UNDERGROUND TRAIN: Trains for children. Kids Videos. Preschool and Kindergarten learning.

Hi Boys and Girls,
Reggie Roo Here. Have you caught a train before?
Have you caught one that goes under the ground They are called Underground Trains. And they travel UNDER the city, through the
Metro or Subway. Here are some people at the station. And here
comes the train. Woosh the automatic doors open.
And everyone gets on the train. The doors close. And away goes the train.
Does your Mum or Dad catch the train to work? The Train travels along. Sometimes it is outside. And then… it goes underground and into the tunnel.
Here is an Underground Station, way down beneath the street.
See the people waiting for the train. It screeches to a stop.
And more passengers get on and off. Beeeep. The doors close. And away it goes,
off to the next station. The train moves away quickly. Make sure you
stand back! That was fun!
Hoo Roo

39 thoughts on “UNDERGROUND TRAIN: Trains for children. Kids Videos. Preschool and Kindergarten learning.”

  1. Check out our song about a little train now you know how a train works! This Little Train – Nursery Rhymes TV 🙂 

  2. When I visited London one week before my 18th birthday I learned quickly to use the underground train. I mean that I knew the best routes to get somewhere in London by underground train.

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