United Way Boosts Literacy Rates with Online Tutoring Program

the United Way of El Paso County is grade-level reading initiative is a two prong approach that targets students from kinder through third grade the first approach is free community book distributions and the second approach is the Velo online grading program the value program is the United Way of El Paso County's online breeding program in which students who are struggling with their reading skills are able to connect with the professional volunteer for 30 minutes a week business our second you're using bellow in the classroom and it has been a tool that I'm beginning to count on and really enjoy it's nice having the volunteers who donate their time and their patience to work with our little ones it's been very nice having the program because it is really structured really easy to use in the classroom and very children my children have improved dramatically through the help of the Vela program and the Raz program that we have available on the computer they're more able to read with confidence they're more able to show that they have grown as readers in their comprehension and their phonics and one of the best things about it is that it was customized so every child started at their own at their own starting point grew at their own pace and most of them were able to achieve their their end goal volunteers are extremely integral to the success of the program they are able to spend time with students on their designated curriculum and that is ensuring that the students are getting individual attention that they need to succeed the Bethel program is unique and that it allows volunteers to work conveniently from their workplace on a PC or a mobile device and still make a connection with the students that they are tutoring I decided to volunteer as a fellow mentor because I believe in the mission of improving literacy in our community my experience with the vellum kits was very enjoyable they were very expressive when they would read their books they would you know gasp that certain things see little bugs and scream so it was just really cute they always made me laugh this program is easy for anyone it only takes a few steps to get started and it's well worth your time especially when you see the kids at the end of the year and they go running to you to give you hugs and thank you for the time you spent with them it's just priceless I would just like to say thank you to the United Way for bringing mellow to our classrooms for allowing us to participate in this program for bringing more tutors into the classroom and to be able to help more students along the way [Applause] you

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