48 thoughts on “University Challenge S46E29”

  1. This was not a good match, Venkatesh not as on the ball as he was on the previous rounds. Although I do think Emma have the most likeable team and I am happy for them.

  2. It`s wonderful to be able to keep up with these thousands of miles from home. Thanks for uploading them.

    The only thing is, it appears to be in some weird format. Opera, at least by default, can`t cope, unlike with the vast majority of You Tube videos and I watch I have to revert to Big Brother Google`s Chrome. What`s going on here (and why not use something more standard)?

  3. Stinkers of questions! Still picking Emmanuel for the finals, but I just don't think they can go all the way.

    Having said that, I stand ready to eat my hat when they win convincingly…

  4. I also dislike seagull's nasty cockyness and excesively long deliberate time wasting. Although the rest of the team is quite likable and smart, maybe enough to win. I don't have a favorite team but my favorite participants are Barton-singer, Rudd, Venkatesh and Monkman. They would certainly be the dream team.

  5. I really enjoy Emmanuel. Seagull does a good job – he's got great breadth, and that leads him to sensible guesses when needed. Mostly, he makes sure he and his team are having a good time, and together they have a knowledge spread that's very UC-friendly.

  6. I liked Emma until now but now I just want them to get beaten as quickly as possible. Please, what got over Seagull? I really want Corpus Christi to win the next few rounds (as long as they don't beat Balliol :p) – Venkatesh's awesome.

  7. Huh, here in Canada they're just called 'reportable diseases', not 'notifiable'. I thought it odd that Paxo would use the answer in the question.

  8. Well done to Emmanuel, but for a team with 2 maths and 1 physics specialists, they really bombed the fairly easy maths bonus early on. If 12 is abundant, then any multiple of 12 is abundant also (at the very least it could be easily deduced that twice 12 is abundant), so I don't know why they quickly abandoned 24. The history guy was the only one who expressed any hesitation at jumping all the way out to 60. And then on the next part the maths girl so confidently stated that 9 and 10 were coprime with 12.

  9. Stupid Paxman! He MISLED the team into believing that all the music excerpts were from German composers, totally unfair!

  10. Can anyone explain why the answer to the question as 21:18 is not Greenland but Germany instead? Greenland is a country with a land area of more than 2 million km^2 while the answer given is Germany with a land area of only 300K km^2… Am I missing something from the question or is the question wrong?

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