Unity Learn Premium Launched — Paid Tutorials/Course Tier Added to Unity Learning Portal

hello ladies and gentlemen my carrot cake from scratch and today we are talking about unity learning one-stop shop for learning all about unity and you may be thinking hey wait a minute Mike didn't you already cover this and that my astute viewer is true back in April 28th of 2019 I did this video on you new learn so if you want to get an idea of what the free tier is all about do check that video out then that free tier thing is kind of key to what we are talking about today today unity launched unity learn premium and yes premium means with the price tag and what they've done is basically expanded the amount of content on unity learn to now include a premium or page for tier it's $15 a month but it's also included fully in existing Pro subscriptions we will see more of those details in a moment and there is a one-month free trial available the cool thing is I have signed up for it and I will be showing you the content so you can decide if this is worth your 15 bucks a month or not so exactly is unity learn premium all about well this is from the unity blog and let's find out there's a lot of Anne's in this sentence and it's making my radar detector go off but we've heard your request for more advanced and in-depth content and resources for specific industries like automotive architecture or media and entertainment starting a sentence with and we also heard that you want access to experts who can give you immediate guidance and feedback on specific challenges or questions that's why we're excited to launch it unity learn premium a coach of resource for learning real-time 3d development with unity we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality free learning resources for unity and we'll continue to add to that's gonna be the interesting thing how much free content does you me learn to continue to get now that there is one that they actually get paid money for alongside it I maintain the free courses projects and tutorials on unity learn more in depth and advanced resources for serious hobbyists and professionals who want to specialize in an industry or get direct guidance will be available through unity learn premium so it looks like it's gonna be the introductory stuff is free the more advanced intermediate stuff is going to be under the unity learn premium price tag if you have a unity plus or unity Pro license you can access Union learn premium for free with your current subscription so it definitely does add more value to those people which is a good thing I just log within your unity ID and go you learn premium to start learning otherwise you can try it for 30 days it is 15 dollars a month after the fact now you do have to sign up for the 30 day trial you have to give them a credit card to get access but they will not bill you and you can actually cancel immediately and it will prevent it from being rebuild and here is the nice thing and everybody doing a trial or something like this needs this they have PayPal support so that means I don't have to worry about my credit card being linked yet again by you know yet another date of breach or whatever everybody should offer PayPal support and thankfully unity does here so what we got here we got live learn it's a bi-weekly interactive sessions with unity certified instructors so these are kind of like live seminars webinars I guess they call them now is gonna be bi-weekly so you've got on July 11 so it's up to speed with timeline then on July 25th there's give me cinnamon machine cameras and then August 8th you're gonna have asset management with PBX importer pro builder and Polybus and on August 22nd they're going to have Mya to unity pipeline and I'm assuming every two weeks thereafter they are going to have another one and that one's gonna have like live chats and sessions so you can kind of interact with each other that does it up the courseware which we are going to see in a second so we're gonna see a growing library of on the main premium learning resources now the nice thing here is in addition to their stuff that they've got here they've also brought in some content from partner platforms such as Coursera udemy Pluralsight and path stream that are also included as part of the subscription so if you've been paying for those things again this kind of does add a bit more value and we'll look at that in just a second as well and then we've got streaming labs in beta this is actually kinda neat check out our QuickStart courses on convenient web-based unity editor with pre-loaded assets you don't actually have to do anything it's all kind of pre-configured and available for you topics include VR development and build a full custom construction site tour and VR development design visualization for automotive with – VR development courses coming soon so to get started again you have to subscribe 30-day trial $15 a month US dollars that is again Pro and Pro Plus users are getting this for free and yeah you can cancel you will not be charged and you can sign up with PayPal once again everybody do that so when you are interested you just head on over to learn you need calm this is the exact same thing that learned at uni calm for free people is it's basically the same site and they've intermingled their content so you see across the top we've got categories such as projects courses tutorials learn live and topics topics is sort of a kind of a brief view into these other categories by you know drilling down into specific topics or keywords so go to projects first you see here these are full-on projects and you'll see everything that is part of premium is tagged as premium if you are interested you can actually tear out the content so if you only want to see the free if you come here you can filter out all of the premium stuff as well coincidentally ms1 I'm focusing on today because we're gonna look at what is new in the premium content you can also fill it for just premium content so what kind of stuff are we seeing here we've got game character animation in unity and Maya this is from Pluralsight games character of rigging fundamentals again Pluralsight I'm actually gonna only mention it when it changes creating game environments in unity and Maya so by offering this plural site stuff they've managed to scale up the the quality or the amount of content immediately and they definitely have done a value add because poll site I think was about 30 or 40 bucks a month design environment concepts sorry game environment concept designs creating game environments textures and with substance texture game characters in substance painter unity physics fundamental or still applause like uni animation fundamentals uni C sharp scripting fundamentals and it keeps going getting started with unity 2018 sword and shovels loot system sword and shovels game manager loads and something something sort of shovels combat system sword and shovels character inventory system savings persistence player data in unity it just kind of keeps going brush character sculpting in ZBrush again this isn't really specific to unity but it is specific to game development then we're getting into some of the unity technology specific stuff like making a flag move with shader graph up to speed with timeline and some more Pluralsight courses here we've got one here from Jonathan Weinberger which is a c-sharp Survival Guide and there's multiple parts and it keeps going and it keeps going and then we get into Morel Pluralsight UV mapping character some again not specific to unique game development but something that unity game developers would be interested in game character concept design fundamentals reat apology game characters Amaya migrating to unity 2018 LTS which is the Unity Technologies they're a bunch more form Pluralsight and that's kind of it on the initial I think well the course category yeah projects catalyst alright then we get into courses and once again you can filter out by content and I'm going to be showing you the premium content only there is a lack of persistence on that which is a bit annoying so you're gonna have to switch it back to premium every time you switch between one of these categories up here here we see advanced art uni game deaf courses beginner art Union game dev courses those are both Pluralsight beginner fundamentals unity game dev courses intermediate fundamental uni game they have courses intermediate intermediate art and yeah I'll just stop reading them so we got VR development that one they were just talking about a second ago advanced programming new DC sharp survival guide and VR design visualization for automotive and then finally we get into the category of tutorials and I'm not going to read all these because there are so bloody money but once again you have to go into premium and then you will see again a lot of these are Unity Technologies tutorial specifically and some of these will be have mentioned already potentially there is some overlap across these content but you get an idea of the number of premium tutorials that uni are actually launching here so they must've been working on this for some time to have this many to go right at launch now it is a bummer to see like introduction to lightweight rendering pipeline 10-minute course this kind of seems like one of those things that should probably be in the free tier but I guess we'll see that develop over time but as you can see there are a lot of premium tutorials and it keeps going and then this so there we got that Jonathan Weinberger again so we're also seeing some duplication from the earlier content so things are being presented in multiple manners I will go back and illustrate one thing to you in just a second so you get an idea of the volume of content that is included okay so that is the end of the tutorials and again some of these tutorials are individual sections from courses that we already looked at now one of the things that you will find with the courseware and you'll definitely see this in a little bit more depth if you go through my unity learn video who I did not mean to start one I've actually you can see right there that's actually pretty good so here we are in the introduction HT RP lights for some reason I don't remember actually clicking that but what you will find is when you go into these courses sometimes it's text-based sometimes it is video based so here you see we got actual text step-by-step as you go through it and if you start the tutorial it will track your progress so then if you come back to unity learn at a later date it will say would you like to continue on where you are so you can kind of split these up into different chunks over time and the final topic we've got there is the live the learn live and this is where you can register for these courses these are like webinars that are gonna be on specific subjects and once again they are bi-weekly with these two are immediately announced and then the other two that I mentioned earlier on coming up and then I'm assuming bi-weekly you will have more and more come up as they go so yeah that is unity learn premium it is quite literally learned that you need calm the only difference is you can sign up for it over here once your account is signed in you will find that the courses projects tutorials and learn live links are also contained the new premium content that goes alongside the existing free content and one thing that is kind of irritating is even if you have signed up and your account is already logged in this tri premium free logo or tag or whatever will always be there so hopefully they do get rid of that for people that have signed up very small crippled but equivalent on the less and that's it that is unity live I'm sorry you need learn premium once again more details I will link everything relevant in the linked article down below if you want to check out the blog if you want to check out learning unity learn again you can check out unity learn there is the completely free tier to give you an idea if this is right for you and hopefully from this video you now have an idea of what kind of content is being locked behind the paywall and I'm interested to hear what you think is this you know a fair way of monetizing that if it was just unity taking some of their tutorials and making some free and some not so free that'd be kind of yeah but the fact that they've also partnered in and brought in a whole lot of content from Pluralsight also the fact that they have made this a perk of subscriptions it kind of does give you more value to your pro subscription and in that part I definitely like but I do think that you know no matter what they say the people in the free tier of learning decom are definitely going to get less content now it's just the nature of the piece there's one side we've got two choices we can give it away or we can get paid for it which one you think they're gonna pick nine times out of ten but there's already a wealth enough for free tier at learn Unicom to make it well worth your time to check out anyways and if you are just starting out with unity I still think it is probably the single best place for you to go and now we've got this more advanced tier with a fifteen dollar price tag so my question to you is are you interested in trying it out again try out the 30-day would you pay 15 dollars for this quality of content are um do you have an existing subscription in which case this is offer to you so babe onus so imagine you're happy regardless um I'd love to hear your feedback or if you think this is just a money grab whatever let me know comments down below and I will talk to you all later goodbye

20 thoughts on “Unity Learn Premium Launched — Paid Tutorials/Course Tier Added to Unity Learning Portal”

  1. Hey Mike! Does it have the preparation course for the Unity Certified Programmer exam? (Currently on Coursera)

  2. Dude, you might want to check out a text editor called Textreme, on itch.io. Made in Godot, too. It's just a simple text editor, but… I won't say more. 🙂 EDIT: actually it lets you specify some syntax highlighting and it already detects function syntax, member variables and numbers. So you can code with it if you want. 🙂
    Sorry for offtopic.

  3. Maybe I'm crazy here, but I feel like free programs (Unity, Blender, etc) should have free tutorials, even high quality ones "from experts". This just incentivizes everyone to put good tuts behind a paywall now. Patreon and PayPal donations are as far as I'm comfortable with. Subscriptions are always a hassle.

  4. clicking on ENROLL NOW for some of the courses just takes you udemy, where you get the course "on sale"
    but of course anyone who knows anything about udemy knows the courses go on sale ALL the time
    — so basically you're paying $15 a month just so you can pay $12 for a course you can get for $12 anyway ???

  5. Now the more advanced free tutorials will just come from Youtubers and Udemy at larger scale and rate.
    If Epic keep their Unreal tutorials free it will help Epic in their battle against Unity.
    Those with Unity subscription can enjoy this, but I think most other(myself included) don't care that much. We may just need to find new free sources.

  6. Overall a positive thing.
    The just brought Pluralsight tuts over, and offered them for a lower price. Added some of their own tuts as well.

    Getting Unity subscription now not only gives you dark mode and removes the splash screen, but you also get access to some nice tuts. Cool.

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