Using Interlibrary Loan for Distance Education Students at University of Alabama Libraries

How to create an interlibrary loan account (ILLiad) and request items via mail for Distance Ed. students at the University of Alabama From, click the accounts icon at the top right of the page Select Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) from the Accounts Menu Enter your MyBama username and password to log on. From the ILLiad page, click “User Information” under “Tools” in the left-column menu At the top of the User Information page, enter your Name, 8-digit CWID, and UA email address Scroll down, and select the “Loan Delivery Method” drop-down menu. Choose “Mail to Address (Distance Education Users Only)” Enter your Daytime Phone Number and Address Information in the required fields. Double-check them to make sure they are accurate and up to date. From the “Status” drop-down menu, select “Distance Education” Choose your Department from the drop-down menu. Click Submit to finalize your changes. Now you can request delivery of books and articles from the Libraries’ collection using SCOUT or the Libraries’ Catalog. Here is a demonstration of one way to do it. From, select Libraries Catalog and find a title you want to check out. Here is an example record from the Libraries’ Catalog You can click “Request Item” from the side menu on the Catalog record page, or open a new tab and manually make a request. From the ILL page, under “New Request” choose “Copy” for articles or book chapters, choose “Loan” if you want a book mailed to you. For this example, we’ll choose “Loan Request” In the Loan Request page, enter the required information from the Item Record (listed in the catalog record or in the Scout record). Fill out any other required fields. Click Submit Request and you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly after your request is processed If you have questions, email the Interlibrary Loan staff at [email protected] or visit to Ask-A-Librarian

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