Use Logic and Critical Thinking to Understand Why the Wheels of Justice Move Slowly

hello everyone this is LT width and we know just want to give another quick update without getting too fancy on the videos thank you before we get started on these q posts interesting that Cube gave us a letter I believe from the President himself to let us know that he understands our frustrations but before we get to the letter I want to tell you thanks for this last video it was posted it is a hundred thirty three thousand views in one day absolutely amazing did not see that coming and we were watching up these numbers just go up and to be honest with you I pray put him out and I just hope that great things happen and it touches people's hearts that's why we started this channel was to bring light to darkness based off of Romans 8:28 and we know all things work together for good to those who love the Lord to those called according to his purpose great support many many great submissions coming in folks just encouraging us to keep it up use logic and critical thinking to understand why the Wills of justice move slowly interesting this was posted right after we did the video talking about there must be frustration and we said in Philippians 4:6 be anxious for nothing so statement release on October 9th 2018 and notice in the target it's P Authority 1 you can write down below and tell me what you think it is I believe it's authority 1 from straight from the top the authority himself a general statement we understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration referring the wills to the Wills of Justice seems to be very slow right exclude the emotion and personal desire instead use logic and critical thinking based on situational awareness we're trying to undo in this target I believe it says undoing a lifetime of evil and corruption in the station infestation in the span of less than two years with the corrupt Department of Justice and FBI in place and that's with the question mark now before I go on I just wanted to read this to you we're talking about frustrations and things not moving fast enough for the evil ones in Psalms 37:4 delight yourself in the Lord he will give you the desires of your heart commit your way to the Lord Trust also in him and he will do it he will bring forth your righteousness as the light and your judgment as the noonday rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him do not fret because of him who prospers in his way because of the man who carries out wicked schemes we're seeing them carry out wicked schemes and then in verse 8 cease from anger and forsake wrath do not fret it leads only to evil doing for evil doers will be cut off but those who wait for the Lord they will inherit the land someone mentioned yesterday we're talking about do not fret it leads to evil doing I mentioned yesterday something about the Japanese media and I said it in a very angry way and I just want to apologize for that but thank you for that so as we go back to the cue map real quick I want to continue reading the process and planning law and order there's a military operation going on and you remember the President himself said he's not going to show his hand and tell the enemy what he's up to how can you make arrests non-military prior to first fully cleaning out corrupt elements at the top of those departments the FBI Department of Justice that oversee investigation and persecution in the United States they themselves are the very ones engaged in the illegal treasonous acts so I'm going to show you their pictures as I read these James Comey director fired Andrew McCabe deputy director fired Jim rebecky chief of staff and senior counselor fire James Baker General Counsel fired bill pre-stamped Director of counterintelligence strokes boss cooperating witness our was removed Peter stroke Deputy Assistant Director of counterintelligence fired Lisa page Office of General Counsel fired forced mike Courtin assistant director for public affairs he was fired josh campbell special assistant to call me fired david laughs and chief of the chest departments counterintelligence and export control section national security and the HRC Hillary Rodham Clinton email investigation he was part of that fired forced out john carlin assistant attorney general head of the Department of Justice National Security Division fired forced out Sally Yates Deputy Attorney General and acting Attorney General fired Mary McCord acting assistant attorney general acting head of department justices National Security Division fired forced out Bruce or associate Deputy Attorney General demoted two times cooperating witness and the power was removed and termination is imminent for Rachel Brand associate attorney general number three official behind a Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein fired and forced out now who's in the batter's box who's coming up Michael's Steinbach John Glock alone Randy Coleman Tricia Anderson interesting they put this link hairs looking for a photo Trisha couldn't find one but they have this link that Trisha got married to Charles Newman Trisha Beth Anderson Charles Lawrence Newman were married Saturday at the Clifton in in Charlottesville Virginia this was dated October 8 2011 so they had that link there let's go back to the cue map Kevin Kline Smith Tichina Johar sallie Moyer how do you ensure those persecuted non military would receive an impartial judgment based on the rule of law think federal judge rulings obstruction President of the United States granted constitutional authority how do you ensure the appeals to the US Supreme Court are evaluated in partially based on the rule of law thank Justice Kavanaugh five to four that's the what we have now with those nine justices we now have a five to four majority now guess what these things could start happening because the appeals go up to the Supreme Court then you have most of the things leaning on our side we hope so military law versus criminal law enemy combatant in quotation marks very interesting how do you navigate around installed blockade on who's the install blockade well we've got Mueller in the kill box here designed to take in evidence needed to expose the deep State the Department of Justice block referring the mute to the Mueller evidence ongoing investigation Mueller designed to limit the president's ability to maneuver Mueller was designed to staff for time until midterm elections to terminate all House Senate ongoing investigations Mueller was designed to safeguard the Democrat Democrat Party base false narrative referring to the Russia collusion saying that the POTUS cheated evil skies falling blah blah in an effort to divide and mobilize for future protests riots threats violence false Flags etc so Mueller was also designed to provide fake news with ammunition to sway public opinion obstruct foreign and domestic agenda fuel impeachment removal feel anti President of the United States division by division prevent unity etc so Mueller was designed to demonstrate to foreign players that old guards still pull strings and Mueller was designed to mobilize the Democratic Party for midterm vote went mailers designed to push the Democrat Party backers to donate to the GoFundMe for the Democrat Party Muller is designed as the public outcry excuse should criminal charges be brought against them we are being politically attacked because Muller how do you remove installed blockade you d-class you declassify you declassify how do you navigate around installed corrupt FBI and Department justice you use a stealth bomber who's the stealth bomber well we know that stealth Jeff sessions is his name and there's some folks that still think that he's part of the bad guys but I think he's he's part of this whole thing that's going on and he's supporting the president who must authorize the firing of the FBI Department of Justice officials why did McCabe try to take sessions out so one question leads to the next question which way I believe gives us the answer which leads to another link that was given to a showing an MSNBC video and on the I just want to read it to you I'm not going to show you the video but NBC News McCabe authorized perjury investigation into sessions oh my fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe previously authorized an investigation into whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to Congress and then interesting what was session Senate confirmation vote 52 to 47 I want to show you something real quick from sessions that was played some time last year but I thought it was interesting this is a small part of this clip listen up President Trump spoke here a little more than a week ago in eloquent terms he talked about the legal traditions handed down to us that are the legacy of our founders he spoke of the urgent necessity to quote rededicate ourselves to the defense of our god-given rights close quote and he has done more than talk he's nominating truly outstanding judges to our courts to understand these principles I'm very proud of his leadership his judicial record and to be able to serve in his department of justice many and they think this election was pretty important without what we are having what's happening today with the rule of law may well have been lost behind us in a cloud of dust it's a very significant election I think and many believe for the legal system particularly important on the law present Trump couldn't have been more correct we must above all vigorously defend the inalienable rights that are part of our heritage and especially religious liberty and freedom of speech these are the so anyway just to quick click I'm leaving all of these links at the bottom underneath the this video so that you have access to all of them so to finish this out I wanted to read this last part number 175 I had no idea what that was I went out doing some some serious research and I ran across something pretty interesting there's a site called it's a like a new site they take all these keywords that are going out there around the world in the news and they say let's look what's going on and I typed in 175 and it showed that they filter a network by degree range 175 which reveals the high volume hubs in hashtag the storm there are many more hubs with different degree ranges but it's interesting when they put in 175 I don't know what that means maybe some folks down there it below can mention what it means but I thought it was cool because when they type that in look how this hub ends up you end up with these cool keywords the storm Obama gate treason follow the White Rabbit Q army release the video release the text Trump deep state POTUS Iran deal QN a non post pretty cool not sure that's what the cue map was referring to but just wanted to show you real quick and logical thinking versus clickbait cue it let's pray God thank you so much Heavenly Father for what you're doing for us each day thank you for our families thank you that we are coming together as a nation once again we lift up our President to you the leadership to you we thank you for the communication lines to keep us moving forward please continue to help us learn and grow and stay in your word your love letter that's given to us each and every day protect us and our families in Christ's name we pray amen

48 thoughts on “Use Logic and Critical Thinking to Understand Why the Wheels of Justice Move Slowly”

  1. I'm hanging in there but I'm absolutely frustrated! I pray for the day these people get arrested. Everyday it's a struggle watching these criminals laugh in our face, make million dollar book deals, lie through their teeth, go around the world bashing the President and listening to the constant filthy garbage spewed out 24/7 on fake news. Yes I try to contain my anger and it's difficult. I realize this cabal runs wide and deep and it took decades to get us here so I do get it. I pray everyday for this country and the protection over the President. I'm only human but I'm hanging in there and God to give me strength to be patient! God Bless you and everyone for all you do.

  2. NEH 6:16
    They Will begin to quake with great fear.

    I too was most impatient and not so long ago. Then as this video suggests; how can anyone clean up the wickedness so deeply seated?
    • Teeth grow crooked for years before braces are applied…
    • The spine grows crooked day by day for years before action is necessary and acted on.

    How long does one wear braces til the teeth are straightened again. How many chiropractic adjustments before the spine realigned.

    We are so close. I pray that my eyes will see the many wrongs begin being righted.

    If 'we' are chosen for a time such as this to help spread the revalued wealth, wow…who can say?
    Stay Strong

  3. I’ve been waiting 15 years for some huge justice. I’m waiting. I dont to mess up what he’s doing.❤️❤️❤️

  4. THANK YOU FOR SPREADING THE TRUTH AND KEEPING US PATRIOTS IN THE LOOP. YOUR VIDEO'S are ALWAYS SPOT ON and really bring what is happening to LIGHT, although WE may not see it but WE KNOW these EVIL and TWISTED Deep State players are ALL going to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE when the the POTUS drops the hammer on them. THANK YOU for the PRAYERS and the BIBLE VERSES that BACK UP EVERYTHING that is taking place. YOUR A TRUE CHRISTIAN, A TRUE PATRIOT and helping LEAD THE CHARGE along with your followers in breaking down everything and OPENING THE EYES of PEOPLE are across the Country and the world for that matter. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

  5. I’m so glad I listen to you a few episodes ago, I really love your channel especially when you pray, we need to be doing that automaticity, and continuously as much as we can.. The SPOKEN words are so powerful and we know The Lord Spoke everything into existence

  6. As I was AG Barr yesterday, I got the feeling that he has been deeply surprised at how deep this goes with Mueller, etc. However, he could have known all this was coming and just be sickened at the depth this goes. I was HORRIFIED at the way he was treated by many of the Senate yesterday. Thou shall not bear false witness goes so much deeper than " don't lie". False accusations take on a life of their own and destroy ppl's lives. These ppl are lawless!

  7. This is all a game (and we are ALL being deceived by the delays) the scriptures (both revealed and hidden) all point to the rise of the unclean one and a 3.5 year reign of terror, so l don’t see ANY of these monsters paying the price for their evils until Yahusha Ha’Mashiach returns (our Lord Jesus Christ), as much as l wish it were true now, all other prophecies have proven true, so l can’t see the final one not also coming to pass…this is Azazal’s world (the satan, belail etc, along with the fallen ones) he controls all evil influence here until his final judgement when the Messiah returns…as depressing as that sounds from this side, l can’t see how anything that appears to be “good” happening can “be so” when it’s been foretold what we must first go through tribulation…just my thoughts, happy to hear other opinions

  8. It's going to be alright. Our "Good guys" are weeding out the little ones first and "SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST", obama and clinton!!!!! "Go President Trump, Q and all of us Anons"!!!!! GOD IS SAVING US!!!!!

  9. Judge K has been in place for a while now. We need EO or law requiring finger print based voter ID or massive voter fraud in 2020. Let’s make some military arrests, there are many treasonous traitors that have been sleeping at home in comfy beds for much longer than they deserve.

  10. Thank you for reading that word. I will be so glad when I'm changed after I see Jesus to be like him. I'm struggling wrestling with sin. I hate it and want it out of my body mind spiritm

  11. I apologize, I do get very frustrated, not with Q or Trump… but with hearing a the corrupt Demorats, Fake Media and BS talk shows, the evil hollywood pedos, Whoppie & Baer hung with the rest of the swamp reptiles in the Federal and State Govts. My heart is with Trump, TY for your BRAVERY, FAITHFULNESS, TRUTHFULNESS,
    UNWAIVERING COMMITMENT TO OUR COUNTRY & ALL AMERICANS, EVEN THOSE THAT DON'T DESERVE IT. As God spoke through K Clement, 2 terms and you will wipe out the Swamp.

  12. Interesting verse choice. The wall was completed on the 25th day of Elul. Perhaps we shall have our "wall" (in it's figurative and literal sense) in place by then, fully securing our rights and freedom once more. Elul 25 falls on Sept 25 in 2019. Curiously enough, on the 25th of Sept, 1789 the US Congress added 13 amendments to the Constitution (including the Bill of Rights).

    Tbh, not sure why I wrote this comment, it just kinda tweaked my interest.

  13. Also, there is so much and so many involved from other Countries, this is very deep, and remember, it is also the Lord, not man, who is revealing the evil by the Light of His Glory, it's His timing, by setting dates can bring disappointment which can STOP us praying, we are to keep in step with the Lord in this changing all darkness to light, much yet to pray about and to be done!!

  14. God, Let your Kingdom come and your will be done. On earth as also in heaven. In Jesus name!

  15. The Democrats, the marxist Communist Socialst's liberal's are a dangerous CULT. With their Propaganda media CNN,MSNBC, abc,CBS,NBC,PBS etc., If people turned off their lying mainstream media the people wouldn't continue to get brainwashed with lies, twisted truth and outright Omission of the TRUTH & any good news from our President. Traitorous Evildoer's of this Country and to our Constitutional Republic, should be brought up on treason charges for attempting a coup against our President Trump. As well as insurrection. They are calling for someone to kill him & his supporters! In the very upper eschilons of the DemonKKKRats party! And in the Fake News media & Hollyweirdo's. If that is not insurrection I don't know what is dear Lord! God our heavenly Father, will Bind Bring to Justice & Vanquish the EVIL & Evildoer's of this satanic Cult, all over the world. God is protecting our President Trump, and all true Patriots. Our numbers of Prayer Warriors are multiplying every day, along with hearts & souls WON over to Jesus Christ & to protecting our country the United States of America. Hear me my Lord God! In Christ Jesus name I pray. Amen Amen AMEN MAGA MASA WWG1 WWGA FOREVER TRUMP

  16. 175 could just be 176, starting index at 0; thus to iterate through n elements, we start at 0 as the count of the first index, ending on n-1 where n==176

  17. It's very hard for 'the wheels of justice' to operate efficiently (or oftentimes At All) when the judges rule in a treasonous manner.

  18. We must trust the choice of our God (POTUS). The reason for going slowly in this hugh endeavor of his makes perfect sense. Patience, Patriots.

  19. @And We Know, I am a new subscriber and I want to take a minute to thank you for incorporating God's word into your video's. That's one of the main reason's I subed. Thank you for the work you do and God bless you. Amen

  20. Huber is the stealth bomber in my opinion. I'm going back to thumbs up all your presentations. I remember all the adults in my neighborhood gathering in a fearful trepidation the night sputnik flew over. It was pointed out to me. (Real name old pic) I remember sitting in a 7th grade class and hearing the announcement that Kennedy had just been assassinated. Later adults said the Warren commission was a fraudulent deception. To get to my point… I remember Watergate took 3+ years to unfold and terminate with Ford's pardon of Nixon. That was nothing to the mess that has to be cleaned up responsibly now.

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