USA College of Education and Professional Studies – Student

I’ve had an amazing experience here at South I’m working with some of my professors and mentors. I formed a very close relationship with them professionally. I feel like I can talk to them at anytime,
they encouraged me. It feels like a village here, I feel very supportive in all of my endeavors, whether it’s here on campus or outside in the community. So yes, while we’re in class we learn the different tools and techniques that we need, but we’re able to apply that outside in the community. So, I feel like I’m able to work in different medical settings or in the youth detention center work with adults, work with families, and work with children. So, I’m able to combine all of the skills that I’ve learned in class and actually applied them and I feel comfortable going back and talking to my professors if I have any questions or if there are any other unique opportunities that come up. They encourage me to just go out and try new things and apply some of those .
skills that we have learned in class But I always had a vision when I was taking undergraduate courses, that I never wanted to be told that there was
something that I could not do because I did not have the experience, or I did not have the credentials. And now because of South, I am able to do whatever it is that I want to do and I’m not afraid to take on challenges. I’m not afraid to try new things, because, I do believe that I have the skillset I have the support and the encouragement that I need to conquer whatever it is that I want to do.

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