UW-Stevens Point Restructure: A New Chapter in Education

The UW System is doing a restructure. All of the two-year schools here in the UW System will become branch campuses of a larger four-year school. UW-Marathon County and UW-Marshfield/Wood County are going to become branch campuses of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
The two-year campuses here in central Wisconsin give the students a really good stepping stone. I chose to come to UW-Marathon
County so that I could stay home, save some money and still get my general
education requirements met. I was able to really pick what I wanted to do, and when
I figured out that UW- Stevens Point is what I wanted to do, it was very
accessible. It really helped jumpstart my career here
in my business program. That whole process of transferring can be so much
easier, is so much more streamlined, and it won’t even be like transferring. It’ll
just be moving to a different campus within the same system. Professors at
UW-Marathon County, they were so easy to approach. Everyone’s door was open, and
when I came to UW-Stevens Point I wasn’t expecting to find the same thing, but I
did find the same thing, which is wonderful.
Any student still has the ability to transfer within the UW System. We welcome students from all over the state to come here. As of right now, students still should apply to the campuses they wish to attend. Certainly, the two-year schools — UW-Marathon County — we’re still remaining open. We’re still the same
functioning universities, and for the first year we’ll be providing the same
courses and functioning very much the same as we have in the past. The thing
I’m most excited about for the restructure, is the fact that our
students are now going to have full access to our advisors at UW-Stevens
Point, and they’ll have access to everything that students here have
access to without necessarily being right here. I think central Wisconsin is
going to be stronger because of this restructure. It’s going to allow everybody
to work together to help the colleges flourish. I think what it comes down to
with the restructuring is that I see so many benefits for students and so many
increased opportunities for students in the central Wisconsin area to have
access to resources and all of the great programs and classes coming from Stevens Point. The restructure allows us to build on the programs that we already have.
It allows us to expand our internships — expand the programs that we have with
community partners within the central Wisconsin area.
I’m working with many different businesses in the area,
and it’s really helped me to be able to work in both the Stevens Point
community and the Marshfield community. I think one thing to keep in mind going
forward is that regardless of what our institution is called or who we’re
affiliated with, we’re still going to provide such an excellent education and
the great opportunities that we have always and will always afford students
in the central Wisconsin area. The thing that excites me the most about this restructure is that it benefits all parties involved. It’s going to benefit
the students, it’s going to benefit the faculty and staff, it’s going to benefit the
community members, and it’s going to benefit central Wisconsin, as a whole.

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