watch night we're going to be focusing on the power of principles for success we're going to study from the Book of Luke this morning as we close out the Christmas season our session today is entitled 25 life lessons from the Incarnation this is part 225 one life lessons from the Incarnation part two please get part one it's available to you on cassette authority on DVD and CD and you can pick those up after the session over at the table on your right those of you watching us live you can order them through the internet we'd be happy to ship those to you 25 success lessons from the Incarnation understanding the power of divine conception say that with me understanding the power of divine can conception I want to focus today on the story that we learn from this great act of God of bringing Christ into the world through the vessel of a human body let's first of all take a quick review of what Christmas really is write this down what is Christmas really about first of all Christmas is the fulfillment of divine promise that is an important statement to write down because everything God does is fulfillment of a desire that he had your birth is a result of something God wants to fulfill on earth in your lifetime number two Christmas is about how to bring God's assignment in your life time to fulfillment Mary's experience with God is an excellent example of how God can take the invisible and bring it into the visible to take the heavenly bring it into earth to take the eternal and bring it into now this experience of Mary going through the process should teach us how God gets his will done and number three Christmas is really Christ being heaven's example for conceiving and delivering God's divine purpose and plan to earth Christmas is the best example that we have of God delivering and conceiving His divine purpose to the planet I have followed everything that Mary did to make my life what it is right now there's nothing that I have done in my life so far that I didn't learn from Mary because Mary did exactly what everyone in this room is supposed to do you were born to deliver something to the earth from God and Mary came and delivered something from God to men and she did it successfully so God is really setting up a standard or a prototype of how to deliver his will to the earth so let me take another look then at the story because we got to follow the example of Mary make a note everything God does is an example of his principles everything even growing the plant in the pot is filled with revelation because everything God does has in it the principles of life this is why everything God does succeeds case in point God takes a seed put it in the ground it becomes a tree and bears fruit is that success yes but he follows certain principles for that to happen God does everything as an example of his own principles number two Ephesians 5 says be therefore imitators of God as beloved children in other words follow God's patterns and you'll succeed if you're going to follow someone don't follow a failure follow someone who is successful so I would rather follow God and follow you because you fail so many times but God has never failed so his principles his style his operation methods must be excellent because he always succeeds so what we want to learn is how did God do this let's imitate God that leads me to point number three God's actions are man strategies important when God does something you should copy it as a strategy because it succeeded this is why it's important to imitate God I don't care who you follow they will fail but God has never failed in anything he attempted even what we call the fall was a strategy to redeem God always wins he never loses the God is so sure of his success that he wrote the end of the story before the beginning and he tells us how it's going to end his success is guaranteed so we want to learn what is God's strategy for success now let's take a quick look at the story of this great mystery of how this gift came to earth through this woman and was successful because Mary teaches us some simple things in this encounter write this down the lesson that we learned from this incarnation story is how to conceive something how to believe it then how to protect it how to deliver it on how to make it a reality in your environment the Incarnation teaches you young man young woman how to follow God's strategy father and mother so that you can bring about what God wants so that it can be successful first you must conceive God's idea then you must believe me that it is real then you must protect it and then you must deliver it to your generation and Mary did every one of those beautiful acts she conceived it she believed it she delivered it and she fulfilled her assignment on earth now let's take a look then at how she did this I'm going to read this with you he could read out loud let's read it together Luke Chapman rather chapter 1 verse 18 let's read together ready go this is how the birth of Jesus Christ came to be his mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph but before they came together she was found to be with child through the hoop Holy Spirit verse 19 because Joseph her husband was a righteous man and did not want to expose it a public disgrace he had in mind to what divorce her quietly but after he had considered this an angel the Lord approached him in a dream and said Joseph son of David do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife because what is conceived in her is from who the Holy Spirit she will give you give birth to a son and you ought to give him the name 1 Jesus because he will save his people from their sin now look at verse 22 all of this took place read with me to fulfill what the Lord had said to the Prophet the Virgin will be with child and give birth to a son and you will call him Emmanuel which means God with us 24 when Joseph woke up he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and he took Mary home as his wife but he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son and she gave he gave him the name Jesus look at the next verse chapter 2 verse 1 read and after Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea during the time of King Herod Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked where is the one who has been born King of the Jews we saw his star in the east and have come to worship Him when the King Herod heard this he was disturbed and all Jerusalem with him and when he had called together all the people's chiefs and priests and teach of the law he asked them where the Christ was to be born in Bethlehem of Judea they said for this is what the prophets have written then Herod called the Magi secretly and found out from them the exact time the star had appeared he sent them to Bethlehem and said go and make a careful search of this child as soon as you find him do what report it to me so that I too may come on what worship Him after they had heard the King they went on their way and the star they had seen in the East went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was when they saw the star they were overjoyed on coming to the house they saw the child with his mother Mary and they bowed down and worshiped him then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of what gold and of incense and of myrrh and having been warned in a dream to not to go back to Herod they returned to their country by a another route read the last part when they had gone on an age of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream get up he says take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt stay there until I tell you for Herod is going to what search for the child kill it all this drama in this thing huh verse 14 so he got up and took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt and where he stayed until the death of Faerie stayed until what somebody died okay and so was fulfilled with the Lord had said to the prophet out of Egypt I will call my son now look at how this closes when the time of their purification according to the law of Moses that being completed Joseph Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord as it was written in the law of the Lord every firstborn male is to be consecrated to the Lord and Mary's completing now her assignment look at verse 38 of Luke she answers to the angel I am what the Lord's servant may it be unto me just as you have said it then the angel left her I think Mary's response an encounter with God is inviting all of us to have the same kind of encounter once you listen carefully because I'm going to give you the life lessons we learn from Mary I read the story field so you can pick up all the details of what you have to be must learn from this great drama number one write fast your assignment may interfere with your previous commitments and your relationships Mary was already engaged and God's assignment interrupted her engagement sometimes you are bent on doing something it's your desire to do it and God breaks into your plans and says look I want to do something else and sometimes we think God is interfering when in fact God is actually setting us up for greatness he may even break up some relationships in order for him to achieve his will for your life sometimes we are committed to to do something so deeply even as deep as engagement going with someone for years and got a saying okay but I want you to do this now and they can understand it I remember when I was with the vision is the vision has had the number one record on radio at that time in 1974 we were the number one singing hoop in the country some of you remember that I had just released that song I wrote called brand new word everybody was singing it and in the middle of all that great success the Lord says go to school i sat with my three friends and they cried they said are you crazy I said the Lord sent us go to school right now at the height of success God interrupted my life I shut the group down at the top now some folks later they lose before they eat squid but God will catch you just when you're about to get married I was married problem and I was so clear in my mind see I think the greatest test of obedience is for God to catch you while you're successful he will ask for something you love and say sacrifice it on Monday of this week I stood in a whole row of four thousand leaders watching the man who changed my life in 1974 be buried dr. al Roberts that's when I met him in 1974 I left that group and met all Roberts and if I had a choice to do it again I would leave the group again because I would have never dreamt about this place if I never met all Roberts I would still be running around from the church to church singing songs when I could be around the world impacting millions see God will interrupt you to do greatness and he'll catch you to test your love for the thing rather than him do you love God more and you love the people you love is the question Mary had to make a decision she didn't tell the angel mm I got a ring on my finger and the brother that walk down the aisle in a few weeks I can't do this to Joseph your resistance could put the world in jeopardy Mary could have told God forget this and she would have been abandoning the salvation of the whole world God's will will interfere with your relationships number two what do we learn from this story that you are favored even if you don't feel like it when the Mary was told by the angel you are highly favored she says what are you talking about let me tell you something friends God wants to do through you what you can't believe he could do matter of fact through you because both of us think far less of ourselves than God does and God will always shock you by his assignment in your life because you think that you are what people say you are but in fact you are who God says you are and you are sitting next to greatness right now don't even know it they seem to be nom day normal they are literally and sign was still about to happen and some of your city think well I'm 40 I'm 50 I'm 16 God is saying shut up listen Abraham was 75 and God says you're gonna change the world there's hope for old people do say Amen if you think you all say in other words God still has a big plan for your life in spite of all your failures if I don't in spite of all of your low self-esteem God has a big plan for your life third lesson we learn from this is that your assignment will impact your generation the angel told Mary little girl in the village he said that which is born of you shall save the whole world God didn't go to a great rich wealthy family he went to a poor village found a little girl who was just barely a teenager and he said what you have on the inside will change the world I remember the day when I fought with God I had my Jacob experience with God I fought with God when God began to show me what I was born to do I said you gotta be kidding God you need someone else to do this I'm not qualified I don't the right family tree the family heritage the location where I was born the things that I have involved in God the way my culture is and God says I don't care this is your assignment in life God will take you to places to change generations you were not born just to make a living you were born to make a difference in the world lesson number four your assignment will always make you a virgin you know Mary's first response how can this be seeing that I am a virgin we learned last week that every one of us is a virgin before God what is a virgin a virgin is someone who hasn't done it before whatever God gives you to do you never did before so you are automatically a virgin when God gives you your assignment let me tell you why that's important because God will never give you something you've already done what you were born to do you have never done before so you were just like married you are a virgin God's dream will always make you feel inadequate because his dreams are bigger than your womb he will make you a virgin every time this is why to obey God you must have a measure of fear because you never did it before you don't know how don't know how it's going to process how you're going to feel could you imagine Mary being told she's gonna be pregnant it without a man I'm a virgin she says I can't be a children well so is everybody here whatever God is telling you to do you've never done before you are a virgin lesson number five your assignment will always require God's involvement you know what it says she says how will this be and the angel answered the Holy Spirit will come upon you write this down God will never give you an assignment that doesn't require him if you can do what you're dreaming without God you are not in God's will if you don't need God to complete your assignment you are not doing what God wants you to do God will always give you something that makes him necessary so if you are an expert you don't need God in your life and you think that you you know you got everything and these humanistic people walk around similarly I don't need God that means you have never found God's will for your life God's will will always require God in other words God's assignment creates dependency on God the Holy Spirit will do this but here's something else this is the one I like really number six you will need the right people in your life the angel gave Mary to answers when Mary acts how will this be and by the way that question is everybody's question am i right you've got this big dream in your mind all these years this big dream and you like how can this be II and God's answers always two answers one the Holy Spirit you need God and to the angel volunteered the second answer he says an Elizabeth is pregnant now Mary acts one question he gave her two answers what was the question how will this be in other words how will this be accomplished that is an important question I live by that everyday I don't know how to do what God called me to do but God said there's two things you need to get it done one you need the Holy Spirit that's God and number two you need Elizabeth who is Elizabeth even isn't that interesting woman and let me just say this I want to emphasize this mary is asking the Messenger of God how do you bring God's will in the earth he gave two answers one you need God and two you need Elizabeth let me come on there are millions of people in the world when I pull out Elizabeth because he listened that is what everybody needs who's Elizabeth first of all she's an older woman and she is beyond the age of bearing children and she and her husband conceived which means she's walking around as a pregnant old woman with a miracle baby you'll remember the story in other words Elizabeth represents a lot of important things first of all she represents someone who's older than you in the work secondly herbs and somebody who was advanced in pregnancy with their dream she is six months beyond Mary she's six months pregnant beyond Mary so she has already gone through the morning sickness all the bad feelings all the changing of clothing adjusting her apparel she got a stay away from certain foods in other words she's already gone through the changes of pregnancy and thirdly she have already been convinced that God can do it because she has a miracle baby in other words when you haven't dreamed from God you look for people first of all who've already done something secondly they've been through something thirdly they know more than you Fort Lee they've already achieved some success and fifthly they already changed their clothes listen if you dumb and I dumb both of us in trouble you don't keep coming to folks who and can't help you if you broke and I broke we broke you know I was telling my son to the other day I said you know relationships are the key to life you are as rich as the friends you have and you are as broke as a friend you have can I hear an amen that's why you want to keep kind of people who got something because the folks who ain't got nothing can tell you they ain't got nothing when you ain't got nothin for y'all ain't got nothin together you are talking to folks who got something can I hear an amen Mary Elizabeth is pregnant the way you bring God's will to pass is to find the right company who can encourage you to keep your baby can you imagine when that first morning sickness hit Mary she thought she was going to die now I don't know how to feel okay I never had no baby but my wife had two kids for me and only two kids in the world I got praise the Lord but my my wife had two kids and sometime I could say I want some ice lord have Jesus I mean what she talking about I want some tambry they got some funny drinks when I get married I'm gonna get a baby and then they have like nausea and want to bring things up but they don't feel well and sometimes I'm sure go to their mind why this man do this to me anyone ever told that ladies don't holy Hannah up nobody hundred Louisiana husband sitting right there knows of this when I got a woman gets pregnant she thinks about this fella who did this to her that's all if he would go on Lord I had a good night when tell you gave me this idea this is trouble and you need someone like this better to say that's okay hang on that gon pass why I already passed through that morning sickness is only temporary you need someone to tell you that you don't get rid of big because you feel bad momentarily because you need someone to tell you I've been through that already you will make it through that I have passed the morning sickness I imagine that many times Mary will run casino she's a young teenager she don't know what to expect she would run to Elizabeth and say Elizabeth I feel this I feel that I feel this and he lives would say well that's what this is and that's what that is and not when she was there to explain what was going through Mary's life you need people like that to tell you yes I know this seemed to be tough right now but I went through that to keep your baby you need the right company that's a great lesson we learn from Mary number six number seven rather you must believe it is possible you know unlike what Mary said Mary says be done to me just like you've said an angel says with God all things are possible what you were born to do seemed impossible but God wants you to believe it is possible number eight you must surrender your assignment to God's will you know Mary says be it unto me just like you have said don't allow your intellect to interfere with God's instructions we can become so intelligent we can work our talk ourself right out of our assignment Mary surrendered she says be it unto me like you have said because I don't know how it's going to happen so I surrender to your will number nine what do we learn from Mary you must act immediately and make decisions in keeping with your assignment if you read the Bible it says in Luke 1:39 it says immediately Mary left and went it to Elizabeth this is interesting as soon as she accepted the dream the assignment she acted right away are you procrastinating are you putting it off for the last few years what I'm going to do yes I don't Bigard off to get this finish after I get that finish after I do this and gotta say no I want you to do this now sometimes you got to leave certain environments immediately in order to fulfill God's dream I had to cut off company when I got God's will for my life I just change friends immediately had to leave certain environments because not everybody has your interest in heart listen to me I was a young teenager when I got God's vision for my life and this is why I never drank never smoked never went to nightclubs no do you know why I was clear on my vision I remember one time my friend I robbed in high school he had a beer boy beer tastes bad I know but you're all who drink beer but yours the only help I made my young my friend you know he was be my friend he bought a beer after school and he said man you want some I said no boy my mom'll killed me my dad will bury me he said I need sad drinking this thing he's at ASA you know me I dare a little bit it takes a little bit of that spit every piece of it out that tasted like bitters I don't know how you always drink that how do you all one behind you it was horrible but then while I was tasting it I heard the voice of God cause if you go in this direction you'll sabotage your dream you sabotage your dream I remember the first young lady who tried to get me to have sex with her yes they did I was Ansem good-looking and I remember she cornered me Here I am famous in the Visionaire she cornered me I'm always been said to me you can do this you can do this but you would sabotage your dream I backed off she called me a sissy she in jail I changed in the world she went to jail let me tell you something you got to act quickly you don't tell God well I'll change this after I get tired of it you better act like Mary Mary was a young teenager she changed locations quickly she got me the right people and not protected her number 9 Lisa number 10 move to the right environment to cultivate your assignment the Bible says that when she left her house she went to Elizabeth and as soon as she entered the gate the yard the babies leaped in their womb in other words she entered the right environment you want to be in a place where your baby continues to kick you want to be around people to make your dream come alive you want to be an invalid people say I believe in you you can do this it's as possible yes you will yes you can you want to be in the right place so that your dream can be fertilized by the people around you number 11 very important you must know your assignment adds value to others listen whatever you're born to do everybody needs it Mary you should have a child and he will save the people from their sins in other words even though it's a private announcement it is a public impact I had no idea that my life would be affecting people I told you last week I stood before one with two million people this is over two million and I was standing there as a bohemian still living on an island seven miles wide talking to two million people three different sessions and I couldn't believe this was me and to pinch myself is this me what if I had just settle for what other people wanted me to do what you were born to do is public impact it may seem small but God's going to take you to big places hey man number 12 know that your purpose is for the benefit of others whatever you were born to do is not for you it's for other people someone asked me years ago how do you know a vision is from God the answer is if your vision only profits you it's not from God I got a vision of a big house that's not from God I got a vision of a nice car three cars in the garage it's not from god that's ambition and I dream one day I'll have a ten million dollars in the bank I play golf that's not from god that's ambition a true assignment always benefits other people God will never give you something to do that only makes you rich he will give an assignment to help people to improve people to advance other people this is how you tell whether your dream is from God so you ask yourself some questions now what am I dreaming and how does it help humanity if it doesn't have humanity that's ambition private ambition alright number thirteen stay in the right environment until your conception is complete do you know that Mary stayed with Elizabeth until she was too big to hide it some of y'all know what I mean by that right growing up in Vain's town the worst thing could happen to anyone was to have their daughter pregnant y'all remember them days I need to put girdle on good going right here yeah they put that lastik thing girdle on them to try and hide the baby for years for years and you can always tell when someone's in trouble all of a sudden the whole neighborhood was sip sippin anybody nobody cha she looked missed out you're living away yeah she don't look right I saw two boys at the store don't look like she hiding something Mary went through that because you see Mary had problems she was born in a pure family she was engaged to a pure guy and now she's pregnant and the whole community is only 11 houses and one Street according to archeology archeologists neither would one street in heaven house I mean everybody know everybody how's she gonna hide this baby what is going to do God takes away to Elizabeth who also got sip sip on her let's be honest now right yeah mother 90 and she got a baby now you know we can talk about that eight so in this what already been to the criticism and there anyone in the sip sip so she could handle that C so here comes Mary saying I got baby he listed child I know what you're going through and that's why it isn't best said to her blessed is he she who comes in the name of the Lord you are blessed she says wouldn't encouragement that must have been to her after the questions she had she had to hide with Elizabeth for six months in other words she grew with her dream in the presence of somebody who didn't attack her who didn't criticize who didn't tell her it can't be done and you had this grace you need to be around people to say listen no one else believes you but I do she was in the right place and she stayed there until she was so convinced and so big that she had to come back home leaning back would come back home ladies imagine say you see Mary yeah y'all see me she was in other words you got to get the point for your dream is so big they could talk whatever they want to talk you believe it's going to happen anyhow stay in the right environment until you are complete with your conception yes look at number 14 know the relocation and the change is related to your assignment you got to know that when you change relook your location it's related to your assignment put it this way if you got a big dream you don't want to keep company with small dreamers in other words make sure your relocation it's good for your dream some of you are in jobs right now and god-sent stay on this job why there's some things you have to learn from this job to help you with your dream yeah but I think what I want cousin is no it ain't of salary right now it's the environment I want you to be in I want you to learn to meet some people get some networking get some contacts stay here for a while why because this environment is good for your dream Mary didn't live with it Isabel all of her life but you stayed there long enough until that dream was conceived and believed she was convinced of it and she felt that she was accepted you have to watch your relocation numbered 15 your assignment has a time and a process Luke chapter 2 verse 6 Stenger said to Mary that we shall be born if he should be born of the Holy Spirit and the fullness of time you shall bring forward a son you will call his name Jesus it's a process don't panic if it taking a while God is going to bring it to pass don't be frustrated if it seemed to be taken long stay steady when not calm you're going to be ready for it that's the good news of God's assignment and number 16 your assignment will be hidden in whatever you have you know it's interesting mary had a baby but in the baby with salvation whatever you were born to do has something in it don't destroy what you have to what got more than what you see what you were born with is supposed to do a lot more than what you think it's supposed to do in that assignment was the salvation of the world it looks like a baby but it's really a salvation program number 16 many will not recognize or even a room for your dream Mary is pregnant with this beautiful dream she's looking for a place to have it she goes to a place that's supposed to have room for her and they said we have no room for you if there's one thing this ministry should be known for is we serve as incubator for many dreams we want to encourage people to pursue their dreams here we want to encourage you to fulfill your purpose here we don't want to be a dream killing machine my life is to help people achieve what they were born to do and to become great in their lifetime that's the right environment many people not recognize your dream I thank Garvin dr. Roberts looked at me as a young student put his hands on my head in his office I'll never forget that day and there was a little plaque on his desk the lip Lac simply said dream no small dreams here that was his plaque on the desk and everyone I went to visit him that's the first thing you saw on that desk dream no small dreams here I look at the plaque and tears came out of my eyes because I came from a small little island where everybody was thinking small I was a pain town and minded person and there was that sign saying dream no small dreams here I looked around at the buildings that he'd built my says wow this is possible his environment changed me and then he laid hands on me he says son I don't know you well but you're gonna do great things for God he recognized something in me to prove it he put me on staff as a freshman and he made me a member of what he called the world action committee which was a committee of nine people that met with him every week I was the only student on the committee he recognized something that no one else could see honey mentored me for four years why do I believe in you I see things in you you can't see some time in your own self this is why we always encourage people don't give up you are greater than you think you are people will not believe your dream matter of fact they will say to you we are full there's no room in our life for your crazy dream the N is full by the way some years ago the Lord told me something years ago when I was a young teenager he said the reason matter of fact this is what he told me they said he says I made sure the N was full I said God what do you mean don't you want your son to be born in a nice bed with air conditioned nice things he said no I made sure that the in word was for him how many believe the God will do anything do you think God can make a room in a hotel available yes that means God made sure it was full and I said God why he said because I wanted to make sure my son was born in a cave I wanted to make sure that I said why he said because I want to encourage every human being to believe that they can be born in the worst condition and still become king of kings and that's when I began to thank God for being town I talk about it all the time why because you can be born in Baytown and end up in Kingdom town it's not where you were born young man it's not the conditions young women we were born you don't know your mother is your father abuse you you know you ain't got nothing you grew up on you know sit on the floor like I was does it that's okay my son was worse he was born outside at least I had a clapboard house he was born among sheep at least I have on the shaker he was born on hey at least I had a mattress the first sound he heard what did you have in he was first born he did give the duty at least it was a human he heard animals how bad can you be born and still be great give God a hand for his greatness in you what a lesson eh you know I heard our prime minister say something some couple months ago and I was so impressed I agreed him under percent he said someday young people going around saying that they doing all this anti-social behavior because of their upbringing he said let me tell you something is Prime Minister and I know Vermeil here did a group it was a grandmother or something I had nothing I slept on the floor in other what you saying look it ain't your condition that makes you evil and he's right look where Christ was born and the day he is King of Kings he cancels your excuse for not being great it doesn't matter where you were born it's where you die if it comes yes number 18 only the discerning will recognize your greatness you know the three wise men god bless you son the three wise men were the only ones who understood it from afar and the Shepherd's were the only ones want to set it for up-close all them other folks didn't know who he was that innkeeper can you imagine it innkeeper scratching his head today saying my god I didn't know that was God at my door I wonder how many folks know who came when you came when you accent for $500 to start something and they say I got no money to give you this is a crazy dream here I must be honest with you and this is not you know public consumption here because of anything I want to say but we my wife and I have given a lot of money away to people to get started in what they're doing and that's that's because I remember when I got started and no one helped me they shut the door of the end on me let me tell you something friends only the discerning will pick up that you are great tell your neighbor you better be nice to me my sister sitting up front right here she pretty 8 is my pretty sister my older sister Angela will you are but she all in me and I 54 now my sister is here and when I was a child I was born with asthma to the point of where I almost died and my sister used to wake up in the night and keep me alive she had almost Beyonce our second mother because you know my mother had mean children so you know she was almost like our other mother and she had to take care of us and I was number six and she used to get up in the night she told me and they to rub me down with lard and stuff you know with an anointed treatment lied with Leif come on y'all go with the fray yeah hot lot then he put the leaf on it yes a member put all kind of stuff on me to keep me alive she said she'd walk up and down the floor afraid to put me down because I might die because I'd be choking in the night turning blue my sister had no idea that she was walking every night with her boss in the hand he's poking at the man come on give God a hand you never know who you got me a hat my sister is our first employee almost 29 years ago she was the first one employed by this ministry give her her and she's still employed as the executive ministry nur she's my executive ministry tur she had no idea that I'd be paying a salary no idea not tell your neighbor be nice to me I could be a future boss and I will remember you it's important to treat everybody nice because you don't know who they will become some of you on what I mean you are with somebody and ten years later you go to get a loan from the bank and guess who's sitting at the desk oh lord have mercy go to another Bank child you never know so you got to be discerning you got to understand that there's greatness in everybody number 19 your assignment will be hidden in Reich's they wrapped him in one swaddling clothes that means right strips of cloth when you first start your dream you ain't got nothing people think you are nothing I've come to tell you today that you are something wrapped in nothing say Amen somebody God knows what he got inside of you and right now you can't even you can't even change shoes you got to wear the same clothing over and over again you got to wash them glass and that's okay inside that ride is a great world changer can I hear glory hallelujah they don't know who you are never let a person judge you by the clothing you wear oh yeah we all remember them uniform me at the washer every day go to school in the same thing might as I take your shoes off you got to keep them for a year now take them off go run barefooted and we had to go run barefooted our feet turn real hard we could walk on rocks on the beach without feeling everything anyone I'm talking about nowadays you're so sophisticated you can walk on dirt but we have to learn to be in rikes but in that ride its greatness the house you living in now people laughing at you that's okay that's okay inside our little cupboard house is a mansion hidden inside there never despise small ragged beginnings God has greater than you I'm matter of fact the theme God gave me for next year who Lord to words God gave me I'll tell you one on ones front on Thursday night but the other one he told me he says acceleration oh man hope you get us he's a 2010 is going to be the year of exhilaration that means six I was taking no to happen suddenly you've been waiting for a long time try and try and try it cuz it's okay I was waiting for 2010 can I hear an amen matter of fact there's some words in the Bible that are very important words one of them is suddenly come on say with me suddenly suddenly doesn't mean that God just decided to do it he was waiting for the right moment and then it happens when not gradually suddenly tell your neighbor next year suddenly some you'll be willing to get married for 10 20 years watch next year Brown suddenly yes sir Prince Charming show up all of a sudden and guess what he loaded with money oh yeah suddenly full of the Holy Ghost I'm telling you God can do things instantly but it's been preparing you for it all that time I put it to you that you may be hidden in rikes but your rikes are coming off in 2010 God's going to expose your glory lift your hands and thank them right now you're going to unwrap you before people you're going to take of all the rides they thought you were born in you're going to give them a view of the real you give God a big half exposing your true glory Oh hallelujah number twenty write it down number 20 heaven knows the value of your assignment on heaven celebrates your obedience you know what the Bible says very important the Angels sang sometimes the only people who are singing about your assignment are the angels everybody is criticizing you worried about you talking about you talking negative but the angels are clapping and dancing why they are dancing because you accepted the assignment the angels didn't sing it till after Mary said be it unto me sometimes the only people who rejoice at your obedience is heaven and once heaven rejoices it's over it's already too late you already won because God will work out his purpose for you he will bring it to pass he just wants you to believe it's going to happen it will happen it will happen it will happen I guarantee God's going to bring to pass what he told you don't quit brother Charlie I may get that dream about that store and the chain of stores that's in love I'm gonna take you to a little struggle a little bit of straining but suddenly all of a sudden on the right contacts gonna show up and you have to know that heaven is already rejoicing before Earth's that singing I'm gonna say it again heaven is already singing and rejoicing and Earth hasn't started the song yet see let me take some people they are sing afterwards hello do I know what I'm talking about I mean you know when they call me up to receive the Silver Jubilee award it was already too late I already been abused you understand me earth gets it later the Angels say wrong time when you are criticized all 2010 just simply smile and say you'll celebrate me later because people who understand your value until afterwards don't quit number 21 write this down great lesson your star will be seen by others far away there are people who were born to finance your dream most of them don't even live where you live that's why it feels so broke because you accent folks who ain't got nothing to give you something to do what you're dreaming what you were born to do but we financing people who are far away and they'll see your star God will give them revelation about you and they will fly to your country to bring you what you need I'm telling you God did it for this ministry he gonna do it for you God has people to bless you who are not in your family are you with me and the thing it is both of us know our own family and most of them broke that's why the Bible says you know when I first read this as a teenager I was laughing it says brothers are for adversity but a friend love it at all times now when I first read I didn't understand it we quoted slowly it says brothers are for adversity that means your family the only sure when people died everybody showed if I were to cry after what they go on again they are for adversity it said but a friend stick it closer Thunder brother you want friends we got plenty money it's when your family could have a dick and frankly write a check for you see in other words God will show you people who were born to help you and they are not from people who you think they're coming from Mary had no idea there were wise men far away in Africa in the Orient in China man fact they actually showed the history of it is wise men came from they came from three different directions from Africa from Asia Asia and Central Asia Minor they came from far countries and they bought one gold and frankincense and precious ointment they came with wealth I'd prophesy right now that 2010 one of your wise men going to show up I promise just receive it right now one of them will show up and they have enough to hold you all for ten years God will bring the right people to you but they going to hear about your star and by the way this is why I should talk your story talk your dream talk about it you know this this is a mystery the way it works when God give you a dream you got to talk about it but get ready when you talk about it they gon laugh at you see that's why you don't want to talk about it but you think you can't handle the criticism but yet you can't get it until you talk about it hey buddy with me been in this building I remember going on television we need to have this this building this property we just got this property and we designed the building and have a big painting of it and I went on television and showed the building years ago and a guy was visiting us here in the Bahamas in our little cubby hole place of their very work and he came to the upstairs in the shopping center to our building just just visiting us as a visit and the guy was there when when I showed the building the guy went back home to Wheaton Illinois I now forget it and then a two weeks later he calls and he says I was at your church two weeks ago I said thank you sir he said I want to invite you to come up to my church I said oh you pass he said yes I went up to Wheaton Illinois did his guys church and this guy had me speak at his church at Sunday morning preach at his church Sunday night spoke Monday he gave me at lunch and we talked I spoke that Monday night and then he gave me an envelope and he said this is for that building that you showed when I was in the Bahamas exact words this is for that building you showed when I was in the Bahamas I've been back to my hotel room and I'm thinking oh you know $2,000 per hello I opened the envelope it was 100 thousand US dollars banker's check hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey whoa did I shake listen I don't know what next been an s hotel room but they had problems for about ten minutes I was screaming in the hotel room jumping up and down I listen that's the biggest check ever got in my life and I behaved in two you know and some of that rose up with me like been counting I say hey when I was finished my rejoicing I had won those encounters with God in altar room and the voice spoke audibly I heard God for my sworn once in my life just a few times but that was one of them he said what are you rejoicing over and I said can't you see as if God can see you know I had to check and the voice said it's not the check that's important it's what he said you missed the lesson I said nah I see what did he say and I realize the man said this is for the building that you showed us when I was in the Bahamas I'm thinking what if I didn't show the building which everybody Thomas was already criticizing us over I would never get the check your silence is keeping you poor people laugh with me so you're going to build that building but that yeah I can build it I talking fast talking loud I don't know what show up next year and then suddenly I already got an email from a guy a guy says look I was there in november and you showed that dream he says I'm dedicating I'm committing myself right now to $100,000 for that he already sent the first 10,000 he said me I given you $100,000 to what that building for the Leadership Training if you don't talk your dream if you don't send your star up you gotta let me see your star this is the star that's what I'm dreaming the wise men will be attracted to the star and the star is over the dream very important number 22 write this down know that not everyone with you will be for you we got to watch them Herod's in your life eh I want to come and worship yeah right I'm with you brother right I will come and worship with you right heaven had ulterior motives show me better dream is so I can kill it but first let me wish a bit not everybody who blessin you blessin you that dream has to be protected even from people who seem to be nice you got a design Harrods not everybody who is with you is for you and number 23 very important lesson the resources that you need for your assignment will be attracted to your assignment not to you the wise man didn't bring the wealth to Mary and Joseph they bought it to the dream God will prosper you according to the assignment not according to your personal ambition God wants to bless you at which you need to complete his work not for you to buy a big house by the lake or something just lay off now ain't nothing wrong with that but God wants to make sure that you are understanding the wealth is for blessing his assignment God told Moses tell the people I will give them the power to get wealth to fulfill my covenant that I gave them in other words God wants to be wealthy but not for your own consumption Mary and Joseph did not attract the wealth the wise man says we saw his star not y'all star his star in the east we have come to worship Him and we brought our gifts to him when you find God's will for your life you also attract the wealth for your life because the welcomes to complete the assignment this 2010 make it a year that you refine the assignment find a refinement of it the Lord let me get in the middle of your will because in that is the attraction of everything I need hallelujah I guess I'm going to tell you all this story I think it's a good story to tell you right now because you can hear about it anyhow let me tell you a story in November we had over fifty nations here and for the last three years every November a lot of leaders came from all over the world here to our conference you know that and last year was the worst because this year other because November I had a whole lot of leaders who said to me I would like to stay over the next four days and I just wanted to relax with my family and these are very big leaders you know they've very well known people and they said we love the Bahamas you want to enjoy the Bahamas and for the last three or four years they've been asking me they said dr. Monroe is there anyone around who has a boat I'd like to be able to just take my family for next three days after the conference enjoy the Bahamas get a boat go to the islands and you know all this stuff and I don't know nobody with big boat play something I don't know them okay so I don't know I don't know you can just you know go you know talk to people at the hotel maybe they could fix you up and I always tell my wife you know I tired of this I need a boat for these people not for me for all these leaders would come to our meetings because I I got no time for no boat I traveling too much okay so so now in January of this year I wrote down a couple of things for the Lord to bless me with I said god I need these for your work as the point is very important you he will give you what you need for the work listen to me and I'm telling this for for a reason three days ago I got a phone call this guy is from Brazil he lives in Boca Raton where all the big boat cities are and he said to me he told my wife he said he said I was sleeping I was sleep and he my wife answered the phone and she hung up the phone and then she gave me agua she says I just got a call from this person in Boca Raton I said oh okay she said but he wanted to talk to you but you were sleeping I said okay what did he want she says he said I must tell you that he wants to give you this yard so wait another hang on so I I said ha and you gotta be kid I hated pullin your leg and I laughed it off she gave me a phone number and never called it back cuz I'm thinking that can't be as like Mary I had problems at first I was afraid of that thing he called me yesterday morning and he said did you get my email I said no sir I didn't I said Christmas Day I'd look at no emails that's family day he's okay can you open your email now I said okay I said what's the email about he said just opened the email it's open email he said you got it yeah he's on the phone now he's okay he's at read it and I read email email says get dr. Monroe the Lord said to me to give you my yacht can you have someone to come and pick it up he said are you reading it I said yeah I said you serious about this he says look we got it all fueled up people cleaned it up and everything he said scroll down there photographs I look at the photograph kitchen dining room bedroom sitting room launch room TV I said now wait a minute I said he said yes he said look you can pick it up tomorrow which is today or any time during this week it's yours so I just was given a yacht i sat in that chair and I couldn't move husband myself when he spoke to me tears welled up in my eyes I said god this cannot be you know y'all remember the story about the aircraft the man called me and said the Lord told me to give you the aircraft the guy said the exact words about the yacht he says now did you have any read when he wrote I said yeah the Lord said the word Lord means one owner I stood there yesterday Paul he came to see me right Paul really came to see me I showed up all the pauses oh my god man Wow it's the yacht this is the thing I couldn't buy this if I tried but then the husband said to me I sit there crying and the Lord says didn't I tell you seek first oh lord have mercy the kingdom of God and His righteousness and these things are no effort now here's the word for you everybody say suddenly the Lord says he gonna do the same thing to the people in this church he going to come upon you suddenly with thieves you couldn't work for matter of fact lift your hands and receive a prophecy right now the Lord is going to suddenly break her upon you and things you've been desiring to help other people with God will bring it to you instantly in 2010 in Jesus name I believe it I receive the reason why I tell you that is because when the yard come I got a pocket at the your club my name can be on the register and people can say I stole your money you understand why I telling you this publicly because they can say I taking pfm money buying boat or buying plane a man can't even get blessed peace give God a half a blessing praise the Lord hey boy save me next Lord listen the purpose of the anointing comes down from the head and it runs down to the shoulders down to the skirts of his government I prophesied the same anointing that's upon me as the head of this work is coming down upon you as the shoulders and are the work of God in this place in Jesus name if you receive it give him a gift thank you right now he is going to do it it's going to do last but not least number 24 you have to hide and protect your assignment until the right time there are people who out to kill your assignment sometimes you got to hide it keep it secret for a while work on it in private but not everybody is with you talk your business to the right people and number 25 last of all God will remove all of those who threatened your assignment come on give my praise what a lesson glory hallelujah Herod you don't need to kill Herod God will take care of Herod you keep the baby come on give God a praise you don't worry about the enemy the battle is the Lord's stand still and see the salvation of the Lord he will take care of your enemies don't even answer them back don't try to prove nothing to them just stay steady hold your baby no abortion because God is going to take care of your enemies breeders are not with me please number one the greatest discovery in life is the laws of life number two God created everything to function on principles and laws number three if you learn the laws of life you will always succeed number four success is predictable number five the first law of life is submission to the creative laws and number six wise men bring themselves and their possessions to the gift of God the wise man came looking for Jesus last Sunday 2009 this is the last Sunday you have to get it right 2009 is the year of acceleration is the year of laws and principles success is predictable this year God is telling you 2010 to get back to my lessons learn the laws that I put in life I am going to make sure you succeed what a great final Sunday by the way all of these principals are on one CD today Wow these are to take you through 2010 2011 learn them write them out yourself follow them follow each one of them these are timeless principles of God how to bring an invisible dream to a visible world every one of them you can't remember number six right now because you really see it's already gone you have to re-educate yourself over and over again with these principles and God is going to bring you through all the wise people here today who would like to rededicate their lives to the king who is no longer in a manger but he's on the throne and you want to bring your gifts and your talents and your life and your future to the Lord Jesus Christ will you stand up on your feet as an honor to him right now you say I'm a wise woman I'm a wise man a wise people keep seeking him when you stand up on your feet right now you want to rededicate your gifts your talents your life to him right now would you do it right now in Jesus name well I'm standing to praise God



  2. I am thankful to the Blessing Dr Munroe's ministry was for 25 years in my own walk. Most certainly one of the greatest teachers and expositors of the Kingdom in our lifetime.

  3. He is alive, my spiritual father, I listen to him every day and night, I have refused to watch his end because I know he lives in me and watches over me, he is my angel, bless you.

  4. I Started knowing and listening to Dr Myles Munroe's teachings after he had passed on…..But all he has ever said in his teachings,i reproduced it in my life and i am seeing amazing manifestation of GOD's power.this is Real….he rested empty i believe it because i am so full from his teachings

  5. men of vision don't die, they are only lifted from one territory to a more glorious one. Dr. Myles Munroe is right on the grand standing of heaven cheering at us the followers of Jesus Christ to run with the one purpose of spreading the kingdom message as he did while on earth. the vision of kingdom message is a great inspiration to me

  6. This is so encouraging and affirming it could be a daily listen. Whats even more beautiful about the prophetic is, if you just receive, believe and decree, it can manifest no matter what year you hear this message! No less than "1" of my wise men will show up in 2017! To God be the glory!

  7. Even though he has died he pretty still lives with us as millions are still being inspire daily through his messages

  8. understanding your Divine Assignments, Dr. Myles Munroe outlines 25 points which I enjoyed listening to was eye opening for me. to God be the glory for what God .has allowed him to leave on this earth during his time here

  9. Amen… He finished his race and now many other Ambassadors of Christ are continually being feed from his anointed teachings…

  10. I have seen a lot of 'RIP comments' below. But what I say is that He is very much alive in us and billions of people around the world who got his message and are still spreading it. Let us continue turning followers into leaders and leaders into people of change. God bless you.

  11. We can rejoice everyday for we are in the hands of the LORD God who is purposeful in all that He does including having plans for our individual lives!

  12. Thank you Dr Myles Munroe you open my spirit ears and eye towards GOD purpose for my life here on Earth.

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