Video games vs work: Are young men choosing Xbox and PlayStation over jobs? | IN 60 SECONDS

There’s little reason to fear
videogames will cause a catastrophic labor shortage. First of all, it’s a red
flag that the big gaps in hours and employment between younger and older
men emerged during the Great Recession and Not-So-Great Recovery. They’re
plenty of potential non-gaming explanations. For instance, during a time
of economic unrest, employers may have demanded more education and experience
from potential employees. Moreover, if the recession recovery played a big role in
young men working less, then work rates should improve the further we move into the economic expansion. And guess what: That’s exactly what seems to be happening.
It’s also unclear what role video games play in long-term employment trends for
young men. Since 2000, their employment-to-population ratio has
fallen by about 10 percentage points in the United States. But in Japan, where
presumably they play a lot of video games, the work ratio has actually increased
a bit over that same span. The big problem with the U.S. economy over the
past decade isn’t gaming any more than it’s automation or trade. It’s the fact
that America suffered a massive financial shock and near depression, and
it just takes a while for economies to recover. Do you think video games keep
young men from working? let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to subscribe
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40 thoughts on “Video games vs work: Are young men choosing Xbox and PlayStation over jobs? | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. Yes, it's called the NEET epidemic and it predominantly affects young men who are increasingly disenfranchised in this modern, gynocentric society, as well as outcompeted by cheap illegal immigrants in the economy.

  2. I'd hope they are using a PC if they are because if you are going to play video games instead of getting a job you might as well get the best experience while playing them.

  3. I could fill a small book with this comment, but I'll keep it succinct; We've created a culture that views and treats boys and young men as "defective girls", we've exported millions of traditionally male jobs, and we've created massive legal disincentives for young men to marry and start a family. And then academics sit around, scratching their asses, and wondering "what's the deal with men?" LAUGHABLE!

  4. I would like a breakdown of who is playing what games now days. Because almost everyone seems to be playing some sort of video game.

  5. I have education and experience of my internships and team member in engineering consultancy. The industry still says that I'm useless. I'll flip some hamburgers to pay some bills and play videogames. You'd wish that any of your so experienced engineers had half of the accomplishments in my resume.

  6. I do both, however I have turned down full time positions several times because I just don't need the extra income, I don't have college loans, I live in a town that has public transportation and I don't have a house payment and I make enough on part time that I can save a little each pay check and live comfortably. Why should I take an extra night every week for money that I don't need?

  7. if men stay home gaming (like my self) it is not because we are hooked on it up to our eyeballs. It is that we do not find what we seek and as such just do what we like.

  8. I think it is that men receive little reward through work today. Videos games offer men an opportunity for accomplishment.

  9. Jobs that doesn't provide enough money to sustain a decent living is going to ruin Americas economy. The entire baseline economy is built on consumer products and if people cant buy them without help from the government your economy will fail, especially if you go down the route of no free trade. That is what is keeping the American economy afloat. Though I'm not sure why America insist on trading psychical goods with China who bans your best exports, Google, Facebook, video games etc.

  10. Gaming, lifting,reading, shitposting and sleeping all day OOOOOOOOORRR wage-cucking, bills, being tired and alcoholism

    Gee, I wonder which option sounds more appealing.

    Todays men don't want to work their whole lives and have nothing to show for it.

    Buying a house, cars, holidays and supporting a family is impossible on one wage in today's economy so men have opted out.

    Get fucked boomers.

  11. Men are choosing games over girls perhaps, but you don't get to play games very long if you don't have income to pay for the games, the housing, the electricity… Income comes from jobs, which are harder and harder to get as MEN because of "equality".

  12. Next up: "Do Babyboomers refuse to retire and give room to younger generation that is stuck on entry level jobs?"

    Oh wait we are still blaming young people and it will be always the topic? Alrighty! Yes games baaad grrrr. Lazy youngsters. WHEN I WAS YOUNG YOU COULD JUST ASK FOR A JOB AND THEN BUY A HOUSE. Also… that noisy Rock 'n' Roll is not real music.

  13. That sounds pretty glib that "it just takes a while for economies to recover" after a "massive financial shock and near depression". Seems like globalization, automation, government propping up to-large-to-fail businesses, etc are all contributing to a fairly weak labor market that is likely a long term systemic change in the economy.

  14. Amerifats need to stop trying to blame video games for everything

    automation is killing jobs, not shrek party for game cube

  15. In my humble opinion it motivates them. Since you have to work to buy games, and especially if you plan to join the MASTER RACE.

  16. Ur last 10 seconds hit it, there has to be jobs to go back too, video games have nothing to do with it. Would it make people happier if men slept when not working like the Baby Boomers did.

  17. lol if I could live by just playing video games I would. that's why popular twitch streamers got it maaadddeeee

  18. It's not gaming, It's societies over Indulgence in pretty much everything we consume. To food, to alcohol, even exercising. The key to a happy life is knowing ones limit, but that's getting extremely harder with the mainstream media telling you more is good!

  19. Maybe your company treats employees like shit and pays like shit so its not worth it. We are all going to die might as well spend most of my time enjoying it rather than slaving for a corporation who gives no damns about any of us.

  20. I got a Nintento 64 when I was 4 years old. It was my nanny, and it was a friend who kept me out of trouble. And it helped me learn English. And it's been my momentary escape from harsh reality instead of drugs.

    But I think the danger with video games is that it becomes a surrogate mother when our real mothers don't have time for us. It's a substitute for reality when reality doesn't have a place for us. It's a community for those who are outsiders.
    Just look at the trend in RPGs where you have romance side-missions. Sometimes your character even gets laid in the end.

    Of course, women play games too. But most of them play games on their phones. Perhaps on the bus to University, or to a date.
    Men play more on computers and consoles. Probably alone in a room with the shutters down.

  21. If a man is unwilling to work because of video games or any other reason, someone will step in and take that job. Let that first man be poor, and don't give him a way out through welfare.

  22. Video Games don't keep young men from working, they keep them from thinking. Millennial males prefer fantasy over reality because of the "Everyone's a Winner" inculcation during their youth. Is it any wonder Millennial males prefer Pot, Video Games, and Porn instead of REAL community, REAL Social interaction, and REAL women. They simply lack the psychological wherewithal to face up to life, hence the escapism.

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