Vinaconex Ly Thai To education system

since 2004 widowed construction up to my lynching new urban area Hanoi with the goal of investing in a development of infrastructure to serve the life of Pablo resident in respond to the government policy on education and socialization binoculars cooperation had invest in building a system of school from kindergarten to high school level into one inch in urban area including Lotito kindergarten retitled primary school and little high school this is the first comprehensive school system in Hanoi that invests entirely without capital up to enterprise demonstrating vena connects vision and enthusiasm in wanting to contribute to the develop of education and training of Hanoi is also an honor the school system invest my vinegar decks were named after the title the brilliant king who made a decision to move the capital to Talam citadel which is handl capital today our vision building and developing lit I taught school to become a system of high quality model synchronized and friendly school ones the leading educational plan of Hanoi capital and tour international standard our mission and training goals training and developing comprehensively the young generation with a foundation of general knowledge dynamics independence creation healthy physical positive personality and sense of responsibility confident to actively adapt to the global integration based on the above vision and training goals miracles had continuously invest in the development of the school system in terms of facility staff training program to build improved the brand and educational quality of the title school system our facility with a total area of nearly 24,000 square metre of which the Keira garden has an area of nine thousand eight hundred and twenty one square meter a primary school when an area of 6230 square meter the high school in an area of seven thousand eight hundred and thirty six square meters the Lido school system had been invented in model construction with blocks of two to four floors one rod and three classroom equipped with modern teaching aid in additional to the modern classroom the lato school system also has a functional room laboratory medical room cafeteria playground outdoors program and multifunctional physical educator the school also attacks a great importance to create a friendly environment for students to develop comprehensively both intellectually and personality our management teacher and staff the little school system is managed by the school board of directors including Grinnell collects leader with management experience and the principal of the school a highly qualified teacher with management and education capacity the total number of teacher staff and the entire school system is now 256 people 100% the school teacher have standard qualification has to be prescribed by ministry of education and training with many research project and I teach in work with Otto school system also corporate with many procedures teacher and education expert both domestically and internationally to contribute continuously improving the quality of the school education furthermore the Lillith of school system has a team of professional security in hygiene staff ensuring order and security in a campus area contributing to create a safe environment and healthy education for student how scale-up training when newly established the entire little dog school system has less than 500 student after 15 years of development with a comprehensive quality of education has been confirmed the entirely type of school system is now has three thousand six hundred and ninety-six student with a number of the student at the kindergarten is seven hundred and forty student at the primary school is 1495 student editor high school is 1,400 sixty-one student we total 113 classes compared to the time when it first came to operation the current training scale of the title school system has now increased to seven hundred and thirty nine percent the win continued to grow in the future it was expanded in terms of facilities from the lack of incoming student in the first year of operation the Loretto school system is always at the state that cannot meet the entire learning needs of student register to enroll in the school our training programs the training program apply title school system including basic training program and advanced training programs the basic training program is carrying out according to the national education program have been student fully acquire a general knowledge according to the standard of ministry of education and training the advanced training program including a system of subject to help student maximizing individual competence in which the focus is on the intensive English program through joint training with international English organization in Vietnam such as language link ila a connect student at the school opportunity to learn English daily with native teacher helping students have a large way of confident communicate and ready to study aboard at International University in addition little toe school also focus on developing program a fly skill education get sport activities many illumi of Loretto school system has been studied at prestigious university in vietnam and also the world number of illumi have now gone to work I achieve many success in career at domestic and also foreign business [Music] [Music] from a success of Lotito school system Reno collects will continue to expand and develop Loretto school system Valley in urban project throughout the country that pillar connects will invest building in the future so that video connects will not only can provide a green friendly and modal urban areas but also provide a resident with a high class and quality educational system to contribute forming the living environment of urban resident demonstrating cooperates social responsibility to a resident community you [Music]

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