UWA: Open Education Resources

– [Narrator] Did you know that
the average college student spends $1,000 per year
on textbook costs alone? For many students who
are studying on a budget, that price is just too high. So how can you save on textbooks and make the most of your
educational resources? The answer might surprise you, and it starts with an online degree from the University of
West Alabama Online. Open Educational Resources, or OER, have revolutionized
the way students learn. OER are digital, openly licensed content available free of charge to
students and instructors, so you can save significantly on the cost of textbooks over
the length of your program. OER can be easily customized to fit specific courses and programs, and often feature multimedia elements. That means you can learn
via progressive content like videos, interactive
simulations, and more. Because you can access
materials from anywhere, OER creates a dynamic learning experience for students like you, when and where you need it. UWA Online is proud to use OER for some of our online programs. Because you’ll have access to the latest course materials
and learning resources, at UWA Online, you’ll get
the education you need for career success. Learn more about how OER
can enhance your education.

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