100 thoughts on “Update Aquatic – Dive in!”

  1. 1:18 me and my brother remember seeing that glass dome years before they announced it and we explored it too

  2. They now sell PS4. I got PS3. R.I.P PS3. One day, I will get to play the new update! 🙂

  3. Why does Alex Take the treasure map
    Steve gets sucked into the water and Steve has a wooden shovel and Alex has an iron

    What the heck is Alex a better player than steve

  4. Why the hell there's no coral reef in the ocean in my mcpe
    Ive seen only see grasses and cod and salmon swimming

  5. This is an example of a GOOD update. Please actually do more things like this instead of adding pandas. The village and pillage update was good, but there was no need to change the classic village and villager design we know and love

  6. Wish we voted for Mob A
    Would have fitted this update quite well
    But now I guess I have to sleep often cause of those stupid Phantoms

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