UTC-Wolf Trap partnership a first in higher education

(inspiring music) – [ Laurie Allen] I stand before you proud and I can tell you, this is
so important, not just to me, but to so many young people
in the room because today, we are starting an amazing partnership under the college of Health
Education Professional Studies in partnership with Wolf Trap Foundation to make sure that every
young person enters school just as confident and creative as I did. No matter where they live, what corner they come from,
that they can do that. – [Akua Kouyate] We are confident that the UTC community will
provide greater access to more children so that they truly have that school readiness that’s
required for their development. – [Laurie Allen] And when
I think about Chattanooga, this is a place where
tremendous things happen, but not just tremendous things, this is a place where a
renaissance can happen and we can do it again
and I invite all of you to be apart of the renaissance that we’re really trying to start through this program and
it’s just been an honor to serve as the executive director. (applause)

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