USA College of Education and Professional Studies

At the University of South Alabama’s
College of Education and Professional Studies, our faculty and students are focused on critical issues that we have the power to change, affect, and shape together. We leave a lasting impact on the world because we’re committed to shaping the future through distinction in teaching, innovative research, and impactful service. We strive for excellence in the classroom, in the laboratory, and in our communities. We engage with schools, agencies, and
organizations throughout our region because we’re a proud partner in
elevating the education, health, and well-being of our neighbors. As educators, health and wellness specialists, instructional designers, counselors, and hospitality and tourism professionals Our graduates are improving the world, by consistently giving themselves to their chosen professions. We are catalysts for healing and growth, guarding our region’s health and well-being We are stretching ourselves, through research into human movement, healthy living, and physical activity. We are competitors, on and off the court. We are hospitable, our degrees prepare us to engage with cultures around the globe. We are flexible, pursuing multiple paths to secure our future. We are workforce designers, keeping professionals on the cutting edge of technology We are leaders and prepare our students to address the educational needs of a rapidly changing society. We are educational pioneers, enabling schools to innovate and adapt, to create better learning environments. At the University of South Alabama’s College of Education and Professional Studies Our students and graduates are equipped with the skills, drive, and vision to improve our region and the world. As educators, health and wellness professionals, instructional designers, hospitality forerunners, and leaders. We are catalysts for change. We are South.

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