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as an educator you have an important role in the lives of young people you unlock the door to literacy in numeracy open up worlds of science and geography art and music preparing children for a productive and rewarding future and you have another key role to unlock the lifelong gift of physical literacy and through physical education open up worlds of self-confidence health and lifelong well-being let's talk about it there's a great fear that children who are growing up now inactive may as parents twenty years down the road not really recognize the importance of their children getting physical activity if you do not develop the skills to do things with competence you kind of get that I'm no good type of mentality and you don't do it anymore and we need places for children to go to run off their energy to learn the movement skills so that throughout their lives they can remain active so it's extremely important now that at school we emphasize the fact that they need to be active let's look at the word literacy literacy starts with the ABCs but a fully literate person can do much more than read and write it's about communication social practices and relationships about knowledge language and culture physical literacy is similar it starts with fundamental movements like running and jumping but it is much more than that it is about how we think and feel it includes our attitudes about being active and healthy and how it relates to our social and emotional well-being people who are physically literate move with both competence and confidence and they do this in a wide variety of physical activities and settings whether on land ice or snow or in the water or air taken together it's about the healthy development of the whole person it's what we're building is successful human beings and physical literacy along with the other forms of literacy are very important for or balanced adults people who are able to contribute successfully further down their lives physical literacy forms the foundation of a lifetime of physical activity children begin by learning the most basic motor skills through free play and guided exploration as the skills progressed they learn fundamental movement skills such as kicking dribbling hopping and dodging these building blocks are adapted to more complex movement applications for instance a child who can kick or dribble can participate in activities like soccer or skating these three stages form a foundation of physical literacy for some this might lead to high performance sport but for the vast majority of Canadians it sets them on a track to be active for life but it all depends on a base of physical literacy without it doors close and the opportunities for active healthy living narrow the obvious outcome is that after you've done whether it's five minutes eight minutes or 10 minutes suddenly you see more energy you see them focusing and paying attention you see that they're not fidgeting as much they suddenly become interested and that's because we've taken a break we've gotten up we've moved around and it just seems to bring them back to a comfortable feeling whereby they can pay attention they can re-engage so where do physical literacy and physical education meet a quality physical education program includes a wide variety of carefully planned learning experiences from sports skills to outdoor education to dance and gymnastics creating the pathway to lifelong activities that will benefit one's fitness whether the goal is to support a child on a high-performance pathway or to engage in physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle quality physical education plays a critical role I have five phys ed classes great seventh and eighth during the day so I'm on my feet all day moving doing all kinds of different activities our phys ed program at Frank Ryan gives the students so many different opportunities we don't do a lot of the mainstream sports we keep those for you know community and intramural programs but in our phys ed classes we do a wide assortment both inside and outside just to give the the kids a lot of different forums for physical activities when a kid learns a new skill they know they've learned it and that gives them a real sense of earned confidence in what they're doing at the same time we're building up competence I can do this I can do this I can do something else and what that gives us is this foundation on which we can build a lifetime of physical activity so what can you do to support physical literacy in schools if you're a teacher understand and value the important role that you play in supporting the development of physical literacy among all of your students ensure that your school values physical education as a core part of the education experience know and deliver on the physical education curriculum in its entirety the curriculum has been developed with the outcome of physical literacy in mind I'm taking the health and physical education part one because I absolutely love physical activity and I want to see that in my students I want them to realize how important it is for their bodies for their health but I want them to also have a really good line and I thought you know what I'm going to take this course because I know that I will be a better teacher others staff that you know aren't fortunate off to be in the gym teaching phys ed try to get them involved through our intramural program trying to get them to come in and see what their students are doing at lunchtime trying to get them to participate in some of the activities you know whether it's do a quick spinning class or play some type of cooperative game in the gym just to get them to see what we're doing with our students and the importance of it if you're a school administrator value the important role the school plays in the development of the whole child with physical literacy as an important piece ensure that quality physical education is included as a core component of the school curriculum this includes adequate scheduling qualified and enthusiastic teachers and sufficient facilities and resources empower your staff involve your parents and community and keep your board aware that you are committed to supporting the optimal health and development of your students by delivering quality physical education for all students I really believe that quality physical education is an important part of every high school students life not just for their high school career but for the rest of their life as well it's an important consideration for me it always has been always will be as long as I'm a principal there are many competing interests in a school and we have to prioritize and certainly in in my school quality physical education is a priority and as a principal I am responsible for organizing the school so that all of my students have the kind of access to the facilities and the opportunities and activities that are going to help them build those important physical literacy competencies I think the biggest thing is that when there is a need in the school we have to advocate for our own school and there are special programs that can be advocated for and we always get listened to we don't always get the answer we want sometimes they're short on the dollars as everybody else is but in the mean they really do believe as we do that this is a really important part of the correct if you're a Ministry of Education official recognize the important role that physical education plays in the development of the whole child and physical literacy and a child's ultimate well-being mandate quality education for every child of a hundred and fifty minutes per week and hold schools accountable to the delivery support the hiring of physical education specialists ensure the full delivery of the physical education curriculum and remember that there is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates that children who receive quality physical education show positive health outcomes improved social cohesion and better academic achievement supporting physical education and promoting physical literacy shows your commitment to overcoming physical inactivity childhood obesity and poor health habits of Canadians I can talk to principals all over and principals know that this needs to be done they know they need physical education they want their kids to be more active but they are constrained by the realities of their situation of losing to teachers and I need a classroom teacher more than I need a physical education teacher it's those kind of really tough decisions that a lot of people have to make in their professional lives and it's at a higher level that we've got to say this is about Canada it's about the future of all of our children and we need to put the conditions in place where all children are going to get what they need to live healthy long lives finally if you're a parent make sure physical education is a key part of your children's school experience are they receiving PE every day our teachers qualified and enthusiastic are they learning a variety of skills and are they having fun provide lots of opportunities to nurture your child's physical literacy help them to refine their skills in community-based recreation programs but also enable time for spontaneous play and daily physical activity be a great role model and participate yourself physical literacy is for everyone with very young children we've just got to provide them the opportunities to be physically active in a whole range of different environments take them to the park to run on the grass run inside do some stopping starting games we got to get them into the water we've got to get them out hey we're in Canada in ice and snow in the winter to learn this range of skills I don't know that I would be a teacher if I wasn't able to bring into my daily a daily basis some form of physical activity physical education is is an integral piece of the puzzle I mean we teach math we teach language we teach science and social studies we teach art and music and you know physical health and education is just a part of that and without that you know we would not have a successful program long term what do we hope to achieve we want on the one hand every single Canadian to be physically active throughout their life and on the other hand we also want those with the talent and drive to reach the podium so that Canadians are proud of their international athletes and their success in Olympic and Paralympic Games physical education is my passion and I get up every morning wanting to go to work wanting to work with young students wanting to develop their love for being physically active the importance of healthy active living something that they're going to carry on with them and not to downplay any of the other subject areas that they take but I tell them that this is probably the most important subject you will take because down the road it doesn't matter what job you're doing if you don't have your health and you aren't physically active and heart-healthy it doesn't matter what you want to do you're going to be limited if you're if you're not a healthy person it's being able to articulate a vision as a principal about what you value being able to get people to to see that vision and understand the vision and to implement the vision we've often said at our school we will start small with Sir initiatives but we were thinking big and thinking big in terms of the long-term benefits Phe Canada is committed to providing every student in Canada with the skills and opportunities to be active throughout their lives we've developed a number of resources tools training programs assessment guidelines and recognition programs to help you be a champion for the children in your life our resources are written by leading educators and researchers in the country and reviewed by top experts to ensure that they are at the forefront of pedagogy and best practices and connected to curricula across the country whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring young teacher we offer conferences workshops and webinars online collaboration and other channels to help you share engage and grow together we can ensure that all children and youth develop the foundation to become physically literate citizens thanks for watching for more information contact us you

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