angry how do you feel and then wait see if they get it circle what you say ask and then circle you want them to say cup your ear and then they should get it and then do it again with the next one so you can ask them just circle and say how do you feel and then you can circle the happy part and hold this up and try and get them to say I feel happy you might have to model again let's see if they get it first okay and then when they get it freak out yes good job good job you get ice cream hmm be aware when you are praising don't use too many different words to praise don't go wow you did such a great job it's fantastic just stick with good job yes good job okay so they know what you're talking about okay now we are on the shoot the ball slide sorry my markers are dying but basically you have your angry hoop and you're happy hoop and these balls so don't say okay now we're gonna shoot the ball no none of that you just circle the angry hoop circle the angry hoop hold up your little angry card and this this right here is what's on your screen so pretend like I'm drawing on your screen circle the angry hoop hold up your little angry face and say angry and you can do I feel angry again if you want and then you will model first so circle one of the angry balls circle one of the angry balls and put it into the hoop angry show them angry and then they might just start doing it mine just started doing it you might have to show them again what you expect from them I do we do you do and then go to the happy hoop happy happy can make fun noises make it your own and then praise them unless time yes good job you get ice cream so when you're transitioning good job and now you're at your good vibe slide this is not the time to say okay goodbye if you have time you can go back to your reward and count your reward you can say you got one two three four five six seven ice creams and then you'll find the way you like to end your classes once you become a VIP kid teacher but I always say I will see you next time goodbye and click off well you're not clicking off because you still have your interview but yeah that's basically the whole demo you will have 10 minutes to do it the trick here is don't get stuck on a slide keep pushing through I know it says you know have them answer in complete sentences and this and that but you have to keep trucking along even if they're only answering in one word fragments then you need to just make sure you were encouraging them to answer in complete sentences that is the key there make sure you are using tons of TP are using your whole body being expressive talking slowly and allowing them enough time to respond okay they really want to see this one and this one and make your little smile guys okay it'll show that you can use supplementary props and things like that get your whiteboard watch some other videos that will be helpful for you an interview process getting hired just I'll link them down below and yeah you're gonna do great I'll see you in the next video bye

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