University Graphic Design Portfolio | 1st CLASS HONOURS | ohhitsonlyalice

hey guys it’s Alice again so today as
you can tell from the title I am going to show you through my third year
university degree portfolios so for those of you who don’t know I studied
media production at the University of Lincoln last week I got my University
results I got a first class honours alone still so wasn’t about I don’t
think I’m ever gonna get over it if you want to see my like reaction to opening
my results there were tears it was dramatic it’s very cute I’ll leave that
linked on screen and down below but a lot of you guys have asked to see my
work over these past few years so I thought I’ll start it off with my year 3
work so the final year the biggest year the most stressful year and then if you
guys would like to I’ll show you my second and my first year so I’m kind of
working backwards but just let me know but I thought third year would be like
the most prominent and most like relevant and interesting one for right
now oh my god look I’ve scratched my neck and it looks like I’ve been savaged
let’s just ignore that so I’m gonna get straight into it I’m just gonna flick
through my portfolio you’re gonna see me really small in the corner of your
screen so you can see the most out of portfolio and we’re gonna get straight
to it so basically my degree is split into two semesters once before Christmas
and ones after so we submit two portfolios so this while I’m showing you
right now is semester eggs and then I’ll get onto semester B’s I’m hoping I
don’t take too long doing this because this could be a long video because these
are really really like lengthy portfolios I got 74% in both of them
which is a first so excited so happy about it and all the hard work paid off
so this is me and it’s on the front page you always have to include like the
media media the module codes and all that kind of jazz so for our course we
have to present our portfolio in an aesthetic manner we get marks for that
so I think I improved this is obviously first semester semester age one but I
think when you look at the next one you’ll see so we have a Content page so
this is all work I do they ask you to do three briefs I did
two three four five six seven you know they want a minimum of three and they
have a range of different things so they have in three categories self-initiated
client and competition and I just did an extra few client ones as you can see and
so if my self initiated one I created a children’s book and a lot of you guys
have already seen this I have it here this is the finished result but I’ll
show you how the process kind of happened so for my children’s book I
needed to do market research so I looked online mainly on Pinterest for like
covers and styles and different things that I like the look of any ideas on how
I was gonna draw it like what methods I was going to use and then it also
purchased a whole bunch of children’s books to actually physically look
through they were so helpful if you’re thinking of doing something similar
definitely head over to like wh sniffs and just buy some so I looked at them
how many pages they had whether it had a content page like really looked deep
into them and added little sticky notes then I looked into artists again this is
another like requirement so I looked to people who had already published
children’s books so I looked at Helena Duggan Keith
Ned Ned Lee Begley and Kail Atkinson and these are just people I found online who
have a really really cool work and did a little bit of research around them and
then layout and format so I needed to know how to lay it out so I didn’t
really know how to do the storyboard and I actually have found something quite
interesting I found these which are the original drawings from when I first had
the ideas and you can kind of see from this one I’ll show you the spread later
on but this one is really similar to what it turned out like and like this
was my initial sketch very very very very like crap but it all made sense in
my head and it was kind of my way of visualizing it and so yeah that’s quite
interesting to see how this turned into this which is quite cool
it took me ages as well like literally I never have worked so hard on anything in
my life so then I used some inspiration there was a fellow student who’d already
graduated who did a book and he was called Jamie Hammond I really liked his
book so I took a lot of inspiration from him and then looked in the library at
for various research because obviously it’s a uni degree we need to have like
written literature research so character development this was when I was getting
on to my characters and it took me ages to decide what my character was gonna be
called I decided on peterpanda and so this is Peter this is the process as you
can see he looks a bit dodgy to start with and then I refined him and he had
everyone told me he had scary eyes so I made his eyes a little bit more
welcoming and that is Peter and I wanted to keep him really simple obviously I
could have gotten into a lot more detail with him but I think the whole point in
me doing this was to keep it quite simple and then mummy pander which is
quite similar bit of blusher some eyelashes and a bow and Freddie frog and
then these are my other characters who I never actually named and we always like
to say that this little tiger man looks really hench like he looks ripped but
yeah these are my characters so again just showing you how I made them so then
for this storyline I actually wrote that storyline myself I made it ended up by
me and I don’t know why but if you want to pause it and read it that’s the
actual full story and then I split it into pages so I kind of sectioned it off
and decided how much of each bit was gonna be on which page that didn’t make
any sense in it no and then there’s the storyboard look this is this so that’s
my first sketch and then this is when I took it into my computer so I did it all
on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop mainly illustrator and I kind of laid it
all out and just drew everything by hand I actually use a Wacom tablet which is
buried currently is this thing I’ve just unplugged it but it’s a little drawing
tablet and it comes with a pen and I draw on that and it draws on my screen
for me really really good definitely recommend I think they’re about fifty
pounds they’re not that expensive at all and I’ve definitely it’s definitely
ain’t it’s money let’s just say that um so yeah I’ve got a few different spreads
so this is that the story but I’ve just shown you where for the house and the
moon so that’s how that one kind of turned out and the classroom and this is
just you can see the different layers and how it all built up and adding darts
and I didn’t each leaf in that one I added the leaf um by like step by step I
had to create every single leaf it was a long process and then I asked for some
feedback so I actually got my friend Jade to look at it and give me some
feedback I had my tutors giving me feedback my
classmates so I could go back and make any changes because obviously once I’ve
said it for that long I just kind of get numb and don’t really see any changes
that needed making so from there I test printing it and again I have these here
I found them all so these were just not to scale but these were just an idea of
what it kind of looked like this was the first time I’d ever physically printed
it I think this was about two weeks before the deadline maybe so I was
pushing it quite thin and I needed to send it off to the printers like ASAP so
I was very very pushed for time you can say because I needed to get this one
sent off so yeah this this was like the final review we kind of looked at the
Spelling’s and made any last-minute changes so then for printing I actually
got it printed at Docs direct in the end and the final product these are like the
flat images that created the book and then the printed product I did two
different bounds so this is a perfect bound and then this one I’ve got in my
hand is a saddle stitch bound I forgot what that was called then basically the
saddle stitch has staples in the middle and the perfect band doesn’t it’s kind
of glued in I like the saddle stitch better because
it lays flat that’s basically it I was gonna get a hard book one printed but
let’s be real the really expensive I couldn’t afford that on my student
budget so I just did a mock-up I kind of cheated and that’s it
so that was the first project and then the second one was my merch and I didn’t
actually realize at the time that this could become this could be considered as
part of my degree I did this in summer but then I might you to find out found
out that I did merch he was like that’s design why haven’t you submitted it so I
added this to my portfolio a lot of you guys have probably seen this it is still
up for sale but I made merch so I made little digital designs kind of inspired
by the quote be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire so that
was the quote that inspired me so this card says be fearless and then I’ve got
one that says shine bright and they’re all kind of in my pink marble and black
aesthetic which I really like and so you can get a note cards which obviously
have printed products of notebooks in the same patterns and then a hoodie
loved the hoodie wear it a lot obviously not in this weather though so yeah my
tutor was really impressed with that and the fact that I do my own merch over
summer so it was really nice to be able to include that with my degree and then
during my final year I actually made the desk planner so this was a process that
I actually did whilst at uni so I looked up original desk planners kind of
figured out what kind of layout I wanted and then started piecing together my own
and then that was the file for that and then obviously you guys have seen the
desk planner I have it somewhere should be on my desk but it is it’s on the
floor so yeah that’s the final product and then I showed them all in my shop as
a like another thing that I designed I obviously designed my own website so
client briefs I did a few you’ll probably see a few familiar faces so I
actually did a poster for Brandon so what he was doing open mic nights and he
wanted a poster that they could put up in the pubs so I decided to make a
poster for them and it was really fun to do actually it was the first kind of
creative II client thing I’d done other than like the digital portrait so this
was what I did I had to digitize one of the logos on illustrator because it was
really pixelated so I had to make my own version of it and then I used a load of
layers and different things in Photoshop to create this and I made two in the end
so we had the orange one and then the green one and they were very very happy
with it and yeah I still really liked those
designs actually I think they they worked really really well and brief
number two was for a homeless charity and a wonderful girl called Rima emailed
me and she asked me to create something so it was a charity called Street safe
and they wanted a new logo basically they didn’t have a logo they want a
little more professional so these were my first drafts and when you see these
are actually pretty much how it finish like how it ended up looking in the end
and so yeah we went from those drafts I did a little bit of research on the
color we changed the colors a lot like there was a lot of back and forth so you
can kind of see the behind the scenes again we’ve gone back to the normal
colors and then more colors and then more like fonts and different styles and
then we ended up settling on orange and blue and with a like skinnier font and
then the little s symbol because I thought it looked nice having an
intertwined SS for street safe because it’s a homeless charity so I wanted to
kind of symbolize that made all this on illustrator and that is the final logo
so then what designers tend to do is use mock-ups so you can download Photoshop
mock-ups like if you search in Google PSD mock-ups you’ll be able to like
superimpose a design onto a t-shirt or a book cover onto a book like different
things so this is a stationary set that I used and then you could obviously do a
Twitter account and then different things you’ll see a lot of mock-ups as
we go through brief number three was portraits so again this was something I
was doing over summer so I included a few of my digital portrait client
as I did so these lovely people contacted me and asked me to draw them
so this is one and again there’s a mock-up and then we have Chester
Bennington which was another one done for a really big fan of him again a
mock-up and then this lovely couple with a mock-up you get the theme and it’s
nice to see the photo like in its digital version but then when you see it
in an actual frame there’s something a little bit different about it so
definitely bear that in mind if you’re wanting to be a designer and then
finally that one and I think that’s the last one
yeah and then briefly before was actually run by my university so my
tutor got directly in touch with me and he saw the Open Mic poster I did and
liked the look of it so asked me to do one for an event at the Uni so this was
the poster I created to start off with the one on the right hand side is the
one that they use the year before and I I think you can tell it needed a bit of
a refresh like that wouldn’t catch my eye in a corridor if that was on screen
on screen on the wall so the one on the left was the one I created initially I
didn’t send this to the client in the end I wasn’t a hundred and happy with it
but I kind of liked the vibe so then I adapted it and I put a filmstrip in they
wanted to include photos of the people that were going to be at this event
so I added a film strip and then sent that to the client for approval and then
they wanted another filmstrip so we kind of adapted it and then added one in the
background changed the opacity like mix them around a little bit and then that’s
what it turned out like and on the right you can see that it was put on the wall
there was like huge prints of it around the university which was really cool to
see and the event was actually really good so yeah that’s the poster in a mock
up version and I’m really happy with that once again and my tutor and the
client who was also a lecturer at the Uni was very happy and then competition
brief was another category that we had to do fun story about this one I
actually did the main drafts of this whilst on the train on the way to London
sat next to a extremely chatty middle-aged man who was driving me
insane and he was just asking me a million questions do you know one of
those train rides when you just want to sit in silence in your own company I
wanted this guy was having none of it he was a
lovely but just I just needed some space you know so yeah I did a wallpaper
design for a John Lewis like mock breathing so again market research
headed over to Pinterest love Pinterest so much and then did some drafts my idea
was to do something around like monsters something that makes monsters quite fun
I know that children quite like monsters so I did some paint splatters and then
scan them in and the plan was to kind of make them like googly eyed monsters and
see where it went but I didn’t like that so I went back to the drawing board and
tried again so the second one actually turned into animals so these were things
that I had made again over summer and I found them in like my archive of designs
that I have and I was like right I’m gonna make the most of these because I
really like the texture they used watercolors and I think it
just looks really cool so I kind of adapted how I did it and made a collage
so I basically put it in Illustrator and made a repeating pattern played around
with it so you’ll see it kind of changes I got rid of that branch cuz it’s weird
and then I changed it again and then I added a bit of a texturing background
you can kind of see the process I went through and then I thought it looked a
bit busy so I spread it out and then the final design had a plain background and
I just spread out the animals a little bit and then that is put on a mock-up
again so you can kind of see what the wallpaper would look like in an actual
bedroom and I think it looks really cute I’d love to have that wallpaper in my
child’s bedroom so yeah very happy with that
and that is my first year product product project so this is semester B’s
project so this is the project I did from January until April so again cover
page with all my information on and a content page so this time I did one two
three four five six seven briefs again but one of them had like stub sections
so I kind of cheated but first one was website design so I actually redesigned
my entire websites I thought it’d be quite cool to include that
me and I had a few ideas I’d never used WordPress before and I will say I’m
doing a design degree nor web development degree but I thought it was
quite cool to include this so I included the photos that I edited for the header
for my website and then showed the final thing so this is what my website looks
like I think it still looks like this actually I’ve not changed it since and
then I included a link as well so you can click on it and look through it and
then the shop page so you can see the merch from last semester and again the
mock-up so I searched like PSD laptop mock-up and then this came up so yeah
and then my teacher actually wanted to see a different idea so if I could
design my own website from scratch what would I do so this is my design so I got
rid of the gaps in between the photos and I kind of made it a little bit more
streamline so then the next project is lino kitchen and I loved this I need to
get back into doing this and and it’s basically like potato printing if any of
you guys did that when you were younger so it looks kind of like this again I
headed to Pinterest got some inspiration and you cut out little rubber stamps
because basically and like stick them on so these were the first ones I did I did
little cacti and a little fox and you can see it got quite messy and I just
kind of rolled some ink onto the stamps that I carved and printed them along and
kind of went from there and I really enjoyed it you know I’m such a crafty
person I want to do more of this so those are the foxes which I think look
really cool I like that each time you print them they look different because
I’ve obviously like how the ink is and then I developed it more so I ordered
some colored inks and I did some fruit patterns so you’ve probably seen these
again if you don’t follow my design Instagram account I’ll leave it linked
on screen and down below but you’ve seen these prints I’m sure so I did some
strawberries and made that pattern which I love that’s my favorite and lemons and
limes or oranges depending what color ink is and did that pattern so I
basically did the initial print on an actual just a four
or regular piece of cartridge paper and then I scanned it into my computer and
turned it into a digital thing and if you look closer you can kind of tell
that it’s digital so then I did pineapples again scan them to my
computer and arranged it into a pattern and then I did some mock up so again the
PSD mock ups and these are aprons I thought it’d be quite cute too do you
like fruit print aprons so I did a bunch of those again like book covers and then
my tutor asked me to do some greetings cards and again you guys probably have
seen a few of these and I love them I really want to see how I can go about
maybe selling them or designing cards for like Paper Chase or something I
don’t know how to do that so if anyone does let me know and but yeah these are
some of the designs I really like the one on the left I think that one’s funny
I did some flowers change the colors and again it’s just a mock-up and I just did
the flat image for the front and then made it look like a card so yeah I
really like these and I’m very happy with all the pony cards that I made this
one’s very cute as well so the next one is social media so as you guys know a
lot of my friends are in the social media world and they asked me to create
banners for their YouTube channels or like logos for their blogs so I kind of
gathered all this up together and put it all into my portfolio because again it’s
experience and it’s a client work so I did the research I went to the library
got some written material and I actually kind of tied this in with one of my
future briefs which is about mental health and so this is kind of like
linked in with that one so the first one I did is for Sophie Sophie Foster what a
babe I love her a lot she’s gorgeous love her videos definitely recommend
checking her out she asked me to make a banner for her which I was very
flattered to do so I made a portrait of her and this one was kind of more a
cartoon style portrait like I wanted to keep it simple I didn’t do too many like
shadows I literally wanted to keep it very simple so that when it got made
smaller and put on her channel it still kind of retained its quality you could
still see who it was and so I did that and then we looked at different fonts
for the name and different background textures in different liked compositions
but so if we really liked the one that was underneath so we used that font that
she liked the best and we put it underneath her with a little bit of a
shadow on it and then added the Twitter and Instagram handle which I think looks
really really cool and this is the final product
I actually made an end card as well so I used the same image with the phone and
put some like social icons so she uses that on her end screen and then this is
the banner on her actual channel it was super cool to see it on her channel and
I’m pretty sure she still has it on there as well which is amazing so yeah
thank you safely if asking me to do that for you I still love it and so yeah
that’s that one and again look a mock-up which makes it look really cool you can
see it on the phone and on the laptop which I think adds a bit of dimension to
it so then the next one is Lauren Harden and I love this one this one was so much
fun to do it was super difficult but really really satisfying ones and
finished it so Lauren had a blog and as you can see it didn’t really have a logo
or a brand of sorts to it so she asked if I could make one so she sent me a
bunch of existing blog banners and headers and stuff that she liked the
look of for inspiration and I kind of went from that she was a really lovely
customer to work for because she kind of let me take the reins and just trusted
what I was saying so she let me kind of use this vector style like flat cartoon
image style thing so I came up with this she says she really liked her cat and
really liked T so I thought write a little blog thing sit having a cup of
tea with your cat that was the idea that was in my head so I made this like
vector image out of little shapes added load of shadows and we got there
eventually like the first draft on the left was something was missing and I
couldn’t work it out and I’d been doing it for the entire day so I left it I
went to read slept on it woke up the next day and realized it needed shadows
a lot of you guys replied to my Instagram story as well telling me that
exact same thing I think had just like gone a bit tunnel vision from staring at
it for like 12 hours so went back added some shadows and then
the third one I added the cat which I love the cat I think he’s so cute um and
then this we changed the color of the shirt scene which fun we liked for the
name of the blog kind of went back and forth with Lauren to decide what we
liked and then these were the two we had to like decide from and in the end we
went for the pink shirt I think it looked really nice with her hair we made
her hair a little bit more copper colored and I think it looked really
cute and we added little shadows underneath the cat and underneath her
and that’s what it looks like on her blog and I think you can tell that it
just brings a bit of life to the blog I think it looks super cute and again did
a little mock-up just to show it in kind of situation what it would look like on
a business card and that is Lauren’s feedbacks if you want to read that you
can then the next one is Chloe someone there and she asked me to do a youtube
header she’d seen Sophie Fosters and she wanted one of her own so I did a digital
portray and this one was quite difficult because it was a like profile one so I
did it and it was also in black and white which I’ve not done before the one
thing I didn’t do is the hand because hands are notoriously difficult to make
look right and I just got rid of the hand because it was just it would just I
think it would have brought the image down and I don’t think it would have
looked good I did try multiple times but I often out
of doing the hand and then we added a little background so we wanted to keep
it simple she chose the font for her name and the little words that she want
on the bottom and we opted for the purpley blue one which I think looks
really lovely and I’m actually now developing a new updated version of
Chloe’s banner now we’re gonna do a little bit of a refresh for her channel
anniversary so look out on her channel for that if you like to see that and
yeah so again Chloe was a pleasure to work with that’s what it looks like and
she was very very happy and I’m buzzing because I think it was it was super fun
to do that and then finally my pal Molly wanted a header as well she sent me a
bunch of photos of herself I’m sure she won’t be showing you she did say I’m
sorry for how posing these photos are I think she looks beautiful but I made a
caricature portrait of her again quite similar to Sophie’s
this took so long because Molly’s hair is such a strange not strange it’s like
it’s such an interesting blend of colors that it was hard to find a match that
looked like Molly you know so I think we got there in the end and Molly chose the
font that she already had on her channel which I really like the look of I like
that it has a little like accents on either end and then for the background I
thought I’d do something quite geometric she wanted it pink because that’s the
color she’d used on her like intro card and stuff so I used pink triangles
change the opacity of them all and I did this part of it in Photoshop
so yeah Molly really liked that you have to make sure with a channel header it
works big and it works like really narrow as well because it depends on
which platform you view in YouTube on as to which version of it you’re gonna see
so yeah that is it in full and that is it on the channel and I think it looks
super cool again did a mock up and Molly seems really happy with it so yeah oh I
did another one as well and then Jack Biggs also asked me to do another one so
again I did a banner thing caricature and I loved this caricature it was a
really good photo to work from because it was so high quality and the colors in
it worked really well so I did a caricature of him and then he kind of
sent me a screenshot of Joe sucks channel header I don’t know if it’s
still the same and said I like this one but do whatever you think so I used my
iPad actually my iPad pro and kind of used the textures in procreate and the
different brushes and this is what I came up with
he liked the color orange and then the font at the bottom is the one that we
went for I really like it actually I think it looks quite powerful but
nothing too fussy so yeah Jack was again very happy with that I
think it looks really well in the big format and the thin format yeah that’s
it on his channel oh I’m gonna lose my voice at the end of this video so this
one is my magazine and I did have in mind to do like a full-on magazine with
the words and get it printed but unfortunately I was about to mystic with
the time frame and I didn’t have enough time so I did a magazine supporting
mental health that was the of it so that’s kind of where it links
in with the previous ones that I was on about
and so again research looked at books looked at existing magazines went to the
library it did all that jazz and then got straight into it so Molly and Hannah
actually came to see me which timed very well with my work and we had a little
photo shoot again you’ll have seen these photos I took a bunch of photos of them
both bless them for being my models and I used these in my magazine so I added
them all as you can see that is them having a bit of editing and then I put
them into the magazine so I used my iPad Pro and used Adobe comp mock-up if you
have an adobe cloud subscription or is it Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud I think
it’s called make the most of it it’s amazing and
this software just helped me kind of visualize it without having to like
redraw it physically I could just do it judiciously so these were my initial
ideas I I didn’t love them like I didn’t like the blue color on them so I kind of
went from that I got rid of the blue block and I ended up just doing kind of
simple black/white and a hint of blue like not too much different cover I
ended up using this gorgeous photo of Jordan Brown in like lavender fields
which I thought worked really really well yeah like that’s pretty much it and
I used a bunch of different influential people who have spoken about mental
health pinched their photos and I used them I would have loved chickened out
and taken photos of everyone but obviously time frames wouldn’t let me so
this is kind of the final draft I love the font I love how it turned out
I think it looks quite professional and sleek and to say I’ve never really
designed a magazine before I was pretty impressed with myself and then again a
mock-up said that’s what it would have looked like if I’d have had time to get
printed and there is it kind of laid out and then you could actually also see it
online so I uploaded it to a website and you could physically flick through it so
that was another way of might you to kind of imagine in it if it was printed
so even though I didn’t print it I was a way around still showing my teacher it
you know and then mural design so I actually as probably you’ve seen again I
did a mural in the city of Lincoln and this was fun majorly stressful like
we knew about this mural for a while and it took a while for us to get it sorted
myself and my friend Leonard who you guys probably know kind of got drafted
in to do this and these were the black windows and doors that we were tasked to
brighten up which was quite tricky because it wasn’t just one big flat
canvas there was there was like six all separate so again we hit the research
Lana is like the best at research I looked at different artists looked for
inspiration and actually Lenna found this drawing somewhere along the lines
with her research and this heavily inspired what we did as you can probably
tell if you know what the final ones look like and so again we hit on the
research thing again I asked some questions on my Twitter account and
luckily from me asking that Paulo my Twitter account a wonderful artist
called Andy got in touch and he came on board to help us actually physically
paint it because me and Lana are good at designing things on a computer but we
aren’t good at or didn’t trust ourselves and actually physically painting it on
well we didn’t want to do that but this lovely artist approached me and we
managed to work together to do it so these are our designs and you can see
that they changed a little bit as we worked that orange one got changed from
the windmill to the castle and the other one got
changed from the bandstand to the University but you can kind of see the
vibes we went for we did all this in Illustrator between ourselves and then
obviously Andy got involved super lovely guy amazing work and he got to work with
stencils and we kept visiting him it was a super hot day as well I don’t know how
he did it but he did it and it looked wonderful this is it kind of work in
progress and then he put varnish over it so it kind of popped and shined
we actually had photos taken by the press which was hilarious and super
awkward so we are featured on the link and I we got kind of shouted out
everywhere about brightening up what is called the glory hole in Lincoln and
yeah I think it looks really cool and I’m very proud to be part of that so
this final wall I think it’s the final one I hope it is this video is so long
is a watercolor element for like a men so this was a brief that I found online
it’s a fake brief just so designers can practice things so it was basically to
create kind of food based watercolor icons to represent cocktails so I went
for mojito this is my mojito one so I did three different ones I did
strawberry lime and mint I did pomegranate orange and lemon I think and
then watermelon apple and celery I Carmen but I cover all the cocktails
with but this is what I came up with I did the initial drawing on my iPad I put
that onto my laptop I then put it into Photoshop and added some texture to it
and then I also drew some watercolor splashes scan them in and kind of
layered them on it’s really hard for me to explain I’m sorry but yeah I kind of
added some texture did some different effects over the top and this is what I
came up with and I’m very happy with how these turned out and I actually added
them to a menu so this is just a menu I found online again it was another PSD
mock-up file and I replaced the icons that they had with mine just to kind of
get an idea what I look like on the menu I don’t love this menu design but I
gained I was getting pushed for time so this was this was what I had to deal
with oh my god there’s another one why did I do so many briefs so this last one
again I had a last-minute panic and I thought I’ve not done enough work I need
to do some more so I decided to do another children’s book because I loved
making peterpanda so this time I wanted to do an actual like watercolor drawn
wall was the initial idea I really like sean’s and videos and drawing she’s
amazing and her work as you can see is incredible so I wanted to do something
along those lines did emit more artists research gained
and found some amazing artists which you know they’re just incredible and looked
at a story so I actually asked you guys for someone to help me out with the
story and a lovely girl called Alicia got in touch who would was willing to
help me with the story so she sent me this story and I’ve split it up
where I’ve kind of highlighted it is a different page and I worked on it so
it’s called Tommy doesn’t want to go to sleep and this is the first storyboard
again I’m making use of that mock-up software so this was kind of the first
page I did an initial drawing on the iPad and then the plan was to go back
into like the watercolor idea and use some textures and kind of layer it up so
these are the characters and Tommy they’re the monsters and kind of that’s
where I stopped I just lost all like Drive and motivation and kind of
inspiration and confidence in myself to even continue this I don’t think I
realized how much time it required I think I forgot how hard it was the
Dhupia Panda and because I was doing it in a different technique I didn’t
realize that that took even more time so yeah unfortunately I didn’t get to
finish it I managed to make the book cover which I do actually really like I
hopefully will be able to finish this book one day or at least do something
similar and yeah Alisha’s story was amazing so be sure to read that go back
a few slides and read it and yeah this is the book in my cup I’m so upset I
didn’t get to finish it but I do really like characters that I went for and the
monsters I think they’re quite cute and yes so there’s me talking about how I
didn’t get to finish it and that it’s the end of this video oh my god I didn’t
realize how much work I’d done so like I said at the beginning I actually got 74%
for both of those portfolios my final degree result was a first class honors
which is so exciting alongside these we also did group work
modules and we did our dissertation so it wasn’t just this got me my degree we
had a whole bunch of other like stressful things to deal with but yeah
that’s it so like I said it beginning if you do want to see my second and first
year where I have that not quite sure how good it is but I mean I can show you
it so you can kind of see how I’ve developed if you have any questions let
me know if you would like me to do some like design tutorial e things let me
know hats off to you if you got to the end please do let me know if you got to
the end I’m gonna be impressed and now I’m gonna go and drink a lot of
water and hope have not lost my voice completely thank you so much for
watching this video and I’ll see you soon up for another one bye

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