Undergraduate program video for Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering

In the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum
Engineering at Texas A&M University, our curriculum gives every student a solid foundation in
engineering fundamentals before moving to petroleum studies in reservoir engineering,
production engineering, and drilling engineering. It is top priority that our students are industry
ready upon graduation. This department will really prepare you for
the industry. We put a lot of emphasis on teamwork and that’s
how you’re going to be working in your full time career, is in teams consisting of a lot of
different disciplines and expertise. Our department probably has as much if not
more exposure and interaction with industry than any other department, so our alumni are
very, very involved. So we have a very strong alumni network, which
is good when you’re going out looking for a job, right? There’s always somebody you can call and
always somebody with this ring that you can talk to. We don’t want you to go through four years
and then show up at a company never having seen a drilling rig or never having seen any
of that, so to us that’s very important that you get that. Another great thing about our department is
that it’s so diverse with its experience. We have people who have worked all around
the world, have had full careers in the oil and gas industry, and then have come to Texas
A&M because they wanted to teach later on in life. So you’re getting a lot of different experiences,
real world applications, what you’re learning in these classes, and that, to me, is invaluable. I’m an international student. And, to begin with, Texas A&M University,
and the petroleum engineering department specifically, has an impeccable reputation abroad. The department continuously focuses on making
the statement “I’m an Aggie petroleum engineer” the most respected, prestigious,
self-defining statement in the oil and gas and petroleum engineering industry. We are one of the top petroleum engineering
departments in the country. We have students from all over the world. Since 1937, over 200 CEOs of major and independent
energy companies in the country have been Aggie petroleum engineers. Definitely as an Aggie petroleum engineer,
even at a company as large as Chevron, my peers know that I’m an Aggie, and they know
that, “Oh, she’s got a degree from Texas A&M? She’s going to be a step above the rest.” Our faculty have the highest awards by SPE,
which is our society of petroleum engineering, and also we have a student body that is really
motivated to do that. We have, our student (SPE) chapter is actually
the best, the biggest student chapter at Texas A&M, and the second biggest chapter in the
world. Our award-winning, highly published faculty
are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of education to our students. I teach students how to maximize well productivity
in the most cost-effective manner. I expect my students to come up with innovative
ideas based on the basic knowledge they learn in the classroom to solve real world problems. As a professor, that’s what I really enjoy:
what the students bring in, which is a fresh perspective. I get locked in and I kind of, as we all do,
we’re following down what we think is normal and what we think works, and then you get
a freshman engineer who has no idea of what the drilling process is and they say, “Well,
why don’t you do this?” and it’s like the light bulb goes off. Well, why don’t we do that, right? Petroleum engineers are innovators who use
cutting-edge technology to create new methods of drilling, producing, and managing the extraction
of oil and gas. With the experience that I’m getting here
at the top-ranked petroleum school in the country and the large Aggie network that we
have, I am not concerned at all about getting a job in the future, and I’m really looking
forward to working in the industry. Now, we get you here, we train you to become
an engineer, we send you out. You’re going to build your career successfully
with hundreds and thousands of Aggie petroleum engineers around the world, so it’s a great
ride. I’m looking forward to seeing you in my
production class. There will always be a demand for energy as
we are always increasing our population in this world. We are always going to be in need of bright
minds to fix and continuously develop the technologies to extract and explore for oil
and gas. If you truly choose a petroleum engineering
career, you have no other place better than the petroleum engineering department at Texas A&M University
to go. You will be equipped with the technical competence
you need, and you will be supplemented with leadership, teamwork, public speaking soft
skills that is essential for your success in the future. Whether at home or on the other side of the
world, out in the field or behind a computer, in a lab or on a rig, petroleum engineers
all serve one function: to provide the world with energy, while safeguarding the environment
for future generations.

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