UTS Secondary Education

The great thing about UTS is that it is a
really hands on and a really practical university and that’s something that I knew when I chose
it as a course that I wanted to go into. Teaching is such a practical and such a hands
on career, I felt that I wanted my education to reflect that idea. I’ve wanted to be a science teacher for
a long time now and the secondary major at UTS allowed me to specialize in chemistry
teaching in particular, and really sink my teeth into that. At UTS we take a hands on approach so that
our students learn what to do in the classroom. They learn about how students learn and what
sorts of activities will make students better and more efficient and engaged learners. The fantastic thing about this degree is that
science and education are intermingled throughout the four year degree. So I get tasters of education subjects and
science as I go along. From the first year in the first semester
students are in a school. They’re observing, they’re watching how teachers
work, they’re watching how students learn. The great thing about the course was that
it put you in a classroom straight away to help you put the theories into practice. We build on that experience over four years
so that by the end of the four years students are
classroom ready. We got to see what a real classroom was like,
how a real teacher operated and came out the other end having a better understanding of
what we were actually here to do and I’m here in my fourth year still loving it. One of the great things about the lectures
and the tutors in the UTS program were they did genuinely invest in making sure that we
as students were prepared for the workforce that we we were going into. We’re applying for our teaching numbers. We’re getting ready for our job interviews. They’re really setting us up to move beyond
university. At UTS we’re very keen to support students
no matter what their background, no matter what their situation. There will always be a demand for teachers
in schools and quality teachers in schools. Research has shown that by 2025 teaching will
be one of the top five professions in demand. It’s a rewarding career and we want people
like you in our classrooms.

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