VIPKID Announcement! Increase Summer Bookings with Teacher Showroom (BRAND AMBASSADOR VIDEO)

tired of that 6:00 a.m. time slot not filling have your students left you for a summer vacation with their families well hold on to your props or rewards folks because VIP kid is launching a new feature that could potentially increase your bookings for the summer starting July 16th to August 23rd teachers can upload a one-minute video featuring their professional teaching skills to help promote themselves through the hot summer months similar to the me how you do in and Blizzard videos of VIP kids past I'll post a little link up here if you want to watch the goal of this new feature is to help support bookings and give teachers an edge when parents are looking for potential teachers to book with parents and students will be able to view your videos from the activity page on the parent side as well as in your teacher profile and you may be asking yourself how is this different than my intro video well I'm glad you asked Nancy an intro video is generally shorter and may touch on some of your teaching qualifications where this featured video should be a 1 minute recording of yourself teaching a pretend student don't forget to incorporate TBR props and anything else you'd like to showcase as being a good tool in the classroom but what should I do in this 1 minute video it suggested that you should share your teaching skills specific to these areas 1 speaking to listening and 3 correcting pronunciation oh and have fun in my video I plan to introduce myself hello my name is teacher Jennifer choose a word to teach an isolation Apple I'm going to try to make sure my student repeats me twice incorporate TPR props and a few good jobs to encourage participation to demonstrate the use of correcting pronunciation and to test my students listening comprehension I will then use the word in a full sentence this is an apple and Apple this is an apple yes good job what is this this is an apple but oh great job you know what I might just have to throw some confetti while we're at it because remember we're trying to have fun this is your video share your skills and what you like to do in your classroom get creative and most importantly have now I'm also going to encourage the parents to like my video because 30 lucky teachers with the most likes on their video will receive a Dino doll a few quick things I want to add before I end this video starting July 16th to August 23rd you can upload your 1-minute video this can be done through the teacher app by clicking on the banner at the top of your screen make sure to have a high quality image preferably in an mp4 format and keep your slots open so the students can put classes with you I'll leave more details down below at the bottom of this video it's a really nice FAQ section if you want to check it out or feel free to ask your questions in the comment section and I will answer them as best I can now just like my featured video for those students I'm also going to ask you guys to give this video a big thumbs up just so that it helps spread the brand ambassador word around to other VIP kid teachers and with that my name is Jennifer Anderson you're a brand ambassador and until next time happy teaching

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    VIPKID Announcement! Increase Summer Bookings with Teacher Showroom (BRAND AMBASSADOR VIDEO)

    VIPKid Teacher Showroom: This is a place where you can upload a one-minute video to show off your teaching skills to parents. It’s a great way to promote yourself to parents and students. Your approved video will be displayed on top of your profile in the Parent Portal, and on a special activity page visible to all parents. In fact, parents can even hit “like” on your video, become a follower, and book your classes.

    You can upload your video by tapping on the Teacher Showroom banner on the mobile app.

    Get 10 tokens for uploading a video to the Teacher Showroom
    Get another 10 tokens for having your video approved
    The 30 teachers with the most liked videos will get a special Dino doll reward!

    No. We suggest that you record your video in landscape (horizontal) mode because the Parent Portal will show videos in landscape mode by default. If you record in portrait (vertical) mode, your video will not display correctly on the Parent Portal.

    Q: What kind of devices can I use to create and submit my video for Teacher Showroom?
    You can use your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera to record your video, and any kind of software to edit it. But in order to upload it, you need to use the mobile app and submit an MP4 video file under 50MB. Also, please make sure you’re using the latest version of the mobile app by checking for updates in the App Store (iOS users) or Play Store (Android users).

    Q: Why don’t I have that many likes?/ How come I don’t get any additional bookings?Make sure to upload a high-quality video, and also make sure to keep your slots open. It’s absolutely fine to explicitly ask for likes, followers, and bookings in the video. We also suggest you follow all our tips on how to record a great video.

    Q: What is the approval process like?
    VIPKid will review all uploaded videos before they are displayed on the Parent Portal. The review process looks like this:

    Under review – Your video is still being reviewed
    Verified – Your video has been approved and will be published soon
    Rejected – Your video was not approved. We will provide feedback and tips to help you make a new video

    Please note that only one video can be posted at a time. Regardless of whether your video is “Under Review”, “Verified”, or “Rejected”, if you wish to upload a new video, you must first delete the existing one.

    Here are possible reasons your video may be rejected:
    Distracting or noisy environment
    Audio and video are out of sync, audible echo, or other tech issues
    Inappropriate posture or distance from the camera
    Content is off-topic
    Q: Where/ how can I see how my video is doing?We will send you an update every week to let you know how many teachers have uploaded videos, and which teachers got the most likes.

  2. I can;t upload my video in the teacher showroom. It is exactly one minute, in the mp4 format, and is visible in the showroom. The "Post" button is greyed out and I can;t click it.

  3. Question: I teach levels 1-6. Any advice for what level I should aim this toward? Or could I target multiple levels?

  4. Love this concept! I'm recommending it to my hired referrals. Thanks for the quick, informative, entertaining video, Jennie! You rock!!

  5. I just watched this again to get ready to make my own video. This was so informative! Thank you! IG: @teacher.chelsea

  6. When I go to upload it has a place with tags and characters. Are we supposed to put tags or write something?

  7. Thank you, Jennifer, for such great and upbeat information. I always try to listen to your advice. I have been with VIPKID for two months and have only taught six classes. I never got a parent review, feedback, or apples. I have no one following me. I am trying to get certified in as many things as possible and, and I am taking as many workshops as possible. I’ve also sent multiple tickets to VIPKID, and yet I am still at zero bookings for the past three weeks! I am positively frustrated because I have been a teacher for 22 years with multiple certifications and a masters in reading. I don’t know what else to do. Can you please give me some words of advice? 😩😭
    My IG is mrsangelicaguerra

  8. Hello Jennifer I can’t find the place to submit the video on the mobile app? Could you tell me where it is located?

  9. Ironic that you and a few others recruit like crazy. THEN you make a video telling people how to deal with the problem? Too many teachers per student. This is the problem. Please think about this Grand Ambassadors. It is not easy to get all the bookings one wants.

  10. Can we use use a video clip or a compilation of small clips from our actual classes? (without students of course..)

  11. Oooh, I like this! I think I'll give it a try. Time to get my creative wheels turning and come up with an idea that shows my teaching style best…hmmmm! This might get a little crazy! 😂

  12. So I know we post the video on the website, but where do we post the video to potentially win a Dino doll?

  13. How exciting!!!! Can’t wait to upload my video tomorrow morning after my 2 classes! Just hit 100 classes taught in 60 days and really hoping to increase my bookings. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing 🥰

  14. Cool! Great video! Planning to increase followers by doing this! Love earning tokens as well 😉 My IG is spicyphotographer <3

  15. Thanks Jennifer! You are absolutely adorable!
    I will definitely upload the one minute video. IG/ teachergirlteaching

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