3 thoughts on “Understanding the benefits of capacity mechanisms for social welfare [Promoted]”

  1. The fact that the company is called RTE, with an Irish presenter, are you trying on purpose to be confused with the Irish state broadcaster that goes by the same name?

  2. Why would we want to be members of a "club" (EU) where we have NO say in the workings of that club? They can bring charges on us that we cannot appose bring laws to us that we have NO say in, and the leaders of said club are NOT EVEN elected.This is total madness to even consider, our way forward is clearly to leave the EU as fast as we can with NO more connection other than FAIR TRADE deals.The EU want to carve up OUR fishing waters for their "friends" and leave us the scraps off their plate, I don't think so, We can allow other country's to fish in OUR WATERS but only if they pay us for the privilege. They think they can use our off shore properties as bargaining chips AGAINST US, don't forget they are OUR PROPERTIES, not theirs to play with.Our PM insists on saying British armed forces will NOT be joining the EU army yet we already have our troops with EU badges on their uniforms, this has not been put to the British public.
    When will common sense step in? We need to be in charge of our own lives as all free people throughout the world are, big business manipulate our lives to a certain extent but that's our own stupid fault. We can choose to NOT purchase from them but we have NO choice with the EU, they want TOTAL CONTROL of us and I DONT THINK SO.Britain needs to unit as we did in the last war and not let anyone DIVIDE AND CONQUER US.
    If immigrants want to come here because of our welfare system STOP giving welfare untilthey have resided in BRITAIN for a minimum of FIVE YEARS, no voting rights until immigrants have resided for a minimum of TEN years and to get council housing they must go on council waiting lists like the rest of the population and wait their turn.


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