42 thoughts on “Victor Wooten wows with his performance of The Lesson solo live on EMGtv”

  1. Here's why I like Marcus Miller a thousand times more… does not sound like a bass anymore. This sounds more like a guitar and I like when the bass sounds like a bass.

  2. One of the best (if not THE best) bass players but I hate his tone. If he likes it that's really all that matters but I think it sounds cheap. Ridiculous piece there though.

  3. Music is subjective and all, but it’s undeniable that Victor Wooten has really mastered the ins and outs of a bass guitar more than anybody else. The way he just toys with it is really hard to believe.

  4. This performance was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard, got the chills throughout the whole song, just amazing….

  5. Fuck amazing . Bro I'm going to be up for next 3 days trying to figure out some of that shit. I honestly think this video has changed my playing life. I'll never play the same again now that I know that can be done. I keep going back and forth from bass to guitar. I love bass I started on it, and honestly only learned guitar because I got frustrated telling guitarist what I wanted them to play alongside my riffs so I learned to play guitar. They are different animals, i dont care what anybody says.
    Anyway i was starting to feel like i could only do so much solo on the bass but I'm just going to get a 6 string bass . Thanks

  6. Lose all the melodic nonsense and git str8 to the tappin pullin pippin slappin strummin bipboppin no foolin


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