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Hi Friends. Today I will be talking about school system. This was requested by viewers. I am a Dentist. I am also International Montessori Trained teacher. I did this training to help my kids (Krish) with schooling, to learn about kids. US public schools are free, but we are paying for it as taxes. We live in New Jersey, so I will be talking about NJ school system, rules and regulations. There are Elementary, Middle and High School. They will be in separate areas, Elementary school will be in one area. Middle or high school will be in another area. But, all will be close but separated. School going age will start at 5 years old. Before that you can go to private pre-schools. You have to pay extra fees for private pre-schools. Especially, Montessori schools will cost over $1000 USD. Normal pre-schools (non-montessori) will cost $350-400 USD But it will be more like play school. Parents have to put extra effort to teach the basics. Because of children’s brain development they will learn maximum within their first 6 years. So, definitely we have to teach them maximum as possible. Elementary school is from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Middle school is from 6th – 8th grade. High school is from 9th – 12th grade. If someone is coming to USA for schooling in the middle of the school year, they will not say no admission, I will explain in detail on how they will give admission. If a particular school’s rating is high, and you wish to enroll in that school, we cannot contact that school directly. There will be a school district connected to that school. That school district will be connected to all the schools in that area. We have to go to that school district, and submit the documents. If we are coming from India or anywhere outside of the US, we have to look for a house nearby the school. Then submit the 1) house’s signed leasing documents. 2) Utility bills (water, electric) 3) Previous school’s bonafide or Transfer certificate from India 4) Medical or vaccination immunization record. 5) Child’s birth certificate. 6) Parent’s passport. Once you submit these documents, the school district will allot a school within 3 mile radius of our home. Another important point about school admission is if the child was studying 1st standard in India, they will not allot 1st grade in the US school. Only based on the child’s date of birth, child will be allotted a standard. If the school is more than a mile from home, you will be provided school bus. If the school is less than a mile from home (WALKERS), you can walk to school or drop by car, with your own transportation. If you are coming from India or outside the US, and if you feel the child has language problem, the school will provide ESL (after school class) to motivate and encourage the child by giving special attention in ESL. Parents don’t have to worry about English accent. Children have good grasping power, they will quickly pickup. Parents do not have to worry about going to new school, new place, new friends etc.. children will adapt very quick to the environment. So do not worry about it. School will give extra coaching through ESL classes. If you do not want ESL classes, they will not force and you don’t have to go to ESL. Lunch. The lunch we prepare at home is called Cold Lunch. Because it will become cold. School provided lunch is Hot Lunch. To get Hot Lunch, there will be online access account (website) for parents. Parent have to load money to that account for Hot Lunch. Children can tell their name at lunch and get hot lunch at school. We can also give cash to children for paying for hot lunch. But I pack lunch. Because, we know what and how much they are eating at school. Before & After care. This is for working parents. If the school starts at 8:30 AM, and parents have to go to office at 7AM, the child can be in the school’s before care till the class starts. Similarly, the child can be in the school’s after care, after the classes end. Only registered parent or caregiver can pick up the child. This is for child’s safety and security purpose. There will be a cop near the school entrance for safety. They will say hi and very friendly. This is only for school security. There is also rule that persons with criminal history cannot come within 1 mile radius of the school. This is also for security. Extra Curricular activities. Music begins from kindergarten unto high school. Instruments. Instruments begin at 4th grade. The child can choose the instrument they are interested. Gym Period. Children cannot play outside during cold weather. At those times, they will play indoor with paper, pencil or crayon. Language. First language is English. In middle school they get to choose Spanish, French, or German in which they are interested. Happy parts 🙂 There is no school uniform. No need to tie or braid hair. No need to wear a tie. No school shoes or polish. Laces are not required for shoe. These are more helpful to parents 🙂 No need to iron child’s uniform or polish their shoes Home work. They have to complete homework everyday. They have homework planner. Parents have to sign that children have completed homework. Teachers. We used to be so scared of teachers during our school days. Here, children say Hi Miss. Kristy and give high-five’s. Teacher and student bonding will be good. Children can talk freely and express freely to their teachers. Children are not beaten. If child is absent, parent can call and inform the school. If parent is held up in work, school will call the parent. Parents have to report the leave. School Leave. If school is closed for emergency situation like heavy snow, parents will get automated calls for delayed school starting hours. Parents do not have to worry about school leaves, on bad weather days. Leave/Holidays Spring break and winter breaks. Spring break – After winter, small break. Small winter break. Not 1 or 2 months leave. There will be 2.5 months summer leave. Month might vary slightly. But leave period is same. In New Jersey, leave starts middle of June, full of July, full of August. Starts in September 1st week. 2.5 months. Kids will be happy. In summer it will be very good weather. They will play a lot. Other states will also follow the same holiday duration. But the holiday might start middle of May, June, July. I think I covered all the topics. If I had missed out, or if there’s any doubts, please leave your comment. I will reply. I hope you liked this video. 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