Viktor’s Advanced Education – BALDI’S BASICS FAN GAME

Viktor: Hello Mark: Wha- do -wh? *already confused* Viktor: Thank you for playing this game but I should to warning you before you click play button Game contents loud noises, fast frightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird language, crooked photoshop, High-poly, super mega HD graphics …and spooky moments So I warn you, click play button and let’s studying together because knowledge is power. *Viktor dramatically fades away like a spoopy ghost* Mark: Okay thank you…Thank you Viktor… If that is your name Oh hi, how you doin’? Okay…Alright then WASD to move, Left Shift to run, E to use objects/ pick up, Right Mouse Button to use holded item, mouse wheel to change item and insta-quit, home=restart level. So as far as I know; as far as I know This is a Baldi’s Basics fan-game. Or, maybe it’s not. I dunno, that’s just what everybody was sayin’ about it. So let’s get into it. (In game school bell) Viktor: Oh, hello there My name is Viktor Strobovski, and this is my school. I am your first teacher. Come to next class and use the math notebook. And when you finish, come back, and I will told what to do next. Mark: Okay, alright, thank you. Ohhh exit Oh, okay What is- What am I looking- What am I looking at, I dunno- What am I- Oh it’s a trash can? Why would I need a- Why would I need that? HeLlOo- Okay, hi, bye What is- ohh- what is this? Oh. Ohh… Okay Well this is- Odd And uh.. Nice, actually! It’s rather pleasant. Still don’t know what’s everything’s about, but I’m assuming that it’s- Ohhhh Wow! A quarter! OHH boy! Oh, it is! Viktor: Number 1. Solve this first example. This is should not so hard for you. I know you can solve it. You need to complete all 5 examples in 10 notebooks. Mark: oKaY- Alright I’m gonna start off with tryin’ to answer it correctly because usually it doesn’t work out so good if I don’t. Viktor: Example number 2. Solve the second example. Every notebook is harder than previous. Mark: Uh huh.. Viktor: And don’t do mistakes, they are anger me very much. Mark: oKay- Alright well, try not to. Viktor: Example number 3: Solve this 3rd example. But if you do some mistakes, you collect notebook. It doesn’t matter. So, do it. Just do it. (School bell rings) Is the game- Okay, alright… Viktor: Example number 4: Solve this 4th example, and learn all school rules. The head teacher follows them and her being angry when they is violated. Mark: Oh, boy, it is! Viktor: Example number 5: Solve this 5th example. Also school have new people. So take a walk at school and meet them. *Mark gives confused look to camera* They will be (in demonic voice) VERY GLAD Mark: OkAy, thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you for that! (anytime dear) I’m assuming, that, uh. This is much like Baldi (School bell) And that it’s not gonna go good..(don’t you say) Viktor: You Should Not Have Done This… M: Okay, alri–I’m pretty, uh.. I’m pretty confident in my abilities here. oH- hai hello…h…howdy-doody wooOOOkay How d’you…ohh Alright. Hello…? Who’s there? Who ez et? I’d like to say hi… ehhhlloOah…ohh…’kay. *inhale* woAh Hey, wait a minute… OH another notebook! I got crumpled- foil 😀 …good? OhHh, that’s a fun painting over there, how you doin’? Alright. I don’t like everything slammin’ around over there but let’s try this again. Okay… negative one… uuHhhhh, one… Oh I gotta click it? Ah, that’s annoying. *footsteps and shuffling in game while Mark talks* Is someone in the room that I’m just in? (little does Mark know about the jumpscare being worse than Baldi’s) Is some– *Demonic and ear breaking, in game scream* AH!! WHAT THE…….. ….flYing– Viktor (in demonic voice): Try again….IF YOU DAAAREEE. *mark.exe has stopped working* …okay. Hooooo….. That was–it was something… waow Alright. So that’s how it’s gonna be, you can get me at any time? Is this what we’re dealin’ with? Is this what we’re dealin’ with?!? (yes) *Viktor begins talking* Aw, shut up, you I was takin’ this all nice and slow I was relaxing, I was enjoying the environment the experience as a whole, …and ya gotta be a douche like that. (what did you expect?) Alright, well, let’s do this again Sorry, I’m tryin’ to do math… *Mark rapidly clicks on his mouse while Viktor repeats instructions from before* Mumbliplier: Uhh, I’m tryin’ *Viktor is still repeating instructions* I know *Viktor continues to repeat instructions* Uh huh. Okay. Alright. Can do. Can diddly-do da. Ca- can diddly-doing. If you would let- I can’t click it, so- *Aggressive clicks* I can’t- Something seems to be problema- there we go! okay. There we go. Six Eight Four Bluh… uh, oh. oh, no OokAayy Viktor: You should not have done this. M: So what’s THAT all about? Who’re YOU? Why am I going at- Ooo Someone’s ah, Oh! Okay Alright So someone’s somewhere Ooh… Oh, what are- what’s in here? Woah! Well, these look… interesting. 50¢ ? 50- no! 50… 50¢ of a Euro! not- Not 50¢ AmeriCAN Why do I – WHAo, Hey, buddy. Why do I need… so much money? (uh maybe to live????) Yeah, it is weird without the smacks (of the ruler) Where’s all my… comforting smacks? WHoa Secretary: No running in the corridor during the lesson Mark: Oh, so you- you’re just, oh you’re you’re exactly… Oh, hey, whoa Wait- WHOA (Bell) Hi- oh- wha- Secretary: 10 seconds of waiting in punishment room. You have one warning. Do not fall for my eyes anymore. *terrified looking Mark* Mark: I don’t like the punishment room. (who would like that?) I think the punishment room is BULLSHIT if you ask ME! I think the punishment room is GARBO! Alright, no- I- I got killed in here. Let’s try not to do that! What’s THIS? oh ok. Oh, Hey! Ohh! *a mix between exited and slightly disturbed noises* Great! I hate this place! Alright, let’s try to do math. Let’s do it. *confusion sounds* Eight. Wha- oh, dammit. Ten Oh, I’m gonna die, aren’t I? (in the game, yes) uhh, five. ohauhh, I’m gonna die. (well yea sherlock) I’m gonna di- I’m gonna die. ok, whatever. ok, I’m gonna die. I’m gonna- this isn’t how I die. Oh, boy *Mark freaking out* Oh No! Please? No? Why do you have an axe? uuooOOookayyy So he just go thumpy-thump towards you… Oh, so he no have… (the smacky smacks of the ruler?) He no have nothing too bad Undead Janitor: Hey dude whasssa WhaAt was that? Okay so he just go thumpy-thump? Not the worst thing in the world. But I did get a question wrong Oh there he is okay. He thumpy-thump. Yeeeaaah okay so he thumpy-thump Ooooh dis is no good So he thumpy-thump, but I can get away. Okay If I- If I take up all of my Baldi skills I should be able to get through this okay. I don’t know what that is. *music picks up* yeeee oH OkAy Alright. *music calms* Heeey, c’mon. Why are there- there’s ten notebooks in this one. Not just like- Not just like, seven from the other one, there’s TEN. Alright. Well, I can deal with that. Woah. Why- why? What? *confused Mark sounds* I don’t wanna be in here. Alright. Euugh Oh good! WhAT is this rOOM?? Why is this in a school? OoOoooo Okay… No exit for me I guess. Okay… (Bell) Oh! Hi-uh- I’m not running so I guess we’re all good. Euugh Yeah I don’t know why there’s trashcans with arrows? It must be, like, a way that you can throw away stuff that you don’t need? That’s the only thing that I can imagine But I haven’t even seen like a drink thing… Okay I don’t see him. I’m gonna try to get this notebook here okay ahhh… bubububuuhhh negative six alright uhh twoo uhhh three two-uh oh. That’s not good. That’s not good! That’s not- Da- Da- Dats- Oh boy where is he? OOOH. HEY HEY HOOH. How fast he going? Okay so eh-*sputtering* Not *that* fast. Oh this is the punishment room I don’t like the punishment room. *school bell rings* What does that mean? What does that mean? What’s that- UoHH What does the ding-dong mean? I don’t know what the ding dong means. (every time the bell rings, the secretary starts moving) I don’t understand anything that’s going on here. I don’t know what anything does. I don’t know where anything is… I’m very confused… Okay but I’m a ways away. No notebook in there. There’s a full can I don’t know if this is- Lemon berry sweet soda I don’t know if this works on this- woAH! Alright, let’s do some math. Okay- uuuhhh nine, five, seven eleven and two, negative seven uhh- six seven neg- five Uh-oh that sounds bad uh- sixteen ten uh- sixteen *stammering* wha- oh uh uh AH AH AH AH AH OH NO OH – OH NO OH – OH NO Okay alright, we’re gonna do it like this *wierd noise* BOO Okay, alright, we’re fine We’re good to go- waaAAHH He mad! Oh he’s mad Okay there she goes I can run *distant, high pitched laughing* Who was laughin’? who was laughin’ I have no- what is tha-ha-hat Alright this is nothin’ okay. alright. This is also nothin’ Okay great. This is a long hallway… Well there’s another long hallway So I imagine it must work in the same way as the other one right? Lets test! ‘Cause we have no idea what we are doing so lets test it out. If its something good, then its something good. If its not, then I’m screwed Eh- Oh what did it d- oHH it was just an energy OH I need to throw away CANS. AH, that makes sense! What’s in- what is this?? AH, that’s why you need to throw stuff away because if you use an item it doesn’t just go away You have to USE it Uhhhh Ahh Datta make a sense Oh, and there’s a snack machine Alright, so um Nuts Nuts Lemon- WOah wHAA Cook: You are a terrible Chef I should demolish you. And punishes(?). (beware headphone users) Mark: uM- aAaAHH WOAH WAH WOAH WOAH WHAT THE FLYING FUCKING WOAH hOly sHiT- I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know where I’m going but I do not like this adventure that we’re on woAh, oH nO oh nO uHHH oooHH (my ears are never gonna recover) Oh! Viktor: Oh. Hello there. My name is Viktor Strobovski, and this is my school. Viktor: I am your first teacher. Come to next class and use the math notebook. Mark: What Mark: the hell
Viktor: And when you finish- M: was that?
Viktor: come back, and- I guess that was no bueno. I guess that was bad… I guess whatever we did was not- good. And the guy was very- vERy- uNbelievably upset. So we’re going to take that in mind- but I think I’m starting to get the strategy; it is very similar- wOAh Hey, alright- it is very similar to Baldi’s Basics, it is Very, very similar. But before I… okay I’m just gonna go a little faster where’s this go? that’s nothin’ Before I do anything unnecessary like answer a notebook, I’m going to find- What are- a brand muffin?? Oh, a fluffy chocolate muffin, okay. Foil Why would I throw away foil? What’s the point of that? What’s the point of that? And also, what- what- What made the lunch lady- or Lunch MAn- come out- oH- hEY- *bell rings* hi Cook: …terrible chef. It’s time to cook some food Mark: oH *proceeds to walk to it* *Mark jumps* Cook: Thank you for helpIng me. The next food ingredient is *gibberish* Mark: What did you say? Cook: Oops. A mistake. Try Again. Next food ingredient is Banana. Great job, dude. The last one is Cucumber (pronounced Cuh-cuhm-br) (I think…) Cotton bur? This happens with all. Try Again. The last one is Peach You are good in it. (at it?) Cool Not (Hot?) Good See you next time
*bell rings* So if you don’t go hi- to him to cOoK hE cOoK yOUUUU OkAy, that’s horrifying! Okay, alright well- Uh Your, uh cauldron looks real ni- oH *distressed Mark sounds* hUm badededehumbum- oKay ah hUm diddlydumdum Alright, Avacado! that- That makes more sense, okay I’m gonna- huUuaHh oOkAy Alright I hate This vEry Much But it’s okay eyygh So I don’t know- I don’t know what- *inaudible* Wha- Wha-Hey-Wha-Wha-Wait- WoaH WOAHWOAH WOAH WAoH WOAH HEY Hey Bones! Oh! You are the s[weeper]- ooohhhhhkay Please Don’t Please don’t. Where are we going…? I have no idea what’s happening and I have no idea where we’re going and I don’t- know- why. OoOkaY… Cool I- I guess we’re just- Can I Get off? No? Okay, so I’m just Stuck for all the- I guess this is just my life now! I can’t- I- I can’t… Oh There we go. Okay. Finally. Alright, so, just avoid him, ’cause he’s an Asshole. Alright I don’t know where we are in relation to the dude, Viktor… He’s not as charming as Baldi I will readily admit, not as charming as Baldi Baldi had a certain charm to him. This guy… I danno… Kinda rubbin’ me the wrong way Alright What- 9 + 9 + 1 is 19 screw you… (Bell) pbpbpbff Buncha bolonga, that’s what that was… Alright. Oh. This is- This was a dangerous one there’s only one way down here. Ooh… That’s no bueno. Okay. Let’s do it again. Alright. two… one… negative three… uh- seven Blegh *inhale* Okay… yeee Hey BuDDy… Hey BuDDy (Bell) Ooh Alright. So we got 3 of 10. We’re not even close to where we need to be- ooOOHH I don’t even wanna know what I just saw. Eugh Alright, we’re 3 of 10. I don’t even know if we’re gonna be able to beat this one. I don’t even know if I Wanna be able to beat this one. I have- I have no ambition one way or another to be able to beat this one. So frankly, I think I’d be okay with just a pleasant… …experience… I dunno where he is But okay Alright, let’s do dis Alright Dat’s- uh- ten Oh God I- I missed the negative again. Okay negative three… Negative four… Uh- four- No- woAH I missed it again! That’s very hard to see. Okay… three… ssssssfive Okay Hagh! I mean, I hope you don’t need to be perfect on these! But if you do…! I am not going to be perfect! I’ve said many times that I have many flaws! And I am Unperfecto. Alright Oh Boy… Okay. four zero nine Okay… nn- Uh- Negative one Negative seven, ss- Negative six. negative six. Uhh- Negative five zero- minus negative five would be five Uuhhhhh… zz- Uuhhh… That’s zero, minus five, plus nine- four. Eugh. Man! It’s like I’m back in school all over again! It’s definitely more challenging than what Baldi had going on! I gotta say, maybe Viktor is a little bit smarter! ee I think I gotta make my way back to the cafeteria at some point soon? Maybe? Not 100% sure but Yeokay Oh there’s another one. I’m gonna- Oo I’m gonna try to find the cafeteria again. I don’t know where it was, in relation to where I am- And that might be a bad thing, buut Y’know? Uh oh… (Bell) [something] Sounds like- Oh- Hey! There you are. Okay. Sounds like I might need to get back to the uuhhh… Cafeteriaaa… eee Doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-Doop-Chug Do- aww- What did that do!? What did- I thought that gave me energy! I thought that gave me Enogyy Did that not give me enogyy? Ohh, what about a bran muffin? Okay, a Bran Muffin will give me energy. Wh- Wh- Th- What does a- What does a can do?! What is a can?! Oh boy. Uh- wait- No. How di-wait- Where- Oh no! Wait. I juST CORNERED MYSELF NOOOO Don’y you dare- woahhh Okay. Alright. We’re good. We’re good we’re good we’re goood. We are goood. Alright we’re fine. (Bell) I need to get back to uh- The dude or he’s going to be Very Mad. I think the bell might have something to do with that, right? That would make a lot of sense to me. *music picks up* Uh oh… I think he’s coming to get us… I think he might be- uhh… Uh oh uM uH OH *music calms* Oh I thought that music was like queuing up the chef to come barreling down the hallway! oOo Okay, that’s just him. Okay I don’t recognize these paintings… I still don’t have like a layout of this area in my head. Oohhh, that’s not good, okay. I don’t like the open learning environment of that place. eee Yeah- Yea the can… I dunno what it- that- why does it sound like I’m pissin’ my pants? Am I just squeezing it all over myself like I’m a jogger and I’m just like “Oohhh Gosh!”… “Sure is hot out here!” oo hey buddy I have no Idea where I am. I really don’t know. I’m lost, and alone and scared and I don’t know where the cafeteria is. Maybe? Oh, yeah. Hey. Oh! Hey! I’m here! Don’t be sad! Don’t be mad! I’m here! It’s all good! C: You are awful chef. Next food ingredient is Tomato Mark: Tomato Cook: Great job, dude. Next food ingredient is Guacamole Oh, what a mistake. Try again. Next Food ingredient is Banana Mark: Uh oh! Uh Oh! Cook: Great job, dude. And last one is Orange Mark: orANGE Cook: Keep it up- Mark: hELP! Cook: Cool. Mark: HEEELP!! Cook: Good. See you next time. Mark: HEEELP AHH!!! *gasping* Viktor (demonic voice): Try Again, IF YOU DARE So for this next one I’m not going to, uh I’m not gonna try to get the notebooks. What I’m gonna try to do is I’m tryin’ to get an idea of the entire environment. Now that I know what it’s all about, now that I know what it can do I think I can do this a little bit better. Okay Yeah, Now that I- now that I know what’s goin’ on… I think I’ll be a little better about it So the uh The cafeteria… I believe is around the… other corner…? No that’s the punishment room. Okay. So that’s the punishment room. She went away, I can run. This is a classroom… This is… Okay, that leads to the two down the branching hallways There’s another classroom… Okay. This is… Another classroom and… Uhh, A weird punishment room. I don’t know why that exists, maybe that’s supposed to be a bathroom but I- I think you need some toilets, and/or a drain Uh, to have a bathroom? Maybe some- Okay, this is where the cafeteria is. So it’s down the hallway, with a lotta- things Let me go and make him happy first, apparently. See he’s smiling now! He wasn’t smiling before. Is that a mustashe, or is that your nose? C: Next food ingredient is Corn M: Corn C: Great job, dude. And last one is Guacamole (pronounced like Quack-a-mole) M: Heh. Guack-a-mole… C: Whoops, a mistake. M: Oh… is it Guac-O-mole? I dunno… C: The last one is Apple Keep it up. Cool. Not. (Hot?) Good. See you next time. (Bell) M: Oookay. Thank You. Alright thank you. So I probably gotta talk to him like every… 5 minutes or so. Okay, the cafeteria’s in the branch in between the yellow walls and the white wall- er- the wooden walls. Okay so, this is like a… A junction here… To rice bowl kitties… Another classroom- Oh no that’s the stage. Okay so they’re randomly They’re randomly generated. Which is a problem. But not that big of a problem. I’m just wondering if there’s any more items to discover. Ok this is just a classroom with weird trash. Why’s there- so much trash here? Do I get a reward if I clean up all the trash? Okay. Alright I feel good about this! I feel real accomplished. Look how good a student I am teach! Doesn’t it make you not want to kill me dead? Oh! C’mon teach! We’re all in this together. We gotta fight for planet Earth… Yeaah I don’t think this does anything. What is the point of this? Is there a way to like recycle this stuff and get money out of it that’s not just a trashcan? Is-Is that what this is about like maybe- Maybe there’s some mechanism by which to like get some money out of this? I have no idea. Alright so that’s a double hallway so that leads down to area Someone pointed out earlier that it may like- the can of soda may drop on the floor and like cause someone- UrrOH! Hey dude wasssah? ‘Suh dude How you doing? Alright Weird… I think this is gonna connect back in a big loop because there’s gotta be at least one loop There are some dead ends that I was hitting before but there’s gotta be at least one loop. Where does that go? Ummmamamamamah Okay, this is another classroom. This is the classroom with all the -math on the walls This is empty classroom I don’t recognize that Another classroom. There are so many classrooms There is no way i’m going to be able do this Oh. Uh oh… Is that him? Yeah, that’s him. Okay, he’s-a-comin’… Which way– OOH WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!! … whoa… Okay, I think that must be where the loop is. So that’s where he loops around This is the double room with lots of trash I think there’s a cut Isn- wasn’t there a cut in here YEAH So this must- that’s just a big hallway off into accessory but this is where he just came in and that was the loop that we just made- YEAH he’s right there! okay That’s good to know. Is he goin’ faster as time goes on because that’s EXTREMELY unfair! That’s excessively unfair. aH- that’s too unfair Okay there’s goat man …alright there’s vendo machino… Wait a minute! Wasn’t this the dead end?

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    Dude.. you did it.. well i learned something too.. that a human can do 3 backflips in midair by getting scared xD

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    if you look closely at the wall, you'll see a creepy picture of a girl. That's the same one in the #2 episode of Dungeon Nightmares Markiplier played a while ago.

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  5. MARKILPIER THE LUNCH guy is Mr MIX from the game Mr MIX when you complete the 5th level of Mr MIX the word to cook is BABY that's horrible and lots of people don't play the game now.

  6. Mark, if you get the chance to do so, play this game again. They added a lot of shit to it since this video came out. There's also a little Christmas themed side game.

  7. Me:ok he will be safe he is answering a question

    Game: Nope 😈

    * Jumpscare*

    Enter meme where the thing or person gets yeeted to space and the thing is my phone and add a bloody murder scream

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  9. I turned on captions so I could understand what Viktor was saying, but it ended up spoiling the first jumpscare. If you're writing captions, it's not so you can add your own commentary over Mark's video, it's so we can understand what's being said. Don't add unneeded shit.

    EDIT: The caption at 4:25 was "Is someone in the room that I'm just in? (little does Mark know about the jumpscare being worse than Baldi's)" and, after reading that, I was expecting a jumpscare. The whole fun of it was ruined. I'm not sure who of the caption authors wrote it, but just write what's said and not anything else. Don't be a dickwad.

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