University of Evansville Department of Education Transfer Pathways

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] The University of Evansville School of Education
has developed a pathway for community college
students to transfer to UE, allowing these future educators to pursue a bachelor’s degree and Indiana state teacher
licensing in education. The transfer pathway program is for students with a
completed associate’s or bachelor’s degree from
an accredited program. Federal and state
financial aid is available, and UE has developed
a reduced tuition rate to show our commitment to
preparing tomorrow’s teachers with the tools they will need to succeed. – They’re cultivating teachers instead of processing teachers here at UE. Teachers are giving me more personal, this is what’s happened to me, and this is really what
you’re going to deal with in the classroom instead of, this is what the textbook tells us. They actually know me and my
interests only two weeks in. So, that’s a big benefit
to being here at UE. – Being at a small
university, as U of E is, it enables us to really, really, really connect with our students. – More hands-on experience
before I get to student teaching, to actually feel what
being a teacher truly is earlier in my education process. U of E, I knew it was here in Evansville, I grew up in this area, but I never thought it was somewhere that I would be able to go to, knowing it was a private institution. – And they think that UE’s tuition, because we’re a private
institution, is really high. But really, U of E is very affordable for students who want to
transfer from Ivy Tech or another community
college in the region. So, we really just need
to dispel that rumor that’s out there, that we’re not affordable,
because we really are. And then all the quality pieces that you would expect
from a private institution are still embedded in
that low-cost tuition. (upbeat music)

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