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imagine giving up all your possessions and living out of your car for a year that may sound extreme but the minimalist movement is a growing lifestyle among Millennials and Gen Z's growing up during the recession and more likely in urban areas younger generations place less value on material possessions and are choosing to downsize everything from clothing to living spaces and on YouTube the minimalist movement is taking shape in unique ways like how to build and live in a tiny house how to reduce your trash to just 16 ounces per year how to minimize your closet and declutter your home so why is this happening more than any other generation Millennials and Z's turn to YouTube to explore passions and connect with like-minded creators who share their values and creators are tapping into this trend with video content that shares how they incorporate minimalism into their everyday lives even if it doesn't mean moving into a tree house what does this mean for brands first consider a minimalist mindset can you demonstrate how your values align with this new generational mindSHIFT Patagonia made a strong statement against the culture of consumption with don't buy this jacket a campaign asking users to buy less of everything including their products how do you as a company focus on what's meaningful versus extraneous consider minimalism as a creative opportunity not a restriction from desk setups to living rooms even digital spaces can you help your audience think creatively about downsizing to simplify their lives flip the product hull on its head halls of clothing tech toys you name it are a huge trend on YouTube evolve this concept and instead of inundating audiences with tons of different options can you as an expert help them streamline finally consider minimalism and how your brand communicates people are trying to declutter the amount of information they receive so consider minimizing your creative messaging look to utilize bite-sized messaging such as six-second ads which will get your point across in a this way thanks for watching please like and subscribe and we'll see you next time you

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