UPS Guy Teaches Classical Girl To Boogie Woogie

like yes poking at I'm looking at your hands because I thought all right so tell me about the repo because you walk with you so maybe you say he is [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] no no no but no no but I don't I don't actually read the dots I can play you like my ear I can't and that's like how much I kind of just improvise okay you never heard of oh okay well what you want to do is if you come here so I'm gonna lunch break but I've just been practicing but you know whenever I can hear someone play it's fantastic so yeah oh thank you very much you told me classical Utah because of the white only voodoo so it's a fair exchange here that's it yeah all right I feel

35 thoughts on “UPS Guy Teaches Classical Girl To Boogie Woogie”

  1. yeh platform 88 is a youtube channel that plays 88 key pianos, and of course there is advertiswing., welcome to the advertising vortex ??????????????

  2. Now teach people not to use Google services so their whole life won't be tracked and recorded, good luck with that.

  3. There is a piano in a US airport? Last time i was in an airport , the only entertainment was racial profiling from the waste of money tsa agents.

  4. Itโ€™s called boogie woggie . Famous in Americaโ€™s Blues and Pop music. Talent in raw form not digital signal processing and editing. Probably asking too much for millennials to appreciate.

  5. LOL the girl in the Red Coat & Leopard pants was truly Hypnotized i think.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice Job UPS guy..:)

  6. People pass by the free, good music and then pay 200 bucks to watch Nicki Minaj embarrass herself onstage.

  7. Ive seen everything Dr k and Terry have in am saying it's been overwhelming and your talent is sensational..thanks for the entertainment….Congrats to both of you..bye

  8. There is merit in the fun approach to piano lessons. Many teachers could benefit from watching this. You're competing against the internet you know…okay the UPS guy's fingering is not very correct, but the fun approach speaks volumes to younger kids to stick with it. Make them WANT to play, don't just teach technique.

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