US History for kids: Who is Theodore Roosevelt? (Educational Cartoon Biography)

It is time to have fun learning with fun facts about Theodore Roosevelt. Are you ready? Let’s go! Theodore Roosevelt is known in history as
the 26th President of the United States of America. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27,
1858, in New York City. Growing up Roosevelt was called, “Teedie,”
a nickname given to him by his family, although many called him Teddy, which he did not like. Like many young men, Theodore loved his father
and got into weight lifting and boxing after his father encouraged him. Talking about education, as child Theodore
was homeschooled, but later in life attended Harvard College and Columbia Law School. During his time at Columbia Law School, Theodore
Roosevelt married Alice Lee Hathaway. The path to the White House for Theodore Roosevelt
is very interesting. With the assassination of President McKinley,
Theodore Roosevelt became the young President in U.S. History at the age of 42 years and
10 months on inauguration day on September 14, 1901. Many look at the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt
for how he prosecuted large companies that were considered monopolies. To give you an example of a monopoly if you
had a company that made all the toys in the United States. Yes, some people tried to make toys, but there
were none like this company so this company was the toy making ruler! Not only were they the toy main manufacturer
of toys, but they also made it hard for any other toymakers to come in and make toys too. That is similar to a monopoly! A monopoly is when there is someone who is
the only provider of a service or product, and there were a small amount of alternatives
for consumers to purchase and many obstacles that stopped competitors. Theodore Roosevelt did not like companies
that did things like this and many gave him the nickname the, “Trust Buster,” for
breaking up large companies that were monopolies. Getting into some random facts about Theodore
Roosevelt he was actually blind in his left eye after getting hurt in a boxing match. Theodore Roosevelt was also the recipient
of the Nobel Peace Prize for helping negotiate the end of the Russo-Japanese War. Finally, an amazing fact about Theodore Roosevelt
is during one of his campaigns he was shot in the chest by someone who did not like him. Theodore did survive the gunshot telling the
audience before giving his speech with a bloody shirt on, “I don’t know whether you fully
understand that I have just been shot… ” He went on to say, “It takes more than
that to kill a bull moose.” Theodore Roosevelt died on January 6, 1919,
in Oyster Bay, New York at the age of 60. I had a great time with some fun facts on
Theodore Roosevelt. I hope you had fun too and I’ll see you
next time.

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