UTS Primary Education

My name is Hugh Tompkins. I work at Newington Linfield and I’m a learning
enhancement intern. I wanted to be a teacher a couple of years
before I started studying. I’ve always loved children. I was coaching under-eights actually at my
local rugby team and I was like this is pretty fun
seeing how kids learn, seeing how they develop, was really, really exciting and then as soon
as I got into the classroom that’s when I realized, no, this is exactly where I’m meant
to be one of the things that UTS students really
enjoy is the opportunity to do a professional experience in their very first semester.In
terms of the benefits to the student they get to work in a range of different classrooms
and see a range of different practices with a
number of different teachers. I was able to experience a whole bunch of
different classes. It also showed me a variety of teaching styles
with the different teachers that I had. It’s also a really fantastic way for a school
to really see the best of what UTS has to offer. Our four year degree in primary teacher education
prepares you to teach all the subjects that you’re going to need to teach in a primary
school. So a lot of the subjects that I was able to
choose and actually studied were very helpful and
insightful into my future teaching career especially looking at the maths, English,
art and also music. I’m not the most musical or artistic person
in this world. However at UTS it really did
help prepare me to teach these two subjects and I do feel confident going into the classroom
and teaching them.Our campus at UTS includes purpose built contemporary spaces for teaching
specialist subjects like music, movement and dance, creative arts, and science and technology.UTS
has prepared me through a lot of hands on activities and a lot of the tutors really
made the activities that we did real classroom based, so a lot of the assessments that we
did were geared towards what happens in the classroom as well as behaviour management. As soon as I finished my final placement I
was lucky enough to be offered some casual days teaching here.He did a fantastic job
with us and he was so good in fact that we kept him on as a member of staff. Pretty happy just to walk in and then start
teaching and then also very happy to be around teachers I already know. The one piece of advice I’d give to anyone
that’s considering teaching is just to be confident and give it a go. It’s very rewarding and enjoyable career.

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