Video curriculum de Lidia – profesora de inglés

Hello my name is Lidia and I’m English teacher Graduated in Teaching Training in Foreign Languages in 2012 I’d like to apply for a position on your
educational project offering commitment creativity motivation and passion My job experience can be divided into two different labour profiles: education and commerce. Both profiles even not related between them have taught me in different ways. In the educational field, I want to highlight my three-year experience teaching different subjects and mainly English, at a range of both, levels and ages. There, I had to plan the learning-teaching process in order to achieve the objectives purposed, focused on the
development of my students’ personal competences providing them with the most appropriate
learning strategies, creating different methodological resources, didactic units and activities. Taking into account their
interests and needs. On the other hand, I’m another three-year experienced
working as a shop assistant One of those years, I was the person in charge of one of the shops There, I’ve developed a problem-solving capacity in different situation because I had
to guide and coordinate the working team we worked all together in order to raise
the objectives purposed. After all, isn’t it what we actually do in our teaching practice? Talking about my linguistic skills Spanish is my mother tongue. I have an advanced level in English language and an intermediate proficiency in French Teaching foreign languages combines both, my passion for languages and my vocation for teaching. Education is, for me, the basis of every social system and, furthermore, the acquisition of a communicative competence in other languages opens as a great deal
of opportunities in understanding different cultures and to be enriched by their values. If you’re seeking for a competent, decisive and responsible person with motivation and vocation don’t hesitate in contacting me via e-mail. I’m willing to move nationally and internationally I have driving license and my own car. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from
you soon. good bye.

26 thoughts on “Video curriculum de Lidia – profesora de inglés”

  1. very good job!!You have a very good pronuntation and I really like the way in which your C.V is recorded, very impressive!!! I am pretty sure you will find soon a good job!! Good luck!

  2. Hello Miss Lydia, know that your video is being used as an example for teachers in Brazil. Congratulations…

  3. pero que chula pero que chula vieja no me extrañaría que la contrataran solo para ser la imagen ejecutiva de alguna empresa
    que hermosa dama

  4. Buenas tardes Lidia. Tengo una pregunta; ¿cómo se proyectan tanto tu imagen como las palabras en el vídeo? Muchas gracias

  5. Muy buena presentación, bastante clara y sencilla, tomaré referencias de tu vídeo para elaborar mi CV. Muchas gracias por el aporte.

  6. I would like you were my english teacher, could you come to México pleasseee?? Or tell me were are you teaching, guapa !!!

  7. Que bonitos lunares son como estrellas uno es por tu primer idioma tan hermoso y el segundo es por tu talento políglota e inteligencia

  8. Buen video por cierto que sepas que mis profes te pillaron el video y lo subieron al model de mi colegio (eres nuestra explicación sobre el video curriculum) Un saludo y hasta la proxima explicación ajajajaja

  9. Con todo el respeto, considero que como profesora de inglés deberías tener un acento mucho más bueno.
    Btw, te recomiendo que mires la fonética de la palabra "passion". La has pronunciado mal durante todo el vídeo…

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