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  1. So pray where were you and our Gulf friends when the two British registered tankers (thankfully reported to be crewed by "johnny foreigners" so of little importance according to UK Foreign office report tonight) ? Surely you are patrolling the nearby Strait of Hormouz 24/7 on behalf of your loyal allies like the UK ? One knows the UK is sadly a "paper tiger" now but the great rich terribly well equipped Gulf airforces with a combined fleet of the very latest US/UK aircraft amounting to over 600 in all. Surely you are brave & courageous like those darn Israelis ?
    Are you constrained for lack of aviation fuel, union regulations, health & Safety rules or just plain shit scared of your Persian foe ??

  2. Did you know that qatar sold their dassault mirages to india egypt pakistan u.a.e and argentina cause us told them to or else they will get sanctioned

  3. Yes I know it is on paper a very impressive and well equipped airforce. Huge amounts have been spent modernising the airforce with the latest planes. BUT, but during this time of Great tension in the Gulf we don't hear " a squeek" from the UAE Airfore (ditto Kuwait, Oman or Saudi). Surely they should be on highest qalert and doing joint patrols along the gulf?
    They cannot just be relying on the USA to defend their interest? But seems so.
    The Iranians must be most amused, but its serious as it indicates that these states & countries are very frail and can be taken out by Iran without much trouble.

  4. After seeing the police cars of Dubai, I was expecting UAE Air Force to have F-22's, F-35's, SU-57's, SU-35's, Eurofighter Typhoon's, SAAB Gripen's and J-20's, each one of em' bathed in pure gold 😂😂😂

  5. UAE is great country why so old fighter jets , just buy SU 57 or F 35 so easy for you , supersonic missile is good for you , AESA radar , combat electronic , and iCBM supersonic missile 😘😘 Masha Allah

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