Vegan Teaches Sv3rige How To Fight!

this time vegans especially the man are the true definition of pussies crowd nowadays we have the police and man-made rules which we call law to protect the pussies that time that little girl left you out of a restaurant for causing the nuisance yeah we should hello officer this tiny little girl just hit me bunch of Lala's anyway I digress the main point of this video is to prove that you spare it to use your vernacular are the I just came across your ridiculous self defense video that you did a little while back as a former martial artist self-defense coach and doorman of 12 years I thought I better put you straight on a few things before you get yourself hurt I'm sick of all the videos on you which of teaching people how to fight unnaturally because nobody fights like that in nature what does that even mean in nature are you saying that we'd all fight differently if we were suddenly transported to the woods as opposed to having to tear up outside a chip shop or in the nightclub I don't get what you're saying all of the moves that you're yours with punching and kicking good maybe the way you punch and kick do you speak for yourself son I've got a pretty devastating right hand whether I'm in the city centre or the rain forest unless the laws of physics change in the rain forest and nobody's told me you won't take anything you can to throw any kind of Rock anything that is hard you would just throw it ah there's your problem right there you leave your back foot on the floor you've got an anchor on bring your back heel up off the floor and pivot on the ball of the back foot allowing your hips to twist around so you can project your body weight through your fist probably double your power it's me from my old self-defense video series to demonstrate try to punch me like you would touching straight backwards is never a great idea and aggressive striker will just steamroll II better to cut an angle giving you an advantage while your attacker has to pivot to face you again anybody who is strong even if it's very strong bones very strong muscles you could overpower them by simply jumping on them good luck getting through kicking range punching range and past their knees and elbows with your hands down and no god I notice your may even landed a punch on you before you got to him you would if you would put your arms around them and bite them in the neck not only can you not strike you can't grapple either he could easily defend the bite by just getting his head in the way and as you've given him double underhooks he could toss you to the ground like a rag doll I'm guessing your jujitsu is probably because man-made rules so you'll probably choke you out or snap one of your arms and just try to bite a piece out great self-defense advice you know if that was to actually work the carotid artery and jugular vein run right there I'd rather not go to prison for murder or if they try to do something and you bite them in the nose or Biden ear off where you just grab the know the year and just pull it down and they will be in so much pain you will pull the half off because all of our teeth are very sharp even their back teeth TV does completely flat molars that carnivores lack and herbivores use for grinding down plot so it's very easy to buy it for humans that's why a lot of people do it when they are really in danger they bite a lot of women do because that's our natural instinct that's how we actually fight in nature can you imagine tribesmen fighting each other with just their teeth I think he's confused humans with pac-man and usually you would fight til death in nature and always nowadays people are afraid of the police and they will want to get in trouble so that's why a lot of us fight like this and it does hardly anything yeah well if you just punch with your arm rather than with your whole body what do you expect with good body mechanics it's easy to slap somebody unconscious let alone punch them on the jaw line of course you could get lucky 5% of the time and knock somebody out apparently some of us luckier than others here's the playlist for my old set of self-protection videos if you want to give that a look my advice is to learn how to fight so hopefully you don't have to most attackers are cowards and just pick on those that seem scared of them so if you look more confident you'll be less of a target you know your fighting ability is good when you're more scared of what might happen to the attacker than what they might do to you this is a good reason why it's best to avoid fighting if at all possible click this video now to cease Farage 2008 conor mcgregor at punching range

40 thoughts on “Vegan Teaches Sv3rige How To Fight!”

  1. totally agree about being safe through confidence.. i got randomly attacked from time to time as a teenager until i learned martial arts and then somehow, magically, almost never needed to use it.
    sv3ridge would advocate biting and eating meat no matter what the topic of the video was.. he probably has a flower arranging video which features a more natural approach involving canines and blood.

  2. This is hilarious. Sv3rige looks like he was going in for a nice cuddle with his buddy. Leading with your teeth? A good way to break half of them on someones head, fist or elbow! What a chump! The guys living in fantasy land. lol

  3. Legend has it that Pac Man was inspired by sv3rige. He's still striving to swallow as many balls as him, until this very day.

  4. Wait so he'd step back then walk 6feet back to his opens then do what? Bite him? I'm shocked by still style of fighting. My Dad never told me to bite someone he taught me the 2 bunches with one hand then the other hand 1. Simple stuff but hope I never have to use it.

  5. Careful now, Sv3rige will bite and eat your flesh off alive now like a zombie. Hes the worst of all carnists arguably.

  6. I don't understand some people's obsession with nature. I've never given a hoot on what's "natural," I just care about what's better. Artificial is nearly always better. We as humans manipulate nature to be better for us. Sv3rige over here believes in devolution instead of progress. Besides, if he cares about nature so much he'll move to Alaska or somewhere where you can live "naturally."

  7. Hennnch, you're the man! Thanks so much for the links to your old videos! That my friend is a helping hand. Never know when you're going to need those tips✌🏻

  8. I suppose by his logic, in 'nature' we didn't read books or use science ..
    .starting to make sense now

  9. That teeth skit was hilarious 😂😂 perfect way to start my day! Another ripper video 👌🏼✊🏼

  10. People don't martial art at war. they just strangle to death, pop off they're eyes. and bite, he's kind of right

  11. Noodle-armed syringe disparages the rule of law? He looks like he should be holding a lighter at a Scorpions concert rather than giving fighting tips.

  12. So… let’s just pretend that for centuries there haven’t been multiple combat styles that span cultures, in nature and out of nature… the fuck Sewage… read a book or give a google.

  13. Um comparing vegans to a p$ssy isn't a horrible thing. The p$ssy is one of the strongest and most flexible organs in the body. Just watch Trevor Noah's segment about that. 💪💪💪

    P.S. I wasn't able to find the Trevor Noah clip on YT, but it's in one of his Netflix specials. It's epic!

  14. alright man i'm starting to enjoy these videos, it's hilarious, you don't even have to move to make him look like a bitch

  15. I grew up in the woods (nature)…..I punch and kick the same on concrete LOL. Use his forehead as a speedbag.

  16. Haha omg. As a martial artist for over 15 years I found this highly amusing. 'Self defence in nature' xD
    I know 15 year old girls who fight better than him!

  17. So what he's saying is essentially "don't fight like a weeegan, just stab other person to death with sharpened rock, it's natural, don't worry about prison sentence, prison is not natural".

  18. Hence Herbivore, I am new to your channel and should I go Vegan? How did you get buff? I need to know cuz I’m a scrawny teen.

  19. Hey less of the comments regarding he fights like a girl or grandma, I bet most females including grandmas would beat him any day 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Sv3rige is a mental retard. It's not cool to make fun of him he legit needs some help. Please notify the authorities near. To all the other carnitards please get help

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