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Wuhoo! Mr. Frog! Are you alive? Of course I am!
Why wouldn’t I be, huh? See that friends? Mr. Frog can breathe both
inside and outside of water! It is Magic Dr. Binocs,
you won’t understand. Hahah! Well well, it’s no Magic my friends. It’s just a way of life for some
animals in the animal kingdom. Come, let me tell you something about it. Zoom in! The Animal Kingdom is divided
into two groups. Invertebrates and Vertebrates! But Today, we’ll talk about
the Vertebrates. The Animals with a backbone are
called Vertebrates. Which are further split into smaller groups. Amphibians! Reptiles! Birds! And Mammals! Now, let us explore a little
into their worlds! Amphibians! Frogs and Salamanders are some of
the most popular Amphibians. They are the ones that can live
both on land and water. They are cold- blooded animals
and lay eggs coated in jelly. They have gills to breathe under water
and lungs to breathe on land! Reptiles! Snakes and Crocodiles are
examples of Reptiles Their bodies are made of dry scales. They lay their eggs on land and spend
almost all their time under water. They, too are cold blooded
and it is only sometimes.. ..that they come on to soak the sun! Birds! Oh, you’ve all seen Birds, haven’t you? Owls, Sparrows, Parrots, etc? Well, they have feathers and wings. But hey, not all birds fly! They lay eggs that are hard
shelled and are warm blooded. Mammals! Lions and pandas are examples of Mammals. They give birth to young ones
instead of laying eggs. They have lungs to breathe
and are warm blooded. They have hair or fur. And they have special glands to
produce milk for their young ones. Even Humans are Mammals! Yes, you are! Trivia Time! Animals without a backbone are
called Invertebrates.. ..and they were the first animals to evolve. There are approximately 52,000 species
of Vertebrates. So what are you waiting for? Look around and start identifying! This is me Zooomin out! Tune in next time for more fun facts!

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  1. nice one like always.. small suggestion.. if would have shown a lioness or any female animal for example, i think it would have been PRECISE. Animations are kid friendly.. loved it!

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