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either folks I just had some thoughts on guitar playing that I thought I wanted to share with all of you I've always said about myself that I'm I'm not a shredder kind of guy I don't play like super fast and in some kinds of ways I'm I'm happy that I don't play like that because if I did I would probably use it too much in every song I recorded just because I could so that's a dangerous role to go down because if if you can play and I've practiced for hours and hours and hours you probably want to just show everyone that you can do it but probably it wouldn't fit the song for most of the time and so I wanted to say that there's no excuse if you know three chords or fifty seven chords in writing music or creating rifts you can use those three chords you know and you can write thousands of songs just on three chords so there's no excuse in saying oh I can play like this and this fast and everything just use what you can and incorporate it you can make a lot of great stuff with three chords not that that is great stuff but I hope you get what I mean just use whatever you can I've started recording as soon as I learned my first couple of chords I started recording and that's what you do if you love music not maybe recording but just starting to write and just play for fun and use what you know and years after years you start to build up your knowledge and your technique and things starts to sound good you can take Nirvana on one hand Kurt Cobain wrote great great riffs simplistic and then you have Dream Theater on the other hand with John Petrucci playing like the sickest thing you ever heard and they're both in my ears great bands and really proves that you don't need to know everything to play music just use what you can so get out there and start playing music so play them acoustic show last night and what I always do when I get back home is get my speaker's back in place and put them up on this mount that my father made me when we built the studio there really genius so thanks that I got some packages in the mail so let's see what it is it's a shirt from Ravi s band you may remember him very cool instrumental progressive band Tosca a dead cat for the microphone to get some of the wind noise of this mic on the top because when you hear I noticed when I used it on the pulpit rock video that it was kind of windy but it kind of worked for that video because the whole thing was the light couldn't make a music video up there so you hold on right near that can you feel my man mm-hmm I'm not entirely sure that this fits but it should work anyways better hopefully extra battery for my drone a lot of people have been asking what can drone this it's the DJI phantom 4 the battery only lasts for about 20-25 minutes so now I have three batteries and some extra propellers that propel us and some nd filters which is kind of like a shade for for the camera and you get a more cinematic look it's a backpack for my drone it's great to have when I travel on planes I'm going to Spain next month so I'm gonna take this as a carry-on luggage because I don't want to check in the drone because they do like this and that's what we call Norwegian weather no drone today see you later

37 thoughts on “Use Your Skills!”

  1. I'm a stoner-doom and psych-rock kind of dude, so this video warmed my heart, besides confirming my bias that shredding isn't particularly needed of course. Thanks Leo !

  2. Thank you! I've been trying to sweep pick for so long.. I've been in a 2 and a half year slump because I couldn't do it.. Now you reminded me, and inspired me to continue what I'm good at, and continue making music!

  3. Check out my skills. Just click on my channel. I left you so many comments already but hey one more don't kill. I'm gonna be cool like you one day.

  4. I very much feel this mentality, most of my music and covers are not really the bomb, but they help me go further and I have fun doing them.
    Great video mate <3

  5. u re right bro 😀 Metal is NOT only shredding or playing fast is it???
    Its a PART of Metal, but not all of them.

  6. This is better advice that any music teacher could ever give. Its about the love of music and having fun. The day playing guitar becomes work, I'm done.

  7. Very good point regarding shredding. If I could do pinch harmonics, everything I'd play would just be one long squeal…

  8. Please Leo, Drowning Pool, Bodies, you would do it justice. Or Three Days Grace, Chalk Outline, or Riders on the Storm. Maybe VooDooo by Godsmack, any one would be awesome!

  9. Very inspiring message! I am currently learning piano and while I have learned a few songs, sometimes I think that I still have a ways to go until I can start writing my own music. All I have to do is play around and experiment with the chords I know

  10. you make me want to do drum covers
    I've been playing for 16 years in many styles
    I'd love to do a collab

  11. this is so inspiring. I myself am not great at playing, but ever since I started, I've been covering songs, and sometimes I even record them. maybe someday I'll be able to go to some studio and get proper sound on them, but yeah 🙂 it's important to just keep playing! so thank you.

  12. I like your approach! Some people forget about enjoying music and being creative, focusing on technique and shredding…
    And it seems to me that those three chords were used in very successful tunes hehehe

  13. Is that intro song a complete song you've made (or piece of music, not 'song'..) or did you just make it for this video? Because that was awesome.

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