US Department of Education MESIP Grant

The goal of the extending academic
analytics program at New Mexico State University is to improve student success
in diversity and engineering education. We do this by offering a peer mentoring
program which has two impacts. The first impact is it gives students in our
program a chance to get extra help outside the classroom.
It also helps students in our program by giving them employment opportunities to
act as a peer mentor. It has brought a lot of inclusion here at NMSU especially from my peers. It’s a sense of a support system and resources all around
us and you have your parents to help you and guide you through the whole process
of getting this degree. I know that the ability for us to hire our own students
and have them be employed within the department has been a real benefit to
many of our students who need to work either part or full-time to support
their discipline. So their ability to stay engaged with their degree while
they’re helping their fellow students has been very important. We’re very
excited about this project from the Department of Education it does benefit
and get benefitted by a couple of initiatives in the College of
Engineering. The Learning Communities of Engineers and the Leadership Institute
are the initiatives which are designed to make sure that students get help in
academic and non-academic issues. In beginning with freshmen and sophomores, some of them tend to move when things get very difficult. So with our program
we can help them stay here get better grades get a better understanding of the
subjects and keep moving between or department or electric engineering
department and don’t move to other places because they don’t feel like
they’re good enough or they’re not succeeding in it. So that’s what I think
the future of us should be like keep helping these students to stay in an
apartment and help them be better at what do we do. I also know that our
graduate students are developing new ways that are
becoming more common practice for being TA’s in our program more proactively
reaching out to the students. Things like supplemental instruction and
exam reviews are becoming the expected standard for their interaction with
students as teaching assistants within our program. This is a real growth
opportunity for our students because it gives them an opportunity to practice
what they’ve just learned in the classroom by explaining it to our other
undergraduate students.

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