Using the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking in Math

hi I'm Amanda Davis and I'm here to think up studios and today we're going to be talking about the nine critical thinking traits and how they are infused in mathematics so today we're here with Erika she's actually one of our writers she's a former educator and she writes specifically for our math and science products so today that were focused on math and I just want to see you know our question today is critical thinking and how it is infused in mathematics so I want to know personally from you what does critical thinking mean to you critical thinking is taking what you know in a situation and applying it and kind of looking at and analyzing a situation because what you're trying to do is get the best possible outcome and so by applying all those other things that you've learned throughout life then you're really kind of looking at things a little bit differently so how do you see you know especially with math how do you see critical thinking fitting into mathematics you know so many times especially for people that were older I mean it was four plus four equals eight a hundred divided by twenty five equals four there was no concept behind what that is but these days children are really asked to look at things they're asked to analyze them and kind of figure out what strategies they would use to be able to solve those so there really is a lot more involved than just remembering rote kind of information and so that's what we're really trying to engage students and get them to look at things and analyze them to be more successful and to understand why it's them certain things are the way they are okay so I was a math teacher as well and I know sometimes they get a bad rap so I just want to know like you know a lot of people think like you come in you do problem it's kind of what you said two plus two equals four you just kind of go through all this stuff or analyze do you see the nine critical thinking traits fitting into math you all nine fit oh absolutely absolutely you know especially like the one create that's a little bit different one you're thinking math create you know I'm not teaching art but really in this time they're required to write word problems you know they worked through and you like raps and songs and poems that are gonna help them understand what they're doing or help the teachers they're showing everyone that they understand the concept by being able to do that there is so much involved and if they're doing it in a group situation they're collaborating with each other you know they're really having to examine what they know they might have to adapt it let's say we have to do a world problem but also do a visual model along with that so they're taking the same information and adapting it so I mean in that just one activity which sometimes those are all together that one activity those are three or four critical thinking traits right there but the way that I look at something might be different than the way you look at something so you maybe even employing a different critical thinking trait than I would based on our level of knowledge and our journey with critical thinking yes I loved having my students collaborate when I was a teacher because you would see the different thoughts that they would have and I was so glad to have them work in a group because somebody brings something else to the table like nobody thinks the same way or even like the way they find their solution oh absolutely the same way absolutely that comes back to the different strategies you know and not everyone is going to work for the same situation but then again not everyone works for the same person – if there's multiple ways to solve that and being able to go through and try to figure out which one works and which one doesn't because we learned so much from failure it's short you know well say failure trial and error you know and they learn what works in certain situations and what doesn't but there again that's applying their critical thinking skills to be able to realize that and then on down the line use that again yeah to succeed in or find the solution right exactly and so before we wrap at the time is there anything else you'd like to add well and I think based on exactly what we just said is these critical thinking traits are so important yes we're asking them to use them in math in specific to what I'm doing however if they are able to use these use these on a regular basis and then become ingrained any given situation that they're in they can do this and they're going to be more successful in life because they're applying them more rote Lee with automaticity later on in life and so I think that that's really really important and so the sooner we can start that it's a better they'll be yeah no I totally agree I think it's a skill that needs to be fostered and given examples and and it is it goes beyond the math class though absolutely well thank you Erika for joining us thank you yeah and thank you for joining us and just seeing how important these nine critical thinking traits are and how when used effectively in the classroom it goes beyond there so thank you

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