University options and counselling

After UWC is there any way to study
in a university abroad? Yes, that’s the fun part of IB. Because IB is pretty recognized worldwide,
so yes, for sure. And there’s also the opportunity of getting
a Davis scholarship for UWC students that allows you, like
favours you to go to a US university. And we get university visits almost
every week. I’ve had so many interviews from colleges. From the Ivy League universities,
from America, from Canada, from the Netherlands, from the UK, from Europe… They just come to us and they… And regarding universities, we have a very good university counsellor. I love counsellor who is super supportive
and always right there when I need her for any questions. Any issues, or any questions you might have
regarding university, you can just head down to the office,
have a coffee, have a tea with them and have a chat.

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