University Education Is A Waste of Time & Money – OneMinuteShow Ep 94 by Waqas Hassn

It’s been 5 years since I’ve graduated
from university… and I took 52 courses in the 4 years of University. Today, I don’t
remember what I studied in 50 out of those 52 courses! Everything that I
did in the 2.5 years after my graduation (my job period) and 2.5 years now since I
left a job and built all these brands, everything that I’ve done has been
learned after University… and it kills me that my first 2.5 years of job
salary actually totaled up to the four years of university fees – which means
like I don’t know 6.5 years of waste of time and money – I’m completely
against that! So am I suggesting that you shouldn’t go to university at all? No,
that’s not what I’m suggesting. Yes I don’t remember the material of 50
out of 52 courses that I took in university, but the two years leadership
experience I had running the student society in university has taught me
everything that has then helped me build my tribe and my businesses now. The
friends that I made in university have added immeasurable value in the last
five years in both work and life experiences. And lastly, the university
degree – it works as credentials. It has helped me get my first job which started
the ball rolling, and even today when I go around give talks in the world, the
first thing that goes is you know the degree, the credential – so it works! what
I’m suggesting is what I’ll do if I were 18-19 years old now and taking a
decision again, or you are in that age and I’m recommending it to you: Choose an
international university in a developed country, because the resources there are
so much better than they are at developing countries. Find a program and university
that offers you tuition for the lowest fees possible, which means it won’t be in
the top 500 or even top 1000 universities in the world, and that’s
perfectly fine – there are tons of university in Europe in Germany that
teach you at probably the same amount of fees that you would be paying in your
own countries. You essentially need a platform and an international university
in developed country and then go ALL IN. Not in the studies because that’s not where the personality is getting developed in the education halls, [but instead] outside of it: student societies, leadership experiences, improvisation skills, friends, networks
part-time jobs, presentations, social skills, public speaking skills, go ALL IN.
That platform in an international university in a developed country will
act as a springboard – don’t go for brand name, no hefty fees, lower university but
multi-culture university, international university developed country, because
that will act as a springboard for your personality and you launch yourself on
the world from there.

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