UTS Festival of Learning Design 2019

Festival of Learning Design 2019 So the Festival Of Learning Design has
been an opportunity over the last day for staff and some students at UTS to
experience what learning at UTS is all about in our new fantastic
collaborative classrooms where there’s no front of the room everything is
collaborative but the learning that takes place there is amazing. I personally think the essence of this festival is to experience what it’s like
to be in those classrooms and experience the designs and I think that what you
see is different techniques and that we’ve seen a lot of different models of
how you could design your in-class learning experience to enhance students
in their learning. So it was really amazing today to come and actually see three hundred and thirty people use the space for the first time. I think it really tested the
collaborative nature of what this space is intended to do. I think the real
interesting factor is actually hearing three hundred and thirty people talking,
collaborating around tables that was always going to be quite hard and
potentially challenging but to the point where tables could collaborate next to
each other without interfering and then the ability for those to then move
around the room and still be really connected to all the people in the space. That was a real, that was really great to see. Today’s been really exciting, I’m
just delighted to be in the room that I’ve seen in the planning for so long,
I’ve seen images of it, I’ve heard conversations about how it works, but to
see people in the room and actually using it, has been absolutely delightful.
The design the way that you can hear people from across the room when you
need to, when it’s quiet you hear parts of it. And most importantly seeing the way the
people have interacted and I know people put a lot of design work into this, but
once people start doing things in a creative space, they use it in ways that
you can’t even imagine and I can just see that growing and growing and growing.
So to see this sort of vision be in reality today it’s been fantastic.

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