University of Toronto: Meet Ulli Krull, Principal of UTM

I’m not sure fingertip push-ups is what
I’m known for. I’ll show you a different type of
push-up that’s much more challenging. I’ve tried to keep my personal life
personal so I’m rather quiet in terms of describing to people what it is that I
normally do. I do like to relax, and relaxation for me it may not be the same
concept of relaxation as it is the most people. I’m involved in judo. Judo is different
than most other martial arts sports because it is an international sport at
the Olympic level. I also have a number of hobbies.
I, for example, study meteorites. Another hobby is astrophotography. The City of Mississauga was created at about the same time that the campus of Erindale College was
first created. An incredibly attractive campus and one that has a feel of openness of lots of glass and windows, situated in parkland. my aspirations for this particular campus are
to build on its excellence. We will have a larger
push in terms of medicinal chemistry starting here, we’re hoping to build more
of a relationship with engineering. Right now, we’re talking about the building of
a robotics facility here as a research facility. so one of the pitches I provide
for new students coming in is, immerse yourself. Open your mind and look around
and realize there’s so many possibilities that the challenge will actually be in the first few years choosing a path, because there are so
many possibilities in terms of directions to go. What I’d love to see is that our
programming, in a sense, stimulates students — not just to learn but to ask
the question, with what I have learned, what can I do next?

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  1. A wonderful autobiography of a sagacious Chemist and Administrator, Professor Krull at UTM. I'm a fan of this Scientist due to his amiable personality and generous approaches that always touch people's deepest feeling.

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