Victoria Bay nominated for Horizon Award

– Oh wow!
– Oh my gosh, this is awesome! – Welcome to Egypt! (excited chatter from students) – I want to give my kids
memorable experiences, that they’ll be able to
connect their learning to. I have all different types
of learners in my classroom. So, for those visual learners,
when we get to talking about the gods, or we get to talking about the pyramids, that they’ll have something
to connect that to. Another thing that I do is, I do song parodies. ♪ Ancient ancient China ♪ (stomping and clapping) – So I’ll pick a popular song, that the kids know and love already, and I’ll change the words
to fit the standards that Kansas requires us to teach. And so, hitting my auditory learners, I get them up and excited, and they’re able to
remember things better, because they have that song in their mind. ♪ By the Nile ♪ ♪ Pharaoh’s at the lead. ♪ ♪ Pyramids, habitat for the mummies. ♪ – To me, relationships are the key part of building a classroom community, and having students buy-in to
what you are teaching them. Hello, Austin! And so, this year, I made a focus to build those relationships, and I’ve set aside time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in our class, to just work on
getting to know each other, and working together. And so, we always start with a greeting, where they’ll go around and I always urge them to talk to students that they
don’t normally talk to, that are outside of their friend group, and we’ll do a greeting, and then we’ll do some sort of activity. It might be discussion based where we’re learning about who we are or who other people in our world are. – What made me want to nominate Miss Bay for the Horizon Award is the way she connects with kids, the energy she brings to
her classroom everyday, and then the things she
does to help kids learn. She teaches sixth grade Social Studies, which is World History. I think it’s, maybe, the hardest of the Social Studies, that we teach. And she would bring in popular rap songs, and turn them into lessons where, when I’d go in to watch her teach, it was like, I’d learn more in one song, in her class in a five-minute session, than I, maybe, learned in a whole year of World History when
I was a ninth grader. She just has that passionate ability to make her classroom unique. You know, at times the kids, they don’t feel like they’re learning. They think it’s just having fun. I think, when you have kids saying that about your classroom, that’s when you know
that you’ve hooked ’em. – When I think about her, I always think about just, like, her smile that she always had, and just how fun everything was, and all the projects we got to do. And, I think they should know that she’s a very great teacher, and that she’s just a great
person to be around, in general. – Whenever we would get
done with our lessons, I would go over to her and just, kinda, talk with her, and it was just really fun. She would talk to me about things going on in her life, and we just talked to each other. And it was nice to have a
conversation with a teacher. – What makes a perfect school day, to me, would be one where I get my kids excited about whatever is going on. I love when my later classes come in, and they’re already excited because they’ve kids talking about it, in the hallway, what’s going on. A couple weeks ago, we were learning about Mesopotamia, and I did the whole court setup, where I dressed like a judge, and we talked about Hammurabi’s Code, and when the fifth hour and sixth hour came in my room, they were like, “I’ve been so excited! I heard about what
happened in your class,” and they’re looking forward to it. And that means, I’m doing my job right. (background music fades)

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