University Room Tour!

If you don’t like round noises they look away *bang*
This week I hit 1000 subscribers which is absolutely amazing and
incomprehensible. I can’t imagine what 1000 people looks like. The lecture hall
where I have my lectures at uni seats 300 people, so that means more than
3 lecture halls worth of people watch my videos and my brain just can’t process
that, that’s so cool. Thank you all so much for helping me reach this milestone.
It’s not something I ever expected to achieve but I’m really happy that I have
I’m very proud of myself and how far I’ve come because YouTube’s helped me a
lot with my confidence and just grown me as a person and I’m very grateful.
Anyway in to today’s video I thought I would show you around my uni room because
I’m moving out in like two weeks and I haven’t ever shown you guys. At the
moment I’m just living in a bog-standard halls room. I haven’t got an
ensuite and i’m self-catered. I pay about- I think it’s a hundred pounds and
3p a week so… I mean, you can get it cheaper if you go to other cities but I
guess it’s the South of England, that’s what you’re paying for. The coast! The lovely grey,
sludgy sea! I live here with six other people. We have one very tiny kitchen, two
toilets, one shower room and one bath and shower room. I’ve never had to queue for the shower
once because everyone showers at different times of day and a lot of
people don’t get up before noon so I’m glad I saved like 2,000 pounds by not
getting an en suite. If you’re watching this because you’re about to
move into Halls, then first of all don’t panic, you’re going to be fine, and second,
my room isn’t exactly typical because it’s very big. All the other rooms in my flat are the tiny box rooms that you would expect from Halls. But for some
reason I got lucky and got this room, which I really don’t need. I don’t need
much space but I guess I’m not complaining. But even though it’s different
in that sense, everything else is exactly the same: same furniture, same
price, so you can still get a feel of what your room might be like. I think
that’s all the information I can tell you so let’s just get started. So this is
my room, as you can see there’s a lot of floor space which I hardly ever use, and
there’s also a lot of storage in here but I don’t really use that much either.
Unfortunately there isn’t much space to put things on display like shelves and
stuff, and I have a lot of junk I wanna put on display so that’s a shame.
Starting off with my bed – my favourite part of the room, mostly because I spend all of
my time here asleep. These sheets are from IKEA and they’re just so pretty and
also I have an IKEA duvet and it’s the softest, squishiest thing in the whole
world, I would recommend. Underneath my bed there’s some storage. I’ve got a drawer full of just random junk like my Disneyland ears and some herbal
tea. And the other side is supposed to be a drawer but doesn’t have a drawer in
and I’ve got just some shoes and I also keep my camera equipment there. Above my bed I’ve hung this garland of origami stars which I made, and I think they’re
really beautiful and if I could I would make them for everyone. Moving onto my pin board, which is absolutely massive, I’ve got this academic wall planner. Above that I’ve
got my fairy lights and a string of photos from memories from home, which are
all really lovely and made me happy. Then the rest of it’s just random
collections of photos, and postcards, and bits and pieces from my life. Next to my bed is my chest of drawers, and on
that I’ve got a photo of me of my boyfriend Jacob at Disneyland, I’ve got
my jewellery tree even though I hardly ever wear jewellery. At the moment there’s
also a good luck card on there from my family because I’ve got exams at the
moment. Then there’s this cute clock which I found in a little shop in Croatia and
also I keep my medication on here because otherwise I forget to take it.
Again, the drawers aren’t the best use of space. In the top two is just random
crap like batteries and glasses cases and some lush products, and in the bottom
drawer I keep all my craft supplies, which I wish I could say I had enough time
to actually use. Around the corner is wardrobe number one which I just use
for storage. I have my Polaroid camera hanging on the door and then inside – I
wish I could tell you something interesting – I just keep my shoes and
then like cleaning products and spare bed sheets. Next up is my bookshelf which
is a lot more aesthetically pleasing. On the left side I keep all my books plus all
my makeup in that white basket. I also have my makeup brushes in this cute little
cow jug and I keep my happy memories in this little Kilner jar. On the right hand
side I keep all the products which I use every day and then I’ve got my DVDs,
which is mostly just Studio Ghibli and Grey’s Anatomy. And on the end, something
very precious to my heart, my biscuit tin. And also my photo of my family at my
18th birthday party. I keep Tsum Tsums here too. I’ve got Mr. Big from Zootropolis and
Marie from the Aristocats. Then on the top shelf we’ve got all my folders, my
Fightstar poster, and my record collection, which one day I will get
around to filming a collection video for. A sink may seem like a weird thing to
need in a room but our toilet doesn’t have a sink so everyone just uses their
own ones. Underneath I store all my products, it’s not very exciting. But this is a
complete lifesaver! If you’re moving into Halls I would recommend you get one 100%.
It’s a shower caddy so you can put all your shower stuff in it and it’s got holes in the bottom so you can literally take it into the shower with you.
If there’s one thing I would recommend you get if you’re moving into Halls, it would
be this. Moving on to wardrobe number two, obviously I keep all my clothes in
here and there’s also my laundry bag and just lots of empty boxes for when I move
out. In the draw underneath I keep my t-shirts and jeans and then tucked down the side there’s my airer or clothes dryer. This big window is probably my
second favourite thing about this room, I just think it’s really cute. I keep all
my pretty stuff on here so I’ve got a reed diffuser which is actually almost
empty, I need to change that. I’ve got these three little cactuses, which I think are
adorable and then I’ve got some photos of me and my friends. Next up is my desk
and I love how much space there is on it. Okay, so from left to right I’ve got my
IKEA lamp, my pen pots, I’ve got this whiteboard which is in
the shape of a man’s head which I normally write video ideas on. I found
this bunny jar in Paperchase which I filled with confetti from my birthday, and
then I’ve got this file organiser thing, which I try not to overfill just so
that it doesn’t overwhelm me with the stuff I’ve got in there. I keep, like, my
planner in there and some cards I have to send people and receipts, very boring
stuff. Then on the end there’s my record player which I have a sort of love-hate
relationship with. Love because I love collecting vinyl and hate because it
keeps breaking. It’s costing me so much money. On the right hand side of my desk there
are three drawers. The big one at the bottom I won’t bore you with because
it’s just full of filing. The second one’s slightly more interesting, it’s got
some pretty notebooks in, and the top one is the best: washi tape, pretty pens,
everything you could ever wish for in one drawer. I love it! Finally we’ve got
this smaller window which I sit in front off to film my videos and on that
windowsill there’s my giant cactus and this really cute photo with my cat, Tiddles. So that was my room, did you like it? I hope you did because, I mean, it’s my
home and it’s my room and I like it. Before I came here I was really
worried my room was going to be ugly because in all the photos they don’t look
very nice and all the furniture doesn’t match and it’s all old and gross and…
that was all true but I think I’ve done my best with the place. It looks homely
and lovely and I’m gonna miss it a bit (a lot). I’m gonna miss the convenience of living
here, being two minutes from uni and the maintenance people coming round and
fixing things for you and having free heating and free water. *SIGH* Why am i moving
out??? If you have any questions about living in Halls or general university
questions then feel free to ask me in the comments or on any of my social
media (links in the description). Thank you all so much for watching and thank you
again for 1000 subscribers, you have no idea what that means to me! I hope you’re
doing well, there’s a lot more uni related stuff coming soon so stay tuned for that, and I will see you very soon! Bye.

45 thoughts on “University Room Tour!”

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