Using Canvas Instructure for Online Courses

I’m starting a new series of videos
about canvas instructure in which you will learn how to create your online
courses using canvas platform and this video is a second of this series the
first was about introduction to canvas and in this video I will show you how to
do your course settings in canvas instructure so let’s get started hello and welcome to my channel my name
is tahir and if this is your first time please if the subscribe button and also
the notification well to get notified whenever I post a new video on this
channel every Tuesday and Friday the Animas instructure is a wonderful
platform for making online courses if you are a tutor teacher or a trainer who
provides teaching and tutoring to high school students are even you are in
adult training so in that case canvas instructure is the best platform
you can use it is absolutely free and you can create courses and then you can
ask your students to participate in those courses so instead of doing all
the tasks again and again for example giving students the assignments making
quizzes so instead of doing this for each and every student what you can do
is you can create your online course make assignments make your course
modules there put everything on canvas instructure and then andro the students
in that course they will just log into your course they will take your lectures
or assignments and quizzes and even if you want to provide the face-to-face
training you can do those sessions on your own premises are at any place and
then you can also assist your students with your online courses so this is the
idea that you can remove some of your load or some of your routine activities
by putting this on canvas platform and then asking students to take those
activities and you don’t have to mark those quizzes you can create quiz banks
which will automatically be marked by canvas
so you just just have to give the marking criteria and everything and then
you will be free of all this hassle so in this video we are going to see how
you will make settings for your particular course and then in other
videos in the future videos I will explain all the related
information about creating your online courses so without further ado let’s get
started no first we log in to your 10 verse account simply type canvas in
Google search bar and you will be presented with this page log in to
canvas and this is my canvas dashboard in order to start a new course
we have to click on start a new course but this we will be doing in one of the
next videos in this video I am going to show you how to do some of the course
settings and for this I will be using one of my previous courses and this is
the course I want to use I click on that so there are two things which we will
discuss in this video first thing is what are different options for us to set
the homepage of our course and second thing is what are some of the important
settings for our course which we have to do in canvas dashboard so in order to
set the homepage you click on this choose homepage option and there are a
few options you can choose from so the first thing is course Activity Stream so
this is a particular page which will be presented if you select this option
similarly pages front page which I have chosen in which you can design this page
put an image and some text if you want so this is one of the options we have
another option is course modules and if you select course modules then on your
homepage all the course modules I have these three modules are not very visible
in this screen but these are the modules so these modules will be at my home page
of the course then I can also put assignment list so that when students
log into the course they directly see what are the sandwich they have to do
and I can also put the syllabus of the course as my home page I mostly use
course modules but in this course I have selected this option just cancel this
now these were some of the options available for setting the course
homepage and now we will be looking at some of the important settings of your
course so this is your global navigation bar and this is your course navigation
bar so in the course navigation bar at the very end you have this Settings icon
if you click on these settings no we have this menu here and here we can set
few settings so the most important is the first one course details and if I
click on course details no I get at this long page and this is very important
because here we have to put some important parameters about our
course you can choose any image you if you click on this you can drag and drop
your image here no here you select the name of your course then you can select
the course quote then you can select the time zone you can put a start and end
date for this course and then you can say that students can only participate
in this course within this date and then you can restrict the students that they
won’t be able to view the course after these dates and also you can restrict
the students from viewing before the start date so these kind of options you
just select here then you can either select the copyright course or you can
also select as a creative common license for your course if you want now there
are three types of visibilities available course visibility are your
institution level visibility and the public visibility where anyone will be
able to access your course so these are few options you set here in the course
details tab the next tab is section step in sections tab you can create sections
for your courses in the my just clicking on this plus sign and putting the name
of the section in the navigation tab so these are the navigation tab which you
can set here so you can change the order of these by just dragging and dropping
for example I can drop it here or I can put it back this will change the way
your course navigation bar looks if you don’t want student to see any of these
sections for example if you don’t want student to see their attendance just
click on the attendance and drop it in this area if students click on this they
will be redirected to the homepage of the course the next is apps and in apps
you have many apps available for your canvas and this is one of the powerful
features that you can use to get some advanced functionality in your course so
there are so many things and every day new apps are coming people are trying to
give more features into your course and you should be looking into this if you
are in a teaching tutoring or training business these are the things which you
should be you have to learn these apps and see
what features they provide to your canvas course and you can add these apps
into your course now in feature options you have a few more features which you
might want to include in your course and just by clicking on this it will be
included in your course these are certain grade books are some instructors
are anonymous instructor annotations so these are few features which we will be
discussing in next videos so this is how you do settings of your course in canvas
instructure and in most cases you should only be focusing on this tab which is
the course details tab so I hope to LIKE this video if so please give it a thumbs
up and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching see you next time

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