hi guys welcome back to V don't smoke it's Paul here and this is one of two reviews that's going to go up to the guys so we are going to check this one and we're going to check out the something else I was called the Avanti veep's will ket so we are doing a little I've just review I am off what just no nothing to do it's too hot and clammy so yeah I thought I would do this so welcome to everybody that's okay so yeah we are gonna check out some vite meal today some vite me a subscription service and look at this I'm going right back to my roots I've even got a little better cotton we're going to rule we're going to do this the old-fashioned we're gonna work up our blank RDA coils nice and clean we're just gonna we're gonna whack if I can it's not going in the little the little hole the problem I'm gonna be too much cotton here but you know what we're going to keep going there we go I don't have any so I know look at all right we got it I don't have any scissors well I'm gonna have to open the drawer I keep all my stuff in here it's becoming a lot of stuff I've get more stuff than you really need that could probably throw out half of it but you know it take me to that rate let's just get this wet and then we will talk about what the hell we are going to do two DS alright suck cotton down I'll just use the disposals to take it off all button and drop it and to the rde want to good things about the blank it's super super easy a wek you can actually whack it with anything I told including a pair of scissors as I'm just done I might have in chat I've got expect a lot of you to be joining us during the time of day but hopefully you are watching that the was it called the reweighing the read arrive or however you wanted it I read your mother to that August year case we are going to check out some vite meal so we dead meat meal for June and it was pretty shit I saw they've got beg beg feet to fell I wasn't too impressed with the last one so they do have some beg feet to throw and as always we're gonna have a little look and see where you get your vape mail from so if I just show you my screen and it should be what we see it now if we go over here you can go to a subscription service you've also got the gorilla just laying which I have also reviewed if you scroll down you can see your three sections silver gold and platinum gold as the most popular I am told that's the one that I'm gonna show you off today 200 mil you get full bottles 50ml and sides you get your for Nexo shots so not just Nikitina as next soaps you get 4 flavors of atrium scratchcard 15% off tops and 15% off the gorilla juice lane if you are a subscriber so silver one obviously is half the juice and the platinum you get six for your six bottles for your money and it's all fat demo now you can't choose your flavors you just simply get what you get and it's right hopefully you see that I just assume you can see it I know I'm using a shitty webcam but hopefully you are you are seeing it now you should be seeing me know hey Gordon how are you Ray saw the four flavors that we got an hour of eat me on subscription as this one first of all as Reds apple juice so this is one of those glass bottles with a last up are the glass bottles with a glass dropper was actually walk back in without when I started work in a class there's being high quality premium stuff no they'll just a pain in the ass because you big tanks that are so big you're squatting for ages but we do get this one Reds grip on it so Reds apple juice grape flavor I'm sure we'll find out in a second we've got chubby juice ripple chubby juice that's for me if you don't know why it's funnier than then it doesn't Mar dr. pop then tall we've also got that's one as great promises I love Marvin tall and drip packs we see we get a drip hacks every single time so they've obviously got some sort of them part rush up in place with jet packs and this is blood of Vikings it's a pretty cool name and it's our rhubarb and custard flavor so those are the four flavors that I got so hopefully none of them are menthol and yeah I'm quite pleased with the flavor selection so far and the best get bad nose no best get battle this month best get battles every month or quit over a whole but not anymore alright so guys let's try this one first of all it's called red apples II just and it says grip on it so I'm assuming it's a that grape and apple or its apple as the name one thing I rose here but as bottle was when I when I added the next shot because the bottle was filled but they never nicely took any account in the fact that the dropper has to go into the bottle and by doing that the just over flawed so the lateral came L next shot was too much so hard to clean and provides and take some Owen and mace about and I wasn't really too happy about art so I was gonna you know put me in a bad mood and you know what I'm making a bad mood favorite off a very very moody excuse me Carvin already among other bleep hey I think you've got enough juice on that wet nope oh I think you game people can seriously see you have tried it those of you that think I'm joking there as the wek and it's all just just up right right everybody else that has joined chat as well Keith P afternoon all top man poll you helped me stop smoking six months congratulations Keith it's all you me it's not me it's all you six months is an absolutely fantastic achievement so well done to you you should treat yourself by yourself e thanks bought my whiskey or a nice bottle of vodka or something like that or a nice Chinese you know something nice treat yourself mark the occasion you know that's why I would the sale and celebrate all and milestones of shitty well done six months is fantastic I like see area camel tees I believe they know you are next so what would subscription Anna me do that gig and I saw that on the website back and check that later and Charlie baked baked chips I've actually found that DIY they spot on phone to act just cabin I don't want that makes sense DIY you're making your own just but you got it just carbon not sure I'm getting your eight sorry Charlie and right let's have a little VIP on this one then get what does this one go this is this one red apple the aegis grape says on it so I'm vaping on the validating to 85 watts point theorem coil all right yes this is a nice juice and as apple and grape the grapes coming through what all hints of the gate there's not a lotta greep there's more Apple which green apple stores a little bit more citrusy it's actually very tasty there's no harshness I'd max these all wet on next shots yesterday which is not what I usually do I usually makes them straight I mean that record which is stupid these were all mixed yesterday so they're all a lot more mail all that nicotine's had a chance to say it so if you are doing this that's what I would recommend doing yes I'm still wearing my watch case um and it's still going strong with batteries so we are rocking and rolling that that's not a nice flavor it's more awful than it has greep it's more Apple than it has greed but I certainly nice it's sweet those fruitiness to it well but of acidity and there's a tartness they already the green apple and in the grip can I actually at the end not enough great for me but I do like a great flavor but it's good it's good and it's a good start because last month I wasn't overly impressed you see the Vegas has got no air in Glasgow it's all just fucking SWAT morgue in heat so it's gonna get cloudy in here so I'm trying not to heap as much but I'm not gonna change out the wax or I know I know I should I know I should but I'm not gonna that's not bad guys that's a good start a really good start right let's move on we're gonna try blood of Vikings from drip hacks again this is a 70/30 VG of PG and this one was actually quite good because I had one of those little can I sent our points in the bottle so I was able to just pop that off to get my next shot and there was no missing about I thought about getting all sweaty nor angry now I do have one of these alpha bottle mod things guys see if you haven't got one of these I wouldn't rush out and buy one I generally find it to be pretty shit I mean it does help slightly but I've opened more beer bottles than I have II like wood bottles but I just think it was is pretty much shit so don't rush out and gala I think they can improve it I don't feel it what's that great but there you go that's just another point and normally use my own point now is because last night I was felling all these particles up with next shots and I couldn't get any other BOTS all Zoltan worth that bottle or not and that's 0 over 4 so eh yeah shit I have used that on like would be like with bottles and that has what but yeah I just think see the thing is I think the teeth are the slot section is too thick it needs to be really really thin to get underneath or what are the bottle caps and it's really thick so it doesn't work well open my beer law so it's not like I don't have any bottle nozzle but there you go I Andrew Wells has said he saves so much and he's fast yearly spent five hundred pound on gear and stole saved $1,800 there you go you see him a lot of money if he's quite smoking I mean it's as pretty much Shem what name ten poems Addie smoking that's seventy pounds a week who what though myself there that's 280 pounds a month for a bag of ash I wouldn't go back to right let's try that's one rhubarb and custard excuse me I've got a little deck lick off cause my he fever maybe though never really massively loved rhubarb in Cos Cob but I'm coughing because of something else not the juice this is actually quite a nice juice um Craig thanks for joining us take care sir um it's my hay fever oh that's making me cough this is quick things just I would say I'm not a massive fan of rhubarb but I'm getting the rhubarb I'm getting the sweetness of it and I'm also getting a hentai cream at the back so yeah this isn't this is basically what it's described as I mean it's not bad yeah definitely Oh something my glasses well that was well what this piece of ass definitely has displayed here I find that rhubarb and cost of gaze that's not bad I actually could enjoy that and I'm not a massive fan of rhubarb but I could see me beeping on that again very very tasty it's almost got a killer addictiveness to it but I can I wanted to keep having a little read but have a little olive here which is really really good really good so far really good so far indeed I saw we're gonna go doctor doctor pop mental doctor pop event – I'm aware of the fog and this room that's not an awful what I can do about it as a vaping video so I mean vapor is kind of part and parcel of what you're going to hear isn't it um Andrew says he smoked two packs a day Wow so you about $20 Rd wealth in that a second it's cheaper in the States seven years since his last egg absolutely fantastic my friend fantastic you must be really really pleased with your silver I think I'm about four I think I might be five in March I think I think it's four or five and do now I've got an app that tells me one of the reasons why I don't really want to update my phone because I lose the app Kaitlyn speaking of next shots they found a new cut a few companies not even filling the bottle 250ml you know what I actually said noticed that myself or a couple of them because it should be a sexy email bottle with 50ml in it so that the next shot makes it 60 ml um but I have noticed some bottles none of these I mean add none of these but I've noticed some things you put the next shot I mean you've got an awful lot and you do want some room left so that you can shake it but yeah I have noticed that as well Kaitlyn says that rate we articulate invent or no here we go goddamn spindle wow it's really good dr. pop mental look at the color of it I mean I may be Sweetland they're as sweet as tasty it really is good I mean it's vince'll it's black on its cafes too and it's good it really is good goddamn it's Vento really good really impressive I cannot offer – Toby before we just Alma has any point me blowing it out the window because it just seems to be coming back in but that's really good that's the best one so far I wasn't so good that was a dry hair but I'm very very good very very good but I would say that there's it's sweet and I would probably guess that this is going to kill coils probably well I'm just guessing based on experience I suppose you could call it or you could just say based on I guess but I would say that that may be a coil color just for the sweetness of it even the color of the book the liquid looks like it's got sweetener in it but it's very very tasty maybe keep it for a dropper and not use it and stock coils as much but yeah I would say that's tasty very tasty right very good once this has been absolutely fantastic month for a VIP meal guys WWV – meal cooky um he says he's spending more keep seeing mods and tanks must have 18 mods he's got so he's spending more than they died when he had money to smoked I mean that does happen that does happen as well as the son I overcome Donald I'm about to head home WG ki it's it's trying to get out very very smoggy um but yeah it's not raining which is good definitely idea if you're gonna set outside which will be good alright guys we are trying the last one it's called chubby chubby juice ripple so I'm going to assume this is maybe a raspberry ripple I'm just guessing but ripple to me would be raspberry raffle we've got it just up we are rocking and rolling here we go not on that's one case can I funky it tastes a little bit chemically it's not very nice actually yeah that's not a good one not a good one right huh I don't like that one I gave that's not really for me I'm not sure what that is that's got it's kind of it's sweet its key not chemically sweet it's kind of like the old-fashioned e-liquids well you could taste the chemicals that's not very tasty it's not very nice I certainly wouldn't recommend that juice but that is obviously might East a lot you mean leak it but chubby just use ripple for me is not really that good not really that good I hollow a twisted V part and flat count v power how are you both a couple YouTube reveals and the hosts twice TV parts been away all since you've done anything and you're getting back in front and the cam and I something's in my friend for a capo you're feigning the swell kit from Vandy deep well she could do just reviews with just facial expressions but guys that's not bad not bad I would say that the vent always absolutely fantastic the yellow tube are very very good I'm not I find that the ripple but it was obviously just me but three or four is pretty good if you are a judging on last month which was pray pray per but I mean taste is subjective that's why I water reveals don't really do just reviews anymore I don't do an awful lot of them but I like that there's some because I like to talk to you guys more than I'd like to do to do that but hey yeah and he'd have something is sure you don't know I'm feeling just swell huh very good very good flat cap but I've also first ease of April says it was back in the summer all these something special I mean for a good to come back sure just come back slowly me you don't have to come back oh guns blazing come back slow right so that's it that's me guys are the one that's but it would drag on too long someone will watch it in the end it's wwwp law lot Yuki do check them out later on I'm gonna be doing a review of the vanity swim kit that'll be up later this evening it's a model morning ish I will do in our life just review will be checking out some yoyoyo from little grove Apes and the just cabin tomorrow Nate we will be doing a review of the Anakin kit something that's cold I can't remember on Thursday we will be doing a just review and the morning and nighttime we will do a review of the vaporous or gem kit which is very very popular and a lot of people seem to be like that and on Friday we'll be checking out the you a watch up for that as oh good for you guys thank you all for joining me in chair thank you all for watching the video a little time guys as always you guys are awesome take care stay safe and whatever you do Vic don't smoke


  1. Didnt catch you LIVE but nice juice review! Your face when you tasted the ripple! 😝 classic! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

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