Use Polite Words – Animated Lesson with Sign Language

how's your lunch piss it smells great mrs. Harris the lunch lady was really nice she even noticed my new shirt oh she didn't say anything to me in fact miss Harris seemed a little grumpy when I asked for food hmm maybe you didn't use polite words when you asked for it really how did you ask for your food well when I got to the front of the lunch line mrs. Harris was facing the other way so I said excuse me mrs. Harris and she turned around and asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch so I asked may I have some chicken carrots and yogurt please she told me yes you may and then put lots of food on my tray I said thank you very much and then she said you're welcome that's a nice shirt young man she was very nice Wow you're right she was nice to you how did you ask for your food Peter I said then she gave me my food but she doesn't say anything tuna hmm Peter she was probably grumpy because you didn't use polite words oh but which words are polite words well words like please thank you and excuse me how do I use them can I use them any time sure when you ask for something like food you should say may I please have some food and always say thank you when someone does something nice for you oh and what about excuse me when you need to get someone's attention but that person is busy you should say excuse me to let them know that you would like to talk to them just like you said to miss Harris Wow Chris you know so much about being polite thanks for helping me hey I just used a polite word yeah way to go Peter all right can we please eat her lunch now I'm hungry yes we may you

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