31 thoughts on “Viktor's Advanced Education – BALDI'S BASICS FAN GAME”

  1. Mark, if you get the chance to do so, play this game again. They added a lot of shit to it since this video came out. There's also a little Christmas themed side game.

  2. MARKILPIER THE LUNCH guy is Mr MIX from the game Mr MIX when you complete the 5th level of Mr MIX the word to cook is BABY that's horrible and lots of people don't play the game now.

  3. 4-st ex.

    Forst example?

    Forced example?
    Am I reading too far into this I'm literally only at 2:08

  4. Alright.

    Will you please play AEWVS again and get deep into it?

    (I know, the chances of you actually reading this comment are 1 in 666,666,666. If you're reading this, make AEWVS popular again so more people are inclined to request all the famous YouTubers to start playing it again.)

  5. Easter Egg: 15:21

    if you look closely at the wall, you'll see a creepy picture of a girl. That's the same one in the #2 episode of Dungeon Nightmares Markiplier played a while ago.

  6. Press this 4:27, if you daaaaaaaaaaaare

    Dude.. you did it.. well i learned something too.. that a human can do 3 backflips in midair by getting scared xD

  7. oh please for the love of god tell me this isn't gonna be the newest trend in letsplay bait. at least slender and fnaf clones were all at least mediocre to actually good. this game is a serious (not to mention shitty) adaptation of a purposefully shitty parody of shitty games.
    edit- the only good thing that can come from this genre would be "My MOM plays Baldi's Basics"

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