Unjust Pakistani Education System? | Ep 00 PILOT | ft. Minza Haque

[Applause] Jes Bailey appears I'm Apostle J medias on G appears on tamari or EP have you party at a tea cosy speaking of which as on and Salman speaking of coming together you know this is like my coming together this event oda of sunni-shia ending concerts anyways and you send so what is mukha fire MOOC if I wrote a karate tournament yeah how did it come about you could tune in America they have to her how movie fire fire fire is like the Mojo I know move move is like MW move by the way whatever the fuck you spread it you can have me pole dolla sign it I made those findings from confusion tu hablas order yes okay we came up with M de buzos and what that is is Kim Chi Chi amputee remove it mu represents the cow and the cow is of the animal kingdom Cynthia I mean animal kingdom Joanna the animals oppressed out of everyone coming back to that so that is a fire fire represents the global warming it is now happening the the climate changed and that's how it all came about and what is K potassium or something so what we're gonna do is that basically amlo we're gonna discuss different topics DK or topics that we feel need to be discussed this month is basically just education month hey auntie Essaouira or JJ or else it should be net or a nurse can treat us today all these ecad ma'am cards all we get is or vacations we tell me though like abroad which people are deciding if they want to take a gap year deciding to go abroad if the one still study here students and all of us they don't know what they want to do you both common miss so our buses hope you like internally Korea kie that was so hum into zanoits Jenna osmium is Benina inches of address caring it just education baby and if you're skeptical about what to do and what to study we're not only gonna have people who took gap ears we're gonna have interviews with people who took gap ears people who go to Ivy League's and people who are like who do CA people who do engineering in Pakistan Karachi constituted a say more importantly Kazakh do not please don't do this how do you feel okay anyway so we're gonna have that I'm the O'Connor is anything you ugly my na home go your topic America right timo me so that's how this conversation is gonna go we're gonna have people who have different beliefs on the same topic and different experiences different experiences as well and another thing that I wanted to do was have professionals and you see their opinions as well k um keys and they each led the make you decide he awoke and Nico or was in nagisa low say got they are and ocasion gezond Aguirre so we're gonna have like literally just dig into those things Abby my bosses at the FM are only an inch and I'm doing it look like if we have said everything like accordingly or things Jessica already won dak will SEC teams a bigger my team is based around education mostly pretty soggy pros progress Carter anger or win experiment with a lot of thumb stuff like torso like more of like humerus or body water content bo court or a serious viola so huh easy come down understand about you have a Pakistani boy burger Malibu beanie much Beach Google's I have done right now so then I have law students Harkey Tsukuba loling anyone I give me any keeping this very bilateral what I mean by that is one crazy Camaro 2ss sorry that's my motto I said how to buy a bilateral not love you okay hum applo boy standing is protecting I'm gay Humber toppings you and I will have a Facebook page and also subreddit subreddit pretended calm is like a website apartheid ciabatta is into neighborhood you can read any car ready okay ready it is a page like sobriety toga we'll talk we'll post all those topics on the Facebook page and as well as on the subreddit or hum we'll have discussions proper discussions on those topics with you guys as well feel like a good cigar sake Tom Sakana Sakana Sakana go spelling it hablo Kimiko cigar Q given here we're all here to learn so no so yeah is just on a different day anyone who is doing anyways so we're gonna have you know a main platform will be you do but we'll have the audio clips if anyone is like doesn't know about YouTube and somehow knows about Google podcast podcast fortify sound tour everybody finds me so I'm probably audio finds are gonna be uploaded before so anyone who listens to audio like I do all the time so you can just listen to us and it's gonna be fun not like those deep connection when I upload is on and it's gonna be okay okay so um hie get anomaly boards out of a basket legally using yellow they're totally yeah let's talk about so what this segment is gonna be basically joking on me will have segments in our podcast segments hum divide carrying according to our topics and like what you want to do in them or will have different will experiment with a lot of segments and a lot of things throughout the process and yeah just look forward to that or this segment is about what is the topic of money so the topic today is really just education qk from the guests we have today is is not only a medical student but also a blogger and she has a following some where do you see but she kasi yes so that's basically it and we're gonna discuss topics that we think need to be discussed and we're gonna take everyone's perspective on it you're not gonna make a judgement because you're not gonna pass because we're not in a state of because we are literally under fire so without further ado I would like to know I am in white our first guest hamari those hamari John Amari who was kind enough to support this whole thing and be here on time on time so everyone though the guest for today is none other than the hospital's Mary Bharani formal means the hawk we're really just gonna talk about what you because MCAT eco-center less essential or everyone's like Grady skeptical and this is something you were very passionate exactly me last year exactly me long at me actually have any kind is another so hum look discuss cognizer NK you were very passionate about this topic you can you have a lot following and people ask UK gear up in Bulgaria medical getting a and different medical like you tell us Celtic actually go first of all to there are two kinds of medical colleges they put the government put that private yes a perception yeah except for government Madonna obviously because you're saving your parents money and it's it that's it you know it is better than private who's number one licking up camera Nikki ahead since last year on an Ikea a over on medical colleges Akita zinger it's called the NTS and in that everybody gives the same exam and based on your percentage which is made from a total of your a levels and your NPS score was basis about me total percentage month year and based on that you get admission and placement in universities so it's not my choice on which one I want to go to it's basically my percentage that decides where I go okay let's go through ten percent combo jack as a questionnaire that is honestly just an assumption that we will make the people made they call your deck a since 11 snap K a star a or beaver garage ever boundaries everything so you know okay other up K 885 a star 298 so you see not that in Turkey but chica a are SK 89 vo Sasuke 81 Bo sector they cannot get Mira a are at a level Smith dos me a scenic a Mira 85 he mining it they're not gonna assume Katie 9i a higher 81 I the O's basis fits just a standard set okay so it's not overall 10% kind of SEO take it roughly archaic no max NEPA that she'll think you get CR you Malini batata Megan I think other a democracy definitely yes there's a lot of married Lisbon TMI I think other tseebo if someone's at the decision gives me a ll Alinsky away and they're skeptical can make intercalators can die so really it's all a matter where you see yourself in two years yeah like which university do that ASCO I've had up Co Pakistanis in us to Madonna Germany in Austria – you're amazing yeah Benny a kiss of government you know estimate interval a bachelor it is easy to D because those human the paradigm I'm going in a my pardon my is basically easier now it's easier yes that is the fact like and the thing is good generally a levels Walker engine called the Haryana ticket Pakistan maybe admission Hotel in turkey but CH a majority in to give a tremolo University map although I'm from a private university TK like we have a 70/30 ratio seventy percent being interests heck would your stereotypical again in Turkey melee okay already I'm very easy hmm you can buy them in many in Turkey away and I think I have a really nice grasp on the English sports manual yeah so is there like a stereotype we must awkward thumb in trigger chugga honey or at that because the thing is I've noticed like in the first couple of weeks I know it is that to enjoy student Sena waha make different item addicted and we don't care that's what it is whoa it knows other impress hotei HoloCam impress kinda clinician about the methylation baskets us having a casual modulation it is but if somebody else wants to assume care I think of myself in a higher position that's because one key you're lacking here you know okay I'm not saying that all of them have bad English but you know they're just generalizing us we're not generalizing them like I felt like I didn't care if a person spoke English or not so I would just scared of amitabha's awkward I'm for speaking English so that's the stereotype I feel like because they see us in a definite we do as well we're like we might not vibe as much with them like connection the over now because we come from like a different background they're from a different not just that they're just like I don't know a gym and every other it was like very hard for me to make friends not and I'm like it's not a David bad people is there was no group of people and it's not generalizing based on if you've done into a doubles is generally we're not wild on you know it's like a ping listenable that amigos thing is generally we might not have the same perspective Derrida's ha you get Jame no salesmen either like mins elbows with me we were friends in like the first month we were in the first week actually Jemaine I made friends like second year J Arthur maybe or even those guys are from and old URLs background don't kiss a female carita or so it's easier for you to be friends with those let's I don't know what it is into that you can even theme of the ball a cordial Navy bath he gave in Turkey basis may have my admission theorem entry gate is open and he appear other up University Magi or aqua teachers building into something intend upon us are a culture yes not they discriminate against interest like on my friends day of university take it majority members are you okay my interest students a literally I sir he comes up hid head of department he's like okay who's done a levels who's done interest so we do them and then he was like Acharya but children I guess I'm doing a minibar are you here but China the real true Brenda like that's how he starts off city interest women's do i intimidate what if for some reason is bad say they're all like oh book with semaj is what it is I feel like we should really raise this issue King University admission should not be based on one system all doing different system in sake of new system was second system I believe was in board that care should be based on that so everybody has a fair shot at that course not interval aperture organic as well roti resume you know that's an I feel like you came man I can pass this judgment in too many ways to exile here sorry many in Turkey a particular differences aha which is like I know the difference between those two things sighs intercom negiah well I will in turn meant literally retinol that H is rotlo or a pistol i TI niro to giggle okay or pants on your call done eh is gonna like important k like a foreign head if they say like and then they're like hani botany and so they like the kanji what happened a silly appear Asahi yes like completely I left it halfway firstly my domain name IKEA which was a really stupid move to begin with like an authority mechanic you can magnify the course they gotta I was like I said course they come in a force out and they can push like very easy I'm like it to me though that happened and I was like let's do it so Hawaii packing pages he died divisions having pretty much muscle Anita but the guy was like to look yeah yeah be okay yeah okay domani I only focused on like just completing completing the course say you know I didn't practice any questions many possible for the kuda be needed many questions will focus energy on our paper babe so job map pal a permit for China I was like yeah us a paper cup right area or her Kushite pyramid a ha and I was I started the paper push time buttons like about an hour hour and a half later a map nip around cigar no paper and then what happened I just looked over and because there's a guy who said sorry extra each i image it was me there was this fucking note hawaii already a copy will see an entity that's like a 24-page like put it like booklet my exam always mean long serve all evening it was my choice video ta ha to MATLAB it's just but thought the paper yard I mean openness me or do be attack okay so Menzer you were talking about how your audience wanted to what did you do like if you discuss key like MCAT why like a Serena let's get into that okay so basically people want to know how to study for MCAT hmm so I feel like everybody has their strengths their weaknesses so start off with what subject you find hard for me I thought bio would be hard although I love Ione levels lickin the problem is in Turkey Jo bio Hannah yes it has so many families basically like backgrounds of where the animals are from I think it will plants can see families to be longer than in a-levels we weren't taught any of that so there are literally five chapters if I'm not wrong in first year just not go pootie Earthcare new or Theon you bacterias east or path I've chosen so for me that was really hard because there are really big names and you have to memorize each of them because boy be random I'm sick you walking up with a thing it so BIOS men start here so if you're not good at bio started bio other than that if you're doing a love if you've done a levels then you should start off with one of the chemistry or physics because it was Morocco values gardenia okay because in a levels we didn't have values so I would say honesty first do those things that you haven't done within your a levels and then we wanted work those things Jo APNIC even him because who opted a general knowledge would here squad needle thing turns directly into books and that's it they can read the book like gear mascot even notes at hockey open aquarium and should people join different competition care doctors in jhana hey I need to send Johnny whatever MCAT Center is close to their houses I've thought it was useless I literally wasted thirty thirty five thousand and which affect me on my daughter once a week I like a higher than class with y'all within theme cha cha grinder so in my opinion get the books get the intro bugs get the MCAT revision books and study yourself if you need help so yes you can go a grapple a couple classes a five-part that but I personally think it's a waste of time you have to study at home because in our NTS always literally like lines from the book a book reading carry on on to its sufficient so I think Oregon case iko iko iko we're gonna have a discussion on that afterwards like IB M got beat up they say yeah ticket oh yeah so so the gist of this entire conversation was scared first of all no a Pocock Arnett is a girl ever skirts again to op le Pythagorean Kiana his sob say you skip quota they can produce case after you make a decision to you do pay levels or intern uni they can get with those can focus on what you want to do because I feel like that's like the most important thing and the hardest thing as well as a source of so much colectivo you see my attic like what I wanted to do just have previously mentioned K my engineering katha just capi own basically how low can get any cameras are out of nowhere now they can for me this was like the most perfect option okay matchup see a media to like the first layer of the first class I said in shadow Caserta ha when they bought K Omega hockey we push ie was a bad job even though nobody K he loves all Akane into a corner and then Jo interval the majority would enter again though never see a kaha k jo be part Cavanaugh subculture Rafa Tom dog because it over like he was jokingly saying this but he meant it though he was like to look Gilbert Cairo and he was like and he was doing it I was like like yes this is my guy I have not the right place finally like no shaded like interval of course you like my trick my boat again yes because honestly we think for young age looking you need to make a plan because I realized after I did my evil is that I should have done in term which is what's it open in kaha but I was like you know a perception of the a bomb through your foggy events new young gay if I were to go back do your Ola bus get your base done yeah MetroCard yeah okay fine but if you've done your levels don't go to a levels if you certain that you're doing MBBS go for enter it's easier to study I will be making a cube or job go for sim board because our test is only send birthdays right yeah another cool thing is well obtain a mob oxybutynin okay can we afford this and explore your options explore your options such as maybe fact is that engineering engineering or engineering you can shift to like different things you could go you see here see the second best thing that you like you know what's map which car oh yeah start a business do something I mean I'm focusing on my studies we both and she's also lake in homicide because that's the main thing name one it's my engineering can you medium sake my parents had a name to my daughter because but when somebody actually grades their tops for I didn't get in I I didn't fine I was sad my parents were very disappointed Lincoln I my dad like I was crying I told my dad my dad literally called me he was gone but then and he told me k beta him Anthony honey Ana Ivanovic advising happening a lot knee to bed they'll also go honestly and I was like and I panicked and I was like Amazon yoga me semana body she was like okay I need each other on Ibiza state or diet is like high in Turkey seeds are okay and they were speaking with you Jota be a Michigan that's not the deciding factor media Tennessee Rosa La Valle or any team about him happy so hot I was like a purpose Bosque like hot just don't run away from your responsibilities just handles them just face them okay so we're back after a few technical difficulties again but ah so let's just end it on this note K if you guys have any queries your anything that you guys want to ask that we might have missed out on sure we will also like gap Yogi Berra on about the year means I was talking about that we were talking about it like after we got behind the sea so stay tuned for everything but huh I think we should talk about gap you're next I've been called someone who took a gap here I guess is also a friend that you guys will meet pretty soon I'm sure so ah the questions you'll be home which we all just mention them in the comment section yeah Joe become ready at Joe B when I give will tell you guys and yes something you might want to add support my friends because they're trying something new and I support them that's it they go follow them like subscribe and eventually come up with a hashtag to follow that and at the end I just say a medical kinda here Carlo there's nothing hard in it if you're passionate about it yeah if you're doing it for your parents whatever reason it is ho chaga my love honestly I barely passed we only came a pass who gave up the monument and I went on a two-week break together ok the horchata you just have to know how to do it yeah so medica it now Michigan diagonal open our thing which I gunshot stay tuned 50 times just miss are you okay that would be our next episode though huh yeah just sit with that we're gonna put min shots Instagram in the bio go follow yes discussion clubs are follow Shana or either like Mike Monte chica I said because I did that it have again anyways with that I think masovia both or by the way it's an important risk as a window be yard color-coordinating we're all wearing back Hank because this will like that yes

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